How to connect a receiver to a TV via HDMI

How to connect a digital console to a TV

Not only the owners of old TVs with electronic beam tubes have to be prepared for the digital revolution. Not everyone, the so.Called flat TV guarantees digital signaling. But don’t panic ahead of time!

“Connecting to digital television” is only a popular expression that is cultivated in mass media. In fact, you purchase a digital broadcast decoder, correctly connect it to the antenna and to the TV, and competently set up. As they say, connect and see.

But about how to connect a digital console to the TV and understand the possible problems of receiving programs, read in this article.

AV receiver connection diagram

The AB receiver to connect to the TV of modern models is carried out through SCART or HDMI connectors. Scart or Euro-AV is a cable connection with two connectors at the ends. This integration contains 21 contacts, through which all the necessary information can be transmitted from the decoder to TV. These are the entrances and outputs of video and audio signals and some control commands. Despite the fact that now the HDMI intenses are most often used, the SCART euro separation is present in most converter models.

In order not to make a mistake when installing the connector in the nest, its metal case is made asymmetric and has a guide ledge. Signal converters should be universal devices, so they allow connecting the AB/AV receiver to the TV according to outdated standards through RCA connectors (tulip). Separate models of devices have a component connection of YPBPR.

This option provides the best quality when broadcasting analogue television signal. In order to convert a video from a low.Level format to higher, the function of transcoding is used in many AB receivers. So a composite signal with a branch of 576 lines can be transcoded in a video with a progressive 720p output, which significantly improves the quality of the image on the Full HD TVs. Since the device has outputs of different types, you can connect two television receivers to it, one of which is connected by SCART output, and the other, through the HDMI intense.

How to connect the receiver

To do this, pay attention to the connectors located on the front and rear panel of the receiver. As a rule, this includes:

  • Antenna input and output. Allow you to connect the antenna and receiver;
  • Input for power supply;
  • USB slice-for flash drive or Wi-Fi adapter;
  • HDMI. Allows you to connect the TV and configure viewing TV using a television prefix;
  • .
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How to connect to a new TV

To begin with, we consider the diagram of connecting a digital console to a modern TV, because it is this option that is most often found. Take the following steps:

  • Connect the antenna cable and power supply to the tuner.
  • Connect the receiver and TV using any of the available connectors. It is better to give preference to HDMI if it is available. RCA, Scart and others are used as an alternative.
  • Connect the prefix with the TV via RF-out. In this case, you can watch in parallel not only digital, but also analog channels.
  • Turn on TV and select the entrance to the menu (AV, Scart, HDMI).

How to connect an old TV

Many people ask how to connect a digital console to an old TV via tulips or scart. Here the algorithm of actions is the same as considered above. The situation is more complicated when TV is so “ancient” that there is nothing in it except the antenna entrance. In this case, there are two ways:

  • Connect the receiver and the TV directly through the antenna cable (the support of such an option is necessary);
  • The use of a special modulator converting information from RCA to the HF signal with filing to the antenna input.

In most cases, to install a prefix for digital television on old TV, you can not do without an adapter.

Frequent problems

Knowing how to install a digital console for Philips, you can easily connect and configure the equipment, as well as find all available channels. But the situation does not always develop smoothly, and in the process of connection the following errors are possible:

  • The antenna does not accept or does not take a digital signal. Several explanations are possible here. For example, the antenna is not used to receive DVB-T2 and is designed for other waves. The second explanation is a large distance between the antenna and the relayer. In the latter case, an amplifier can save, which ensures sufficient force of reception. In addition, check the quality of contact connections. Perhaps somewhere there was a cliff, there is an oxidation or damage to the cable.
  • The tuner does not receive a signal. Even knowing how to connect the digital console to the Philips TV, you can face difficulties in reception. If the receiver does not take the TV signal, make sure it supports the DVB-T2 digital format digital format. Perhaps the amplifier failed. Try connecting a new device.
  • The prefix finds less than 20 channels. On the territory, users can watch two packages of TV channels for free, which are transmitted at a certain frequency. If suddenly a digital tuner does not accept one or more channels, try to re.Connect and configure the prefix on Philips TV. In addition, try changing the orientation of the antenna, check the signal power and make sure that additional work is not carried out on the retrans. If the tuner does not find the third multicompplex, keep in mind that it is available only, as well as partially Sevastopol and Crimea.
  • There used to be 20 channels, but now it has become 10. In this case, it is possible that the settings of the equipment were lost. Try connecting a tuner from scratch or look for channels in manual mode. If before everything worked well, and then suddenly problems appeared, it may be necessary to replace the equipment.
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If you fail to connect and normally configure the digital console to the Philips TV, do the following:

  • Make sure the correct compounds between different types of equipment;
  • Check the receiver settings and, if necessary, drive them manually;
  • Determine the location of the transmitter in your region as accurately as possible;
  • Raise the antenna to a great height;
  • Get the maximum quality of the signal by rotating the antenna.

If nothing succeeds, try to contact the manufacturer of a digital prefix or a provider. Perhaps he will tell you how to correctly connect and configure the equipment.

How to Connect DVR to TV Using VGA or HDMI

Knowing how to enable Philips TV with the prefix, you can easily configure and watch digital television in high quality. At the same time, there are two ways at your disposal-watch 20 free channels or use the services of a provider. In the latter case, the number of TV channels will be larger. In addition, company specialists can help with connecting and setting up.

How to connect via RCA connector

Most often, old TVs are connected through tulips (bells) or RCA connectors. It was through this connector that users were connected by the DVD players and other equipment. Each edge of the wire has three connectors of different colors:

In the TV device and receiver, the tulip connectors are painted with the same colors. In addition, they are equipped with their own marking. Please note that tulips are power cables. Connect the RCA connector strictly when the power and receiver is turned off.

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How to connect a tricolor receiver to a computer

Without the presence of the receiver, it will not be possible to connect to the satellite television of the TV tricolor through the computer, the broadcasting signal is transmitted and accepted only through the satellite. If the receiver is a special card intended for PC, then it must be installed on the motherboard in the system unit, in a specially designed nest for this. Also, an antenna and the cable connecting it to the computer are needed to connect.

To connect the router to the computer, you must perform the following actions:

  • Find a installation disk with the necessary drivers in the new device and insert it into the drive;
  • In the “installation master” window opened, press the “Next” button to install the program;
  • After the installation is completed, reboot PC;
  • Now you can watch your favorite television programs.
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Connection without a prefix

If your TV is equipped with a built-in tuner DVB-T2, then you do not need to buy a prefix. To connect, you will need only a regular antenna, which can be immediately attached to the antenna entrance, and then start scanning digital channels.

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Each receiver model has its own integration, but in general, you should adhere to the following actions:

  • Press the “menu” button on the remote control.
  • Select “Settings” or “Parameters”.
  • Select the signal standard. In this case, the DVB-T2 standard needs digital broadcasting.
  • Go to the Avtopoisk item and wait for the TV to find all available channels.

Reference! If in automatic mode the tuner found few channels or did not find them at all, then you need to go to the menu again and, instead of a “auto.Ass”, select “manual setting”.

What you need to connect the “numbers” on the old TV

The following set of equipment is required to receive digital television:

  • Old TV. The later the model is released, the easier it is to “make friends” with the external tuner.
  • Prefix. It is she who converts the digital signal into sound and image.
  • Ordinary antenna. Capable of receiving TV-T2. (Learn in 3 minutes, which is better to choose).
  • Cables: antenna (with a wave resistance of about 75 Ohms) and an adapter through which old TVs join (such as Goldstar, Vityaz, Rubin, and T. D.) to the receiver (more on that below).
  • RF modulator. It will be required where not just kinescopic models are used (the use of ELT does not interfere with the “digit”), and the old tube of the Soviet structure, whose connection scheme in principle does not provide for work through “tulip” or the use of other low.Frequency inputs.

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