How to Connect a Phone to Another Phone

How to Connect a Phone to Another Phone

When buying with your hands or selling your fitness bracelet, you should disconnect it from the attached device, otherwise the device cannot be connected to another smartphone. This is not difficult to do, but many Xiaomi mi band users do not know how to cancel pairing.

How to untie Xiaomi mi band from a smartphone.

To check the lock of the bracelet, you need to try to attach it to the phone.
On the phone you need to turn on Bluetooth, install the MiFit program from the market, run the application.

After that, go to the “Profile” tab and click the “Add device” button.

Choose the type of device to be connected, in our case “Bracelet”

Try connecting the device, for this, bring the Mi band bracelet to the smartphone and shake it. If the device was previously paired with another phone, a message appears.

In order to untie the fitness bracelet from your phone, on the profile tab, click the “Settings” button, which is located at the very bottom.

Click the “Disable” button

And once again confirm your decision

On this, we can assume that the untying of the Xiaomi mi band fitness bracelet has been successfully completed.

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Hello, the same problem! The husband deleted the account without untying gang 4, forgot the account data, we can not do anything.

Hello. I found someone else’s Mi Band 3 bracelet. How to attach it to the phone? Thanks in advance for your reply!

Wait until it is discharged to zero, and still wait 2-3 days, after charging, connect in the usual manner. Tested on Mi 2.

I deleted the Mi Fit account, but the Mi band 3 bracelet did not untie. And the new account now does not find the bracelet. What do i do?

First you need to log in to mi fit in your old account and untie the bracelet. Then enter under the new account and tie the bracelet

So I completely deleted the Mi Fit account (not the application, but my account). I can’t go in there

Wait for the bracelet to completely discharge, to reset the settings, wait another 2-3 days, then you can connect it again.

All this is easy to do if the very smartphone is safe and sound. And my smartphone decided to crash in the morning on the asphalt, and the screen went blank forever. I already have a new smartphone. Help and then get rid of the old. AND?

BLE Scanner. A real solution to the problem of untying any bracelet from a lost or broken smartphone!
We put it, start it, look for the device, select the found one, the DISCONNECT button. The device is untied! We open our favorite program in which we could not bind, look for a device, bind, use.

I can’t do that. Already 4 times tried. It does not untie.

Hooray! Managed to pair with MiFit after losing the old phone.

2018-01-06 09:07:08

As it became clear from the “cap”, I was able to recreate a pair of mi band 2 and MiFit after I lost the phone with which the bracelet was paired and was not untied! I can’t pretend to say that this is a panacea, but in my case it worked, so to speak with a poke method) So, let’s begin. As a way out of this situation, the Mi band master program became for me. Avatar.Png I must say that I bought a pro version. Maybe it’s not necessary, but still. I managed to get attached to it without problems. But each step had to be repeated twice. The first time I didn’t want to pair and activate the bracelet))) but these are trifles)) I spent about a month with this program. In principle, everything was fine, but I wanted everything to be in feng shui. And I tried more than once to return to MiFit, receiving in response “it was not possible to create a couple.” Hmm. I’m deleting. Hope wakes up. I install again. And again nothing. What I was prompted to conduct an experiment today, I do not know. Put MiFit. Logged into account. I turned off the program. Opened Mi band master. (At this moment, my bracelet is completely finished with this wonderful program) I make sure that the connection is established. I go into the settings. Avatar.Png Next to the connection. Avatar.Png and I choose “untying Mi Band. Avatar.Png After the device is untied, responding with vibration and animation on the display, I run in MiFit and try to create a pair! Voila! The program offered to reflash the bracelet and after a minute the war was over. MiFit and Mi band 2 became friends! Half an hour has passed since the stable connection, and I hasten to share my joy with those who, like myself, did not know a way out of such a situation. All peace and goodness!

Thanks for the tip, helped a lot

Hello, I lost my bracelet. I bought a new one and I can’t untie the lost one. Need synchronization. What to do?

Nashol bracelet Mi Bend 2 but it is connected to another phone. Is it really somehow his way?

They broke the phone to which the bracelet was attached. I go to my account on a new smartphone, everything is connected, remembers all my bike rides, but now, on a new device, it doesn’t show speed and distance while driving. It simply considers time, which, of course, is not important to me. Tell me how to solve the problem?

The bracelet is attached to the iPhone 5S did not use half a year after half a year decided to tie to the same iPhone registered wrote (could not find a pair, contact the service center) what to do

Video: How to Connect a Phone to Another Phone

I also can’t remove the bracelet from the phone’s settings, no application helps, the unpair button is inactive ((Has anyone found a solution?

Disabled her bracelet Mi band 1s in the application. The application does not see it, but the phone sees it. I try to connect again in the application writes. Four a previously paired Mi Band. And gives out there. But the TAP TO PAIR button is not active. What to do?! From the phone settings does not allow you to remove the bracelet to reconnect

Thank you very much, Sergey! I was able to connect my bracelet to my mother only when I untied the bluetooth from my phone in the settings.

And is it possible how to tie one Mi Band device to DIFFERENT ACCOUNTS on different phones? My smart watch from another company fully earned only after pairing it with my husband’s bracelet. Now, if I log out of his account, my watch stops working again. Or then he can’t use his bracelet, because I’m sitting in his account.

Note to everyone. Nowhere does anyone write this! After the bracelet has been untied in your account, you need to go into the bluetooth settings on the phone on which the bracelet was attached and click on the device list in the device list to forget this device. Now use the bracelet freely on another device. Everyone please.

Hello, and if I didn’t open the brolet, I deleted the program, I downloaded it again, it doesn’t find the bracelet.

How to connect Wi-Fi on iPhone

  1. We go to the home screen and go to the “Settings” menu.
  2. We search for the line “Wi-Fi” and turn on the option.
  3. Then, the search for available Wi-Fi will be automatically launched.
  4. Choose a name and connect.

This method is suitable for connecting to unprotected routers, for example, in public places.

If you connect to a protected Wi-Fi, the sequence will be slightly different:

  1. Open the “Settings” menu.
  2. We search for the line “Wi-Fi” and turn on the option.
  3. After the automatic Wi-Fi search, select the desired access point.
  4. Enter the password and click “Connect.”

If in this way you can’t connect the phone to Wi-Fi, then you are entering the wrong password. In order to find out the correct one, contact your Wi-Fi administrator.

There are also situations when you need to connect the phone to a hidden access point that is not displayed in the general list. To connect a smartphone, you need to know the exact name of Wi-Fi:

  1. Open the “Settings” menu.
  2. We search for the line “Wi-Fi” and turn on the option.
  3. Click “Other” and enter the exact name.
  4. Click “Security”.
  5. After that, select the type of protection, as shown in the illustration below.
  1. We return to the item “Another network” and enter the password.
  2. Click “Connect.”

The most common problems when trying to connect your phone on iOS to Wi-Fi

It very often happens that they seem to have done the right thing and followed the instructions, but nevertheless it is not possible to connect the phone with the IOS operating system to Wi-Fi. Do not despair, and think that the saying “Technique in the hands of a monkey is a piece of iron” is about you. Most likely, this is not a technical failure.

If you can’t connect your phone to Wi-Fi, do the following:

  1. Check your router connection. Also make sure you are in range.
  2. Check that the Wifi option is enabled on your smartphone. Go to Settings, then to Wi-Fi. If there is a blue checkmark in front of the desired name, this means that the connection in the phone is completed and problems are observed in the router.
  3. If you want to connect the phone to Wi-Fi at home, then check if the cables are connected correctly and the router is configured correctly.
  4. Reboot your iOS phone and reconfigure it.
  5. Reboot the router and also reconfigure it.

If all else fails, try the following:

  1. If you are trying to connect a smartphone in a public place, contact the employee of the institution and ask him to set up Wi-Fi.
  2. Check the connection on other devices, for example, on a laptop, or ask the others if the Internet works for them. If there is also no connection on other devices, then there are problems with the Internet provider. Contact your Internet service provider.
  3. Try connecting to another location or to another Wi-Fi. If attempts are unsuccessful, call a service center to check your Iphone.
  4. Update the firmware version of the router and check that your smartphone is in the list of supported devices.

How to connect Android to Wi-Fi

Many people think that setting up an iPhone is really not an easy task. Few will argue with this statement. But as for Android, many believe that these are user-friendly smartphones that even a child can figure out. However, in fact, when you try to configure Wi-Fi, there may be some difficulties.

In general, the popularity of Android is growing every day. Probably, there is no longer a person who would not have in the arsenal of home appliances a smartphone or tablet with the Android operating system. Even the smallest children today actively use these gadgets instead of the usual toys, dolls, cars, etc. But at the same time, few people know how to properly configure Wi-Fi.

It is worth connecting a smartphone once and in the future the smartphone will independently connect to Wi-Fi. But it’s not uncommon to observe situations when you need to configure Android manually.

For a clear illustration, we will use the LG G4 smartphone with the version of the Android 5.1 operating system. However, the model does not matter, android smartphones are almost the same.

Before you begin to configure Android, you need to install Wi-Fi by turning on the adapter. The adapter is turned on in two ways:

  1. Through the toolbar.
  2. Via device settings.

The first method is very convenient: drag your finger across the screen (from top to bottom) and see the toolbar, as in the figure:

We are looking for a Wi-Fi button with the corresponding icon. We click on it and thus activate the Wi-Fi model.

After that, the system starts searching for available wireless networks and the following list appears on the screen:

We select the necessary and connect. If it is password protected, enter a combination of characters and click “Connect.” The whole process is automated and does not take much time.

Another question is if the connection is hidden in the router settings or the DHCP function is disabled. Then you need to configure Android manually.

How to configure Wi-Fi on Android manually if the connection to the router is hidden

As in the first method, first we need to enable the adapter. But the methods listed above are not suitable for this. Change the strategy: first go to the “Settings”. But then we are already acting, depending on the version of the phone. We find the item “Wi-Fi” and open its menu. Turn on the adapter. If you have an earlier model, then find the “Wireless Networks” item and select “Wi-Fi Settings”. We translate the adapter in the included position.

Next, go to the manual search for available connections: you will be offered a list of access points that were found automatically. If you are connecting to a hidden network, click “Add Wi-Fi”:

Enter the exact name of the hidden access point (SSID) and go to security, as in the illustration below:

After that we save changes.

How to set up Wi-Fi on Android manually if DHCP function is disabled

In order to add a new connection to the router with the DHCP function disabled, put a tick in the line “Connect advanced settings”. Then it will be possible to enter the IP address, proxy server and other information yourself. To enter the IP address and other data, select “Static” in “IP Settings”. Fill the appeared lines with data about the router and start “Save” or “Ok”.

As you can see, special professional knowledge and skills are not required, the process is simple and clear. If you follow the instructions presented and do everything correctly, you will be able to set up Android or Iphone in a matter of minutes. We hope this article has helped you.