How to connect a router to Smart TV LG

Connecting LG TVs to the Internet

Modern LG TVs have the ability to enter the Internet, and to use this opportunity, most models have a Smart TV platform. It is through the Smart TV that the television receiver interacts with services on the Internet, such as watching films, communication on social networks, installing applications from sites, etc.

You can connect a TV to the Internet if you already have a cable from your provider, for example, there is already a computer with Internet access. The Internet should provide a speed of at least 5 Mbps for the possibility of watching online films in high resolution. You can either connect the TV directly to the cable included in the apartment, but then other devices will not be able to use the Internet, or connect the Wi-Fi router and configure the Internet connection through it.

You can connect a TV to the Internet in several ways:

  • 1) directly to the cable of the provider;
  • 2) through an external router. By cable or creating a wireless connection, then:
  • A) using the Wi-Fi internal module, connect to the Wi-Fi home network;
  • B) using the Wi-Fi adapter, connect to the Wi-Fi home network.

How to connect and configure Smart TV on LG TV

Korean LG TVs were one of the first to receive such a popular Smart TV mode at the moment. Gradually, he was improved and the functionality became mandatory, without which not a single modern TV is complete. With it, access to a huge number of free channels, a catalog of films, various applications opens up. However, in order to fully use all this, you need to find out how to configure Smart TV on LG TV.

We connect the Internet

For full operation, Smart TV requires Internet connection. Over, various USB modems from mobile operators are not suitable. It is necessary that at home there is a full-fledged Internet and preferably Wi-Fi router.

Two methods for connecting the Internet to LG TVs are currently available:

  • Cable-used if there is no Wi-Fi network or there is no desire to configure it, also some TV models do not have a built-in adapter for a wireless connection.
  • Wireless-a convenient option, provided that the Wi-Fi network is available.

What method to use to configure your LG TV with Smart TV to solve exclusively to you. Both options will ensure stable application operation.

We use the cable

A similar method involves connecting the network cable to the corresponding connector on the TV. You can find it on the back of the TV panel. To ensure the simultaneous operation of the Internet on a computer and TV, a special RJ45 splitter will be required. There will be no problems with its connection.

It remains only to perform certain settings. We take the remote control and adhere to the next leadership:

  • Using the Home button, open the main menu;
  • We go to the category of “settings”, and then “network” and “network connection”;
  • In the section that opened, you need a “configure connection” item;
  • Select a list of available networks and install the wired option.

After several seconds of waiting, a notification will be reflected on the screen that the connection is completed successfully. Now it will be possible to figure out how to use the Smart TV functionality on LG TV.

Through Wi-Fi

To organize a wireless connection, you need to manually perform the following settings:

  • As in the previous version, we go to the main menu, from where we go to the “network connection” section;
  • In the connection settings, select a wireless network;
  • A list of available connections will open, select our network;
  • We enter the password;
  • We are waiting for the connection.

If everything is done correctly, a notification of successful connection will appear on the screen.

We register

After a successful connection to the network, you need to enable Smart TV on the LG TV, registering. Only after that will access all opportunities open. The procedure is simple, everything can be performed independently, especially, submitting a detailed instruction below. Registration will be carried out on the official website of LG.

  • We go to the main menu of the TV;
  • In the upper part of the screen, we find the item “Enter”;
  • In the section that opened, select registration;
  • A user agreement will be displayed on the screen, after its study, we agree with the terms;
  • A field will appear in which you need to specify the email address, if you do not have it, then use the computer and quickly create your mail in Yandex or Google;
  • Click on the “authenticity test” key;
  • We invent and enter the password twice;
  • It remains only to click “Registration”.
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Now it will be necessary to switch to your mail account specified when filling out the questionnaire. And it will be more convenient to go into it from a computer or tablet. Of course, it is possible from the built.In browser on the TV, but then a lot of time will be lost.

Accordingly, click on the TV screen on the “no” key and go to check the mail. We find a letter from LG Apps, it will have a link to complete the registration, cross it. All registration is completed, you can proceed to the next stage.

We get to work

It remains to overcome the last step on the way in order to include Smart TV on LG is to enter your account. To do this, we go to the TV menu again and click “Enter”. Then we prescribe the address of the mail and the invented password. In order not to repeat such a procedure every time at the entrance to Smart TV, we definitely put a checkmark opposite the “Stay in the System” item. At this moment, a message will appear on the screen in which we click “No”. That’s it, now you can turn on free channels on Smart TV LG, configure various smart applications, turn on the radio, watch movies online, watch the weather and much more.

How to set up television channels on Smart TV LG

Having provided access to Smart TV, I would like to fully use all its advantages. So, you can provide access to digital television and completely abandon various antennas. A similar possibility is provided by SS IPTV widget.

However, the installation on this is not completed. Now you need to get your own playlist. Open the application and open the menu with the settings. Here we move to the category “General” and activate the option to get the code. It will be active for a day.

The resulting code will need to be entered on the official website SS IPTV. In the user section. After that we load our own playlist. Completes the process of restarting the application. In the SS IPTV opened, the section “My playlist” will appear. Open it and select any channel you like, there will be several hundred of them, and in different quality. For convenience, they are all divided into various categories.

How to connect a regular Internet TV via wi-fi all options

If the house has an old TV receiver without the right connectors, then the question arises how to connect a regular TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Such a model can also be connected to the router. For this, the presence of an HDMI port is optional. It is enough that the TV can connect with external devices through “tulips”.

To connect it to a wireless Internet, you will need to buy a special TV setup. It will be equipped with the necessary ports that allow you to connect to the router with a wired method.

To connect a wireless Internet to an old TV, you will need to get a television prefix Android Mini PC Box. Such a device may be present not only Lan/Wan connector, but also a wireless Wi-Fi module.

Then, to connect to the network through the router, wires will not be required. The prefix implements the possibility of connecting with a router and processing incoming information. While the television receiver will play the role of the monitor. However, before buying the prefix, it is worth reading the instructions for your TV, which will indicate the supported functions.

Without a special Wi-Fi module

Owners of old models are worried whether it is possible to connect a TV without a Smart TV to the Internet.

The answer to this question is positive and depends on the availability of a port connection on the port receiver.

If this is absent, you will have to buy a TV set, and use it to connect to the router through the wire. In this case, it is recommended to choose a company device. In addition, there is an opportunity to go to the network through a game console.

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If it became curious how to reproduce the video from the iPhone to TV via Wi-Fi, then the Internet can be realized thanks to the Google Chromecast media player. This device allows you to watch on the big screen of video recordings from online platforms.

Another option of how to make a Wi-Fi connection on a TV, if it is not, is to use a special adapter. Such equipment does not contain media function, but allows you to capture the signal of the local wireless network, opening access to the Internet.

Before acquiring an Wi-Fi adapter, you need to make sure of compatibility with your TV receiver. It is worth noting that it will require a USB connector to connect it. It is important to pay attention to the frequency and power of the transmitter. In order to avoid interference, the adapter should be placed at a minimum distance from the router.

Through the router

Past instruction is suitable only for devices with a built.In module. And what to do if you need to connect a TV without Wi-Fi to the Internet via Wi-Fi router? Read below:

How to Setup Ethernet Wired Internet Connection For TV (Easy)

  • Place the device in a USB slice;
  • Again go to the wireless connection settings (as. Described above);
  • Find the connection you need;
  • Select “Setting from the list of access points (AP)” if you know the login and password from the house. Networks;
  • Click on “Simple installation (WPS-capture mode)” if the device maintains an automatic connection to Wi-Fui;
  • Click on “Adjustment) if you need a local connection.

Great, here we are and figured out how the router for digital television works! It’s time to go to the next part of the review dedicated to Smart TV.

How to connect a TV to a router Ethernet cable via LAN Port?

The main condition for connecting the TV to the router via cable is the presence of a TV network connector LAN (WAN).

Therefore, if you have chosen just this way of access to the Internet, then make sure that there is an Ethernet connector on the rear panel. Otherwise, it will be possible to connect to the router only a wireless way through Wi-Fi, which we have already made instructions.

You can also use the Smart TV prefix, which should also be present LAN. She, in turn, connects to the TV on HDMI, which means that the network connector on the TV is not required.

There are several options to connect a prefix or a TV to the Internet.

    Insert the cable from the provider directly into the LAN port on TV or prefix. Then the signal will only go to the TV, which is not at all convenient. And there is nothing to do, since we already know how to set up a router, so we easily get a network for all our devices. Therefore, I will not consider this method.

Connection of the Samsung, LG, SONY, SONY, PhOLIPS or any other company for the Internet (models of other manufacturers work with Smart TV similarly) is possible with a more complex routing system, for example, using a joint access device.

The most convenient option to connect the Internet via cable to the TV is to use a router as an intermediate link. It is it that we will consider further.

Connection TV via Wi-Fi

TV connection diagram via Wi-Fi adapter to the router.

The router with Wi-Fi support must comply with the channels of the Internet connection provided by the provider. For example, in the case of a dynamic IP, the router must support the DHCP protocol. Only in this case the TV will automatically be assigned an IP address, DNS, etc. D. Imagine what will be with each IP shift manually enter them.

To date, the most in demand by the routers of such manufacturers as D-Link or ASUS and T.D.

In this case, in addition to the Wi-Fi router, an additional device is necessary-Wi-Fi adapter. In new TV models, it is already provided. But even if there is no built.In adapter on your TV model, you do not need to make a problem out of this. Everything is solved very simply: it can be bought separately. The outer access point will serve no worse than the built.In device. Such a device can be bought in any store where computer equipment, and for a completely acceptable amount.

The choice of the adapter

A prerequisite for buying an adapter Wi-Fi-it should be original. In other words, it must be released by the same manufacturer as the TV, say, Samsung produces Wi-Fi adapters for its TV. In the instructions for the TV, as a rule, all its specifications are written out. For example, Samsung LED-televisors are suitable for an external Wi-fi adapter that supports EEE communication protocol with data on Wi-Fi i802 data.11a/b/g/n. It is connected to a USB port located on the TV panel.

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How to connect and setup your LG Smart TV to a home wireless network and the internet for apps

Brief instruction on how to connect TV to Internet via Wi-Fi via router

Let’s summarize? So, to connect any TV to a Wi-Fi router by cable or wirelessly, it is required:

  • Determine the type of your TV, the presence of USB or Ethernet or Wi-Fi module connectors
  • If necessary, purchase an additional wireless adapter or a Smart TV prefix
  • Connect a TV without wires to a Wi-Fi router network
  • Enter a password for connection to a wireless signal

In this case, I recommend checking the IP address settings in the network connection settings on TV. There should be flags for automatic receipt of addresses.

You can also set a static IP address for the TV and register it in the router settings.

Additionally, I advise you to manually indicate the DNS server from Google. Eight.Eight.Eight.8 and 8.Eight.4.4

On the Android or iPhone smartphone, it is necessary to activate the modem mode, after which it will begin to distribute the Internet through a wireless signal. However, the TV should have a built-in Wi-Fi module or external USB adapter. Or use Smart TV prefix

connect, router, smart

On a computer or laptop, it is necessary to start the mode of the wireless access point. This function is built into the Windows 10 shell. Of course, PC or laptop should be equipped with Wi-Fi adapter

You need to see which connectors are on your TV. It can be either HDMI or tulips. In accordance with them, you need to choose a Smart TV prefix for connecting to the Internet via cable or Wi-Fi

User registration

In order to fully use the SMART function, install applications and widgets, you need to register and create an account on the LG website. You can do this quickly in several stages.

  • Open the central menu by clicking on the “Home” button.
  • Click on the “Enter” button located in the upper corner of the screen on the right.

Then, using any device, enter the mailbox and open a letter with reference to activate the account. By abandoning registration through TV, you need to complete the procedure, following the specified instruction.

Return to Smart TV, press the Exit key, then re.Open the menu and enter the system, entering new data. Put a checkmark opposite the “Stay in the System” item, but to the question of entering additional data, answer no “.

connect, router, smart

At this stage, the registration process is considered successfully completed, and the user may enjoy watching films and programs online, listening to music, visiting information and entertainment portals.

Sees it connects, but does not work

The situations are considered above when the LG TV does not catch Wi-Fi, and what to do in such situations. But there are more complex cases when, after choosing a network and entering a password, a message appears that “failed to connect to the network” or other errors arise. The reasons can be as follows:

If the LG TV stops seeing and does not connect to Wi-Fi, try the following:

connect, router, smart
  • Install DNS Google. To do this, go into the “Settings”, go to the “Network”, and after “connecting to the Wi-Fi network”. Here go to the “extended settings” and click on the “Change” button and remove the mark from the “Automatically” item. In the DNS line enter 8.Eight.Eight.8, and after “connection”.
  • Make sure TV is located near the router.
  • Try disconnect Wi-Fi Direct and Mirakast, which can interfere with the work of the Internet.
  • Go to the frequency of work 5 GHz if it is supported.
  • Connect the signal amplifier.
  • Use cable instead of wi-fi.
  • Make a reset of settings.

Now you know what to do if LG writes that Wi-Fi is turned off, how to turn it on, and what to do if it is impossible to connect. In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, tell us whether you managed to solve the problem on your own, and share your experience in solving this issue.

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