How to Connect a Prefix to a TV

The transition to a digital broadcasting format is gradually approaching its logical conclusion; the number of analogue repeaters has been significantly reduced. Accordingly, it’s time to figure out how to connect a digital set-top box to a TV. To watch digital TV shows, you need a suitable antenna and DVB-T2 set-top box.

How to Connect a Prefix to a TV

How to choose a suitable antenna

How to connect the set-top box of digital television to the TV will be considered a little later. First of all, you need to choose a good antenna that will provide a stable signal. It can be of two types. Indoor and outdoor. The final choice depends on the remoteness of the TV tower. If the distance does not exceed 15 km, then the indoor model is suitable, if more. The outdoor.

Outdoor antenna

  1. It’s best to buy an antenna without an additional amplifier. It is much more resistant to interference.
  2. We use a directional antenna, if there are no significant obstacles, it amplifies the signal.
  3. A wide-angle antenna is the best option in difficult reception conditions. Its design provides greater coverage.
  4. In the most difficult situations, an antenna is needed, additionally equipped with a preamplifier.

Indoor antenna

How to connect a DVB-T2 receiver using a home antenna is of interest to many, because it comes with most TVs. The problem is that such receiving devices are distinguished by minimal gain parameters, therefore, they are additionally equipped with all kinds of amplifiers. But they do not solve the problem, any fluctuations and interference are immediately displayed on the image quality.

Connection Types

The connection principle largely depends on the available connectors, both on the tuner and on the TV. Now we will determine how to connect the TV set-top box to your TV, through the main connectors:

The most simple and affordable connection option. If the TV diagonal is not too big, the image will be of decent quality. In the process of connecting, you will need to insert tulips into the ports of the corresponding color. So, is fed through the yellow wire, red and white are responsible for the sound.

It looks like an RCA cable or “tulip”


Such an interface is not a frequent guest on modern consoles. It is found only on older models. To connect to a TV, you need a SCART to RCA adapter cable.

It looks like a SCART to RCA adapter

The latest technology, available only on modern TVs. If devices allow, it is best to use this connector. It is through it that the broadcast of the highest quality signal is carried out, which will allow you to enjoy the perfect image.

It looks like an HDMI cable

Absolutely all users are familiar with these connectors. There are two of them on the set-top box, RF IN is used to receive the encoded signal, and through RF OUT a connection to the TV is organized. A similar option may become relevant if the TV is quite old.

This is what the RF IN. RF OUT antenna cable looks like RF IN to RF OUT Connector

We connect the receiver to a new TV

Now let’s take a closer look at how to set up a digital set-top box for Samsung TV with Smart TV (this setting is also suitable for other TV models with Smart TV technology). The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • All work must be carried out with the TV turned off, it will be possible to start it only after everything is completed.
  • Using a cable we connect the antenna to the receiver using the appropriate input;
  • Using a cable with HDMI connectors, connect the receiver to the TV;
  • Connect the power;
  • An assistant will appear on the TV screen, which will help you to make all the settings correctly.

You will immediately need to choose a convenient language, country and image format. After that, you can start the search for available channels.

Connect to an old TV

Many people ask how to connect an old TV to a new digital set-top box. Not everyone has the latest generation TV at home, which was also considered by the manufacturers of set-top boxes. Such devices are equipped with additional connectors, allowing you to connect even very old TVs. There are several ways available to users:

  • Using the SCART port, having previously acquired a tuner with a similar connector;
  • The oldest TVs are connected via a standard antenna connector;
  • Using an RCA-RCA cable.

Accordingly, having studied your TV, choose the appropriate connection principle.

Search for available channels

How to configure the set-top box of digital television to the TV has already been decided, now we proceed to search for all available channels. The most affordable method is to activate auto scan. We act as follows:

  • Go to the receiver menu using the corresponding key on the remote control;
  • Select the “channel search” section;
  • In the menu that opens, select auto search and start it;
  • The procedure takes several minutes, after which we save the result.

If the found number of channels matches the declared one, the configuration is considered to be fully completed. In a situation where certain translations are not enough, it is better to try to search them manually, be sure to check the position of the antenna.

If after all the manipulations there are no specific channels, and the connection is made correctly, then we restore the basic settings on the console. Next, restart the search.

Most common connectivity issues

If the is interrupted or squares appear, then this is not a problem with the console, but rather a weak incoming signal, it can be solved by changing the position of the antenna. You should also try using a reflected signal. A similar problem may be due to problems with the cable or connector. Be sure to check the integrity of the wire, as well as the correct installation of the connectors.

Another common connection error is a black and white image. Most often, a similar defect occurs if the cable is installed in the wrong connector. Be sure to check the image settings in the receiver menu, set the AUTO mode. In rare cases, the console itself may be broken.

Can I connect two TVs to the console

If you have several TVs at home, you will need to use two receivers to provide access to different channels. When you connect multiple TVs to one set-top box, they will work synchronously, repeating the image. If this option suits you, a splitter or a standard cable divider will be required to connect. With their help, you can divide the antenna signal into several TVs.

In conclusion

Having studied in detail the connection methods, including how to connect the set-top box to an older TV through tulips, we can safely say that everything is done independently. It is necessary to adhere to the recommendations provided. In this case, after a few minutes you can enjoy high-quality digital television.

If you think what to choose. The built-in SmartTV system or an external “smart” set-top box, then give preference to the latter option. Why?

The fact is that this gadget, namely the digital set-top box, has a wider range of functions and settings. The Smart TV set-top box will allow you to watch online movies and TV shows, surf the Internet, chat on Skype and social networks, play your favorite games. All from the screen of your TV. And now, the purchase is complete. Now it remains to configure. How to quickly set up Internet access on a TV set-top box? Read below.

Modern models of TV set-top boxes are compact multifunctional devices that can turn a regular TV into a convenient gadget for use. Purchase Smart tv box easily replace a satellite dish. In this article, we consider what is necessary to connect to the network and what sequence of actions.

Connect android consoles via Wi-Fi

Wireless technology has so tightly entered our lives that now in almost every apartment you can find a Wi-Fi router. It is with the help of this device that it is most convenient to connect the Smart TV set-top box to the Internet. To do this, follow a simple procedure:

  1. After connecting the device to the TV, go to the TV Box settings menu using the mouse or remote control;
  2. Find the “Wi-Fi” menu item. By default, this feature is disabled. To enable it, drag the slider to the active mode.
  3. After a few seconds of searching, the device displays a list of available wireless networks. In this list, select your Wi-Fi network.
  4. Enter the password that was set when creating your Wi-Fi access point and press the confirmation button.
  5. If your router is configured correctly, connecting to the access point will take a matter of seconds.

What is the advantage of this method? Connecting your Android set-top box to the Internet via Wi-Fi will allow you to place your TV in any corner of your house or apartment, within the reach of the router signal. So you will not be tied to the length of the cable. The main advantage is to connect other gadgets in parallel with the TV.

Connecting a set-top box via an Internet cable

Another way to connect android tv box to a global network is the use of an Ethernet cable.

  1. Locate the RJ-45 type connector (marked on the figure) on the TV-box housing and connect the cable to it;
  2. Go to the menu and activate the slider opposite the “Ethernet” item.
  3. After a few seconds of auto-tuning, the Internet connection in most cases is established automatically;
  4. If the connection is not successful, configure it manually. To do this, in Ethernet, enter the same settings that you use when connecting your computer to the World Wide Web. The only difference is in the IP address input field, add or subtract one from the last digit.

This method of connection allows the console to maximize the capabilities of the Internet cable, without sharing the speed of information transfer between several devices. However, in practice, this type of connection is less convenient than wireless. And all because you have to allocate a separate line for connecting an Android TV set-top box or constantly switch the cable between several devices. Therefore, for greater convenience, it is worth taking care of buying a router in advance.

Turn your TV into a multimedia entertainment center and enjoy all the advantages of modern TV-boxes.