How to connect a phone to a TV without wi-fi

Who to connect mobile in tv without Wi-Fi in lg tv

How to connect a phone to a TV without wi-fi

Is it possible to connect the phone to the TV for watching the film, how to do it best, what methods are suitable for smartphones iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi and. RIA Novosti, 16.09.2021

Moscow, 16 Sep. RIA Novosti. Is it possible to connect the phone to the TV for watching the film, how best to do it, what methods are suitable for iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi and Honor smartphones. In the material of RIA Novosti.How to connect a phone to television and practically all the latest models of TVs of known brands are equipped with a mobile device connection function. This provides great opportunities: viewing on a large screen of a film downloaded on a mobile device; transfer to mobile games TV; Convenient search for information on a wide display.You can synchronize the screens of a mobile phone and TV with the help of various adapters or via a Wi-Fi network through special applications.The best option is to connect a smartphone to TV. However, some options are best suited for a specific phone model: with iOS and Android operating systems. Consider each of them.For iPhone iPhonephons, you can connect to the TV through adapters such as USB cable and HDMI system. You can try to use the HTML cable and even special Apple Store apps (one of the rather popular-IMediaShare). However, a proven and most reliable way to synchronize TV and phone screens with an iOS operating system is Wi-Fi Network.For Androidsmartphones with the Android system, it is easiest to connect using special adapters, because their connectors are more likely to be more likely than Apple phone ports. Over, if the TV supports Wi-Fi Direct or DLNA, then the connection is easy to install without wire.You can synchronize the screens using any Android Smartphone model.Samsung Telephones Samsung are most conveniently connected to the TV using the SCreen Mirroring source or through Miracast technology. A special accessory “DEX station” has been developed, which operates through an HDMI cable and allows you to connect Samsung Galaxy phones to any TVs.Xiaomitelephones Redmi Note 3 Pro, Redmi Note 4, Redmi Note 5 and other newer versions are connected to the TV via HDMI cable and via USB. There are also third.Party programs for Xiaomi, such as Bubbleupnp, Wireless Display.Honor is most of the Honor and Huawei smartphones to connect to a USB cable. If you use the Smart TV-Box prefix, you can apply HDMI.The wireless connection of connecting the phone to the TV via cable is not always the easiest option, because often the connectors do not coincide, and there are no special adapters at hand. In this case, it is better to use a wireless connection.Through Wi-Fi Direct, the option is considered the most optimal if both electronic devices support the Wi-Fi Direct option.For the connection, you will need to: go on the phone in “Settings”, select the Wi-Fi Direct section from the entire menu and click “Connect“; Almost the same operation is done in the settings of the second device (find the point “Network” and turn on Wi-Fi). The TV will begin to look for a mobile device, after which an active window with the “Connect” button will appear on both screens.Through Dlnadlna, it is a set of standards by which on compatible devices it is possible to transmit media materials of various types (photographs, music, films, etc. D.) Such a compound will occur through a router. The phone must have Android OS, and the TV, in turn, support the DLNA system.For the connection, it will be required: through the AirPlayol from the simplest ways to connect the device from Apple. Airplay. However, in addition to the smartphone and TV, you will also need the Apple TV prefix, which is completely compatible with the iPhone and immediately offers the user all additional options.For the connection, it will be required: through Miracastmiracast. This is a technology that provides for the transmission of video images without wires. Suitable for phones with the Android operating system, works only on modern Smart TV TV models and is carried out using Wi-Fi network.The connection will be required: through Chromecastchromecast. This is a device developed by Google, which transfers media materials to TV. This connection method is suitable for Android smartphones.The connection is required: through Screen Mirroring, the connection option is available for Samsung models.For the connection, it is necessary: ​​to TV Samsung.Mimo SCREEN MIRRORING, Smart View app, Miracast technologies, there is also a wireless way to connect the phone to the Samsung TV. Using the “YouTube Broadcasting”.For the connection, it is necessary: ​​the wired connection is not possible to install applications, you can use wired methods of connecting the phone to the TV.Through a USB-cablepter, a mobile device is used as a flash drive through a USB cable: the action performed on the smartphone is not duplicated on the screen, but the media files can be lost.For the connection, it is required: through the HDMI cable there is a mini hdmi connector for direct connection to TV on smartphones. If it is absent, you will need an adapter with Micro USB on HDMI or adapter.It will take: through MHLMHL it is now supported not by all smartphones. For this already outdated connection method, Samsung phones (released until 2015) and some devices from Sony, Meizu, Huawei, HTC are suitable.For the connection, you need to connect the adapter with the MHL to the TV using the HDMI system, to the phone through Micro USB.Via Slimpotslimpot is another adapter for synchronization of phone and TV screens. Suitable for smartphones with the Android operating system, such as LG G2, G3, G4, Nexus 4 and Nexus 5. Connects to TV via HDMI connector.Through the Lightning Didgital AV Adapteret, the adapter will help connect an iOS mobile device with TV. In this case, the smartphone connects to via Lightning connector.Useful advice on how to connect a mobile phone to a TV, study the advice of specialists:

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How to connect a TV to the Internet if there is no wi-fi?

There are several solution options for the TV wiser and Wi-Fi connection appears.

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Your TV, although not Smart, is equipped with an Enternet connector? Fine! Then you can buy a Wi-Fi router, which can be converted into a connection mode (repiter) to an existing router, from which all your gadgets work.

What will allow you to adapter? Viewing files from a local network and all Therefore, for many of you it will not be a particularly interesting option.

How to display an image from a phone to a TV via HDMI Cable

This method almost completely repeats the previous one, but the connection cable will be different. HDMI connection allows you to convey the image and sound from a smartphone to TV.

Cons of such a connection: reducing mobility and spending on an additional wire. Will have to purchase a USB-s cable or hdmi cable or adapter. It may turn out that the TV does not have a connector for HDMI, then use the adapter with HDMI. VGA (or RCA). In this case, the image will be transmitted to the TV screen, but not the sound. If the image does not appear immediately, it is necessary to change the screen resolution settings in the smartphone.

Via broadcast on Android

Modern Android Smartphones support the “Translation” function (“projection”), which allows you to quickly display content from the gadget to the TV screen from Smart TV. It is also important that TV and phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi, otherwise nothing will work.

To display the smartphone screen onto the TV, use one of two methods:

  • Go to your smartphone settings. Find the item “Connected devices”. “Translation”.
  • Open the curtain and click on the icon with a square (a phone or wave can also be drawn on it, like a Wi-Fi icon). Depending on the shell, it can have different names. For example, in Samsung smartphones, it is called Smart View.
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Further, the smartphone will begin to search for external displays. Select your TV in the list. After that a notification of connection request will appear on it. Agree to the conjugation and ready. You can watch a movie or YouTube from a smartphone on a TV screen.

Wired connection

If your smartphone is equipped with a micro or mini-hdmi port, which does not occur so often, you are a lucky one who has access to the easiest wire connection-HDMI-HDMI. Of course, if the TV set also has such a connector. In other cases, an adapter adapter will be needed.

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A cable of this type, as in the picture, can be bought in any store selling electronics (they are inexpensive). Besides him you will not need anything else.

  • Turn off both devices (disconnect the cord of the TV outlet).
  • Connect the ends of the cable to the corresponding nests.
  • Turn on TV and smartphone.
  • In the TV menu, indicate as source of the HDMI port signal. After that, the phone screen will be displayed on TV.

Additionally, in the parameters of HDMI (on the TV) you can specify the resolution and image frequency, if problems arise when automatically set up.

HDMI connection is convenient, but has a number of disadvantages. The most annoying. Fast discharge of the smartphone battery. This means that you will have to keep it constantly connected to the charger, and this is sometimes impossible (if the ports are located close, and the cable of one blocks access to another). In addition, some old Android telephones are transmitted by HDMI not all content (for example, only pictures in the slide show mode) or require the installation of additional applications.

To connect phones without an HDMI sketch to a port of this type, you can use the Micro-USB-HDMI adapter, but better-MHL, which will be discussed below.

MHL. A more advanced and modern standard of wire connection of mobile gadgets and TV. It is implemented using special cables or converters-converters, which at one end are connected to the port of Micro-USB, and to the other to HDMI. Unlike the connection of HDMI-HDMI, MHL provides power to the connected device, which is very convenient, as well as the best quality of playback and a higher data exchange rate.

There are two types of MHL cables and adapters-passive and active. Active require additional power, for which they have another USB port (through USB, such an adapter is connected to TB).

Passive cables are compatible only with devices that mutually support the MHL standard. Active is enough for the MHL to support only the reproducing side (TV), and the phone is not necessarily.

Physical connection of devices via MHL is carried out in the same way as HDMI, so we will not separately consider it.

By the way, gadgets with SuperMHL support will soon appear on the market. The next stage in the development of this technology. The advantages of the new items are higher quality of video transmission (resolution 8K, color depth 48 bit, frame rate-120 per second), support for volumetric sound and USB Type-C standard. Ports of this type are equipped with many of the latest generation smartphones.


Slimport is another new technology for combining mobile devices and TV into a holistic system. It works through a special adapter, which is connected to the phone’s USB port, and the second to HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort or DVI TV. This, perhaps, is his main difference from MHL.

Other significant differences are clearly not in favor of Slimport. Firstly, SlimPort does not fuel a mobile device (although for this there is another Micro-USB port on the adapter where you can insert a charger). Secondly, it can only be used on devices that mutually support technology, and there are not too many of them yet.

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Wireless connection

This is the most convenient type of connection. You do not need to think about where to put another wire, you do not need to approach the TV for connecting a smartphone. The only unpleasant moment concerns that your TV should support Wi-Fi. If this is not the case, then you will have to take care of the purchase of additional accessories.

To connect a smartphone to the TV, you will need to buy a chromecast media player. Fortunately, it is not worth it and cost you only 3500-4000, and if you add about 3 thousand more, you can purchase Chromecast with Google TV. In this case, you will not only be able to broadcast content from a smartphone, but also get a full-fledged TV setup that turns your TV into Smart-TV.

connect, phone, wi-fi

And so, you bought Chromecast, what’s next? Connect the prefix to the TV via HDMI and install Google Home for Android or iOS on the smartphone smartphone. After that, switch the source of the TV signal to the HDMI port of the console and make it setting up, following a simple and understandable step-by-step instruction.

How to use your cell phone mobile data to stream TV

Using an HDMI-intense

There are Micro HDMI ports on a number of smartphones and tablets (see. Photo below). If your device is also equipped with such a port, then the connection occurs quite simply using a regular HDMI cable!

  • We buy Micro HDMI cable. HDMI (in any computer store, you can order at AliExpress at a discount);
  • Connect the TV and the phone with the cable (it is extremely desirable to turn off the TV before that, t.To. The port can burn);
  • We turn on the TV and open the “Entrance” menu: select the port to which the cable was connected from the phone (for example, HDMI 2);
  • Further on the phone, auto-adjustment of the image for resolution of TV should begin. In general, the process is completed on this, and everything that will be on the phone screen is to automatically display on the TV.

How to connect a phone to a TV using HDMI

To help!

Why is there no sound through HDMI on a TV, an external monitor, and a prefix. A solution to the problem

How to connect a phone to a TV via miracast

Miracast technology works similarly to AirPlay. It is designed for smartphones under the control of the Android operating system and is supported by modern TVs, as well as additional prefixes. The large screen in this case acts as a wireless monitor. It is in this menu that you need to go in the settings of the screen of your smartphone and choose your TV here. Of course, if the technology is not initially supported, additional equipment will be needed. Nevertheless, it is usually noticeably cheaper than the same Apple TV, regardless of the model.

How to connect a smartphone to an old TV

Today, even the old and budget models of the TV receivers are equipped with HDMI and USB ports, which can be used to wire phone connection. If you want to configure wireless conjugation on a TV without Smart TV, then connect a special console like Chromecast to it.

If your TV receiver is so old that it does not even have HDMI and USB ports, then you will need to buy an adapter from “tulips” on HDMI. Next, you can configure any connection, at least via Wi-Fi through the prefix, at least on the wire using another adapter (Slimport or MHL).

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