How to connect a phone to a Wi-Fi router

We connect to Wi-Fi using the phone

Wireless networks gave us the opportunity to have access to unlimited and high.Speed Internet using mobile devices. That is why today we decided to talk about how to connect the phone to the Wi-Fi router and describe which incidents can wait for us. We will also consider the possibility of remote access to the phone through a laptop or a stationary computer if the devices are on the same network.

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First of all, we, of course, will discuss the connection itself directly. At the moment, everyone, even the cheapest phone has a wireless adapter. Basically, now the phones with the Android operating system are in use, on the example of which we will show how to connect a smartphone to a Wi-Fi router.

  • Before you try to connect, naturally, you need to connect the distribution point and configure it if necessary. If all this has already been done once, now it is just that it remains to turn on the router and wait until the download is booting. Next, we will already conduct the very connection to the router of the phone.
  • We unlock and find the settings or menu icon on the main screen and already in it-settings: everyone can be different, since now there are many shells from various firms. The screenshot shows a sequence on a pure Android 5th version.
  • After clicking on this switch, you will open a list of networks with which it is possible to connect a smartphone to the Internet via Wi-Fi router.
  • By choosing one of the networks, you will have to enter a password protecting it. If you are not in the know what your password is, then you can see it on the box from under the router or on the sticker of the device itself. Then there will be a notification that the connection was successful and now you can use the Internet.

For some, turning on/off is by default on one of the switches in the so.Called curtain, which is caused by a swipe from top to bottom on the main screen.

This is the only and correct way to connect the phone to Wi-Fi router.

Remote access through Wi-Fi

Another interesting opportunity is to connect a smartphone to a computer via Wi-Fi router. For this, both devices must be on the same network, and on the smartphone you need to install a special program. This makes it possible without the help of extra wires to have access to the phone files. We will continue to give examples on the basis of the same OS Android 5th version.

  • Now we connect a computer and phone to the network. Open the conductor on the phone and make the swipe from left to right to open the menu. Here we are interested in the submenu “Network”.
  • On the next page we are interested in the “enable” button. After clicking on it, a window will appear with the address. We will need this address already on the computer.
  • After entering, click on Enter. And the contents of the phone will open before you. When you want to stop using this function, do not forget to click on the “Turn off” button in the phone in the phone in the phone.

Now that we have considered how to connect the phone to the router via Wi-Fi, and even learned to get access remotely with this, we will consider what problems can arise during the connection. In search of advantages, many lovers of sports betting pay attention to the currency that can be used to control the balance. Loading the stavka in PIN AP BET. Making a deposit in bitcoins. From the registration itself, indicating this currency, I am stably replenishing and withdrawing these virtual money. Among the advanced Internet users, many of which have long been mining the crypto valet, this opportunity significantly increases the demand for this site.

Problems during the connection

So, let’s see why the phone does not connect to the Wi-Fi router. This may be a failure in the software part on one or another side that is treated with a banal reboot.

If nothing has changed after it, then it is quite possible that you are not quite correctly entering the password or you were incorrectly tuned in the distribution point. Always carefully enter the password, while watching the registry and language of the layout.

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You still can’t enter? There may be two options-either something wrong with the phone, or with a router. You need to check the phone, trying to connect to any network and, if everything is fine, then the matter is in the router: check the distribution point, trying to connect from another device.

connect, phone, wi-fi, router

If the problem is already on the phone, then you may have a trip to the service center or reset to factory settings, and if in the router, then all the same reset or buy a new distribution point.

An exception may be the rare case when the distribution point of the old model and works with the phone at different frequencies, but here it is clear what to do.

We hope that we told you in sufficient detail how to connect a smartphone to a router via Wi-Fi, and now you will never have any problems with this procedure again.

How to connect a laptop and a computer to a Wi-Fi router

Connecting a laptop, a home computer with an installed Windows operating system, or a TV to a wireless Internet network after installing Wi-Fi, as well as if there is a built-in adapter in the device. Such configurations of all modern technology. For models of past issues, you will have to purchase an adapter separately.

  • Near the radiotelephone, microwave and other devices operating at the same frequency of 2.4 GHz as the router;
  • Near mirror surfaces;
  • Near electrical appliances;
  • At the bearing wall.

Additional Information! By default, the network connection adapter in the laptop is disabled. To check the status and change it, you need to use the key combination. They differ on different models of a computer device. It can be a simultaneous press of FNF2, a button with an antenna icon on a keyboard or a switch on the case.

After making sure that the adapter is in an active position, you need to create an access point of the wireless network. To do this, you should act according to the algorithm:

  • Click on the connection icon with the right mouse button and go to the section “Network and the Internet” section;
  • Go to the network management section and total access;. Clicking on the appropriate link;
  • Set the wireless network.

In the process of setting up the network, you need to set such parameters as:

  • The name of the connection, which will be displayed in the corresponding list when available available networks;
  • Safety type. Encryption method;
  • Safety key. Password for entering.

Connection via WPS

The WPS function allows you to quickly solve the issue with how to connect to Wi-Fui to check the new equipment or diagnose after reinstalling the system, camera or other functions. The service is relevant on a trip, being on a train or another transport, when there is no time and the opportunity to deal with moods.

Using the option, you can save time to conduct wireless settings, since they are provided with free access. After receiving and checking it, you can configure the Internet, having previously opened the browser page and introducing the form of information about the standard value of the IP router into the fields.

connect, phone, wi-fi, router

Connection via WPS

The latest SMART phones models are equipped with an option to connect to an affordable wireless Internet using a WPS shift button on a router. To do this, it is necessary to open the Wi-Fi module in the device and in the section of additional functions select the connection format to the network, after which the Internet is connected in a simplified format.

Note! WPS button is located on the apparatus case. It is drowned into it and on some models of the device is compatible with the option of resetting to the factory. Therefore, when pressing it, you should not hold the element for a long time, since all the settings will be dropped and you will have to make everything again.

When requesting a password for connecting to the network, information for the input must be taken on the lower part of the equipment on the label placed on it. It displays information about the name of the device, network, Mas address and data for entering.

The standard connection option

After installing Wi-Fi, you need to connect it according to the standard scheme:

connect, phone, wi-fi, router
  • Open the tab with a list of available networks;
  • Select a personal network and click on it;
  • Enter the password into the field allocated for it;
  • Click on the “Next” button, after which an automatic connection will occur.
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If the picture with the list is hidden from the user, then the connection with the current settings is impossible. To correct the situation, you need to contact a specialist or try to independently eliminate the problem. To do this, you need to enable access by holding the right mouse button, and activate the connection by selecting the inclusion option in the window opened.

Connection to the laptop

If there is no Internet after all the events, you need to check if there are network drivers on the laptop on the laptop. To do this, in the section “Dispatch of tasks” menu of the control panel, check the subsections in which information about network adapters. It contains information about the installed Wi-Fi drivers. In their absence, it is necessary to install a utility from disk software attached to the laptop when selling.

How to connect wi-fi via a computer to the phone

You can connect Wi-Fi via a laptop or PC to the phone using:

The algorithm of distribution of home Internet through the command line takes more time than when using applications or mobile CITSOTS FURNSS. But this method is considered universal and most popular (suitable for all Windows versions, except XP).

Creating an access point on PC can be divided into three stages:

Before proceeding directly to setting up the access point by means of the command line, you should check the network adapter. This is done as follows:

After the adapter is checked, it should be:

So that you can connect through the phone to the created network, you need to make it available for other devices. To do this, we perform the following actions:

  • We go to the “Access” tab, and in order to provide other devices with the ability to connect to the Internet on a PC, set a box near the corresponding option;

After rebooting PC, all devices previously connected to the Internet will be disconnected. Therefore, it is necessary to re.Enter the command line to activate the access point.

The easiest way to distribute the Internet via PC or laptop using special utilities (for example, MhotSpot, Connectify). It is enough to start the utility for configuration, fill out a few fields and start an access point.

To configure the Wi-Fi distribution using Connectify, you need:

How To Share your Mobile Data Wirelessly to PC via WiFI Router

The ability to distribute Wi-Fi on a smartphone using “Mobile Hotspot” can only be PC with Windows 10. This function is connected in this way:

After these simple settings, you can connect on your smartphone to the created Wi-Fi network.

What to do if you can’t connect to the Wi-Fi network

If you still have questions, then in the block below the “user Комментарии и мнения владельцев” you can ask the author a question, leave a comment or share your experience. We will try to answer.

Errors when connecting and methods for their correction

Experienced specialists identify a number of problems that may arise when synchronizing the phone with a Wi-Fi access point:

  • Authentication error. Usually indicates an incorrectly introduced password for a wireless connection. To fix it, you need to check the typed code again, perhaps the user was mistaken.
  • The phone does not display Wi-Fi access points. Typically, such a problem is solved by restarting the smartphone. This procedure allows you to solve short.Term malfunctions of the operating system. If it does not help, then it is worth checking the gadget for the presence of viruses or make sure that there are really Wi-Fi compounds nearby.
  • The connection periodically disappears, and then appears again. Most likely, the user was too far from his mobile phone from the device, as a result of which the Wi-Fi signal weakened. The problem is solved by the purchase of an additional repiter.
  • The gadget connected to Wi-Fi, and after a while turned off forever. In this situation, it is recommended to reset the network settings or the phone itself to the factory level. If it does not help, then you should change the built-in Wi-Fi module. Most likely he failed.

Additional Information! Changing Wi-Fi adapter on the phone independently is not recommended to avoid problems with the functioning of the device in the future. It is better to seek help from the service center, whose experts will cope with the task in the shortest possible time. The same applies to flashing the gadget.

Authentication error when connecting a phone to Wi-Fi

Turning on wi-fi on Android

To configure wireless Internet, you must first start the Wi-Fi module. This is done by pressing the wireless connection icon in the notification panel in the status line. Put your finger down the screen from top to bottom, select the icon in the right corner, among the highlighted icons, find the Wi-Fi icon and press it on it.

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If for some reason you cannot use this scheme, include access in the settings menu. Go to the settings → Wireless networks → Wi-Fi → Turn on.

Then select the network to which you go to connect. When using the status line, click the connection icon for a few seconds, after which you will see a list of available connections. If it is encrypted, gain access password. If you are going to use it regularly, mark the point “Remember”.

If you turned on access through the settings menu, in front of the inclusion slider, enter the Wi-Fi menu, after which possible connections will be displayed. Perform the operations described above.

Perform these steps to configure the phone connection to the new network. When you stay in the coverage area of ​​the remembered connection, the device will be able to connect you automatically.

If you use Wi-Fi mainly at home, you can establish the Internet directly through the router. In any of them there is a WPS safe communication button that allows you to connect any device through an encrypted signal. To use this function, you need:

  • Go to the settings → Wires → Wi-Fi, click on the icon in the form of two ring arrows.
  • The system will offer to press the WPS button on the router. Follow this requirement.
  • After some time, the connection will be established.

This method is relevant only at home, because you do not need to enter a password every time. Of course, you won’t use it in a cafe or store.

Connecting devices to a wireless network

After all the settings were successfully made, the Wi-Fi access point on the phone is turned on, and it was possible to connect the router to it, you can easily connect to the Internet. The router in this case acts as an amplifier of Wi-Fi, which is distributed from the phone.

The phone with the right settings plays the role of the modem perfectly. A router is necessary to strengthen the Internet connection

In general, the process of using a mobile phone for distributing the Internet is as simple as possible and does not require certain knowledge. However, before you attach the phone, it is important to carefully study the voiced instructions to exclude the likelihood of errors.

Preparatory stage

Before you start setting up the router, it must, of course, include it. We connect the power adapter to the electrical tanker and connect the main Internet cable with the Wan router connector, it is usually highlighted in blue.

Next, it is necessary to reset the installations of the device for factory. It doesn’t matter whether you bought a new one in the store or before that they have already used it, you need to do it, because if it has already been connected and set up, then the parameters that are inappropriate for your network could be saved on it. To reset the settings, it is necessary to find a small hole in the back of the device, next to which there will be the inscription “Reset”, inside which there is a button. Take something sharp like a needle or pin and click, holding this button for some time. After about 10 seconds, light indicators on the router should blink, and he, rebooting, will restore the factory parameters.

What errors can be made when connecting and setting up

May occur when connecting to the network, after setting up Wi-Fi. After introducing a new password, the smartphone may stop connecting to the network. Under its name will be written “Authentication Error” or “Saved”. To correct this situation, hold the name Wi-Fi network for several minutes. After that, the “Delete/Forget” command will appear, select the right.

Now you can re.Select the desired network in the list of available, and will connect again.

The error “Internet may not be available” / “There is no connection to the network”.

Users often face such a problem, there can be many reasons for its occurrence. To solve this problem on mobile devices, the following methods are suitable:

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