How To Connect A Phone To A Common Tv

How to connect Honor and Huawei phone to the TV? This question arises if the user wants to use his smart device to watch a movie on the big screen, to play or just to recharge the device. The technology itself is uncomplicated, and has several solutions. In the article we will consider the details and answer the most popular questions: how to connect the phone and TV? What are the wired connection channels? How to connect smartphone and TV wirelessly? Do you need any programs for this?

Why connect a smartphone to a TV

To begin with, consider situations in which you may need communication between Android and TV.

  1. Broadcasts or movies from your phone on the big screen. This is very convenient today, when most people have modern mobile devices. Such a connection allows you to forget about the problem of losing the remote control.
  2. View photos ors on a wide monitor. On a large TV, it is possible to see even small details of pictures in high quality.
  3. Broadcast games. Favorite item for avid professional gamers. This is a great opportunity to transfer the usual game from a small display to large sizes. On a huge screen, details are more clearly visible, and effects and graphics look more realistic.
  4. Phone instead of PC. Some Honor and Huawei phones can be used as a personal computer. This option is not available on budget models, however, from the middle class and above, such a tool is provided. You can specify exactly what features your model has in the instructions or in the reviews.
  5. Phone as a remote control for the TV. Honor and Huawei have this option, as well as other smartphones, starting from Android 4.4 budget class. In order to switch channels, a special infrared port is located on top of the device. It’s like a laser on the remote. The contact between the phone / remote control and the TV is not visible to the human eye, but it does occur, therefore the channels are switched.
  6. Other purposes for which you need to create a connection between your mobile gadget and TV.

This is not a complete range of cases. On Huawei and Honor phones, contact is established without downloading additional software. Other versions may require downloading programs.

6 Ways to Connect a Huawei and Honor Phone to a TV

There are six effective ways how Honor or Huawei can get in touch with standard TV:

  • connect via USB cable;
  • debug access via shared Wi-Fi, but this is only possible with SmartTV;
  • Unique Mirror Share option that allows you to create high-quality projection;
  • Chromecast for TV to upgrade legacy versions;
  • TV box BOX;
  • wired via HDMI cable.

USB cable

This is a classic option, suitable for absolutely all types of gadgets. You can connect the Honor and Huawei phone to the TV via USB, if it was provided by the developer.

To do this, open the main settings, and go to the “About phone” section. Next, you need to find the Firmware Version column and click until a notification is received.

After that, the user needs to open the section for the developer and start debugging mode via USB.

Connect the phone to the TV via a USB cable and use for your own purposes.

Wi-Fi (SmartTV only)

Such a function is available only in relation to modern Smart-TV. The option does not require much time and special knowledge, therefore it is also the first in the list, classified by simplicity. So, we write a step-by-step instruction:

  • launch the settings section;
  • go to wireless networks;
  • choose a line with wi-fi;
  • in the dialog box that opens, tap on the inscription Wi-Fi Direct;
  • the system starts the process of searching for the device, wait until the end;
  • after the desired device is found, connect to it.

At the time of connection, be sure to choose your Smart TV, since you risk interfering with viewing your neighbors.

Also in this mode there is a special WiDi option that allows you to use mobile gadgets not as a drive, but as a multimedia console.

If you have any questions or have complaints. let us know

Mirror share

Not everyone has heard of this method, so let’s start by analyzing what it is. Translated from English, Mirror is a mirror, and the phrase Mirror Share itself means a mirror broadcast to a television monitor. Such a feature is on Huawei phones ranging from middle-class models after the advent of Android 4.4.2. However, if you look for just such a function on another smartphone, then be prepared for the fact that they are called differently everywhere. To check if there is Mirror Share on your gadget:

  • lower the curtain with a swipe from top to bottom;
  • open the full menu;
  • there should be an icon labeled “Wireless Projection”;
  • if found, click on it and check all available items on it.
How To Connect A Phone To A Common Tv

If there is no such function, then it will be impossible to design the screen. Download from third-party services while a high-quality version of this tool is not possible.

Next, we consider step-by-step instructions on how to connect Huawei and Honor to a TV using Mirror Share:

  • open the menu on the TV;
  • Go to the “Broadcast” section;
  • from there, go to the “Image Connection” tab;
  • activate the process by moving the slider or ticking;
  • make sure that the TV and phone have access to the same Wi-Fi network;
  • open the settings on the phone;
  • lower the curtain;
  • open the “Projection” option;
  • turn on this tool;
  • Run a device search and wait for the process to complete.

Usually this process takes up to a minute. If the Wai-Fai signal is weak, the search may take up to 5 minutes.

Chromecast (for TV without Wi-Fi)

Google Chromecast allows you to provide a conventional or outdated TV with the functionality of a modern Smart TV.

Chromecast is a media player that contacts the TV via an HDMI connector, and settings are made via a shared Wi-Fi channel. If you bought such a prefix, then by connecting it you get the opportunity to broadcast the picture from the screen of a PC or mobile device over a wireless connection.

To configure Chromecast you will need:

  • the device itself;
  • The newest version of Google Home;
  • registered account in Google;
  • TV with HDMI jack;
  • smartphone;
  • Active and stable internet signal.

Next step by step instructions for connecting:

  • Plug in your Chromecast to a wall outlet and TV.
  • Download Google Home software on Android;
  • check that all devices are connected to the same access point;
  • go to Google Home, and select the device you need there;
  • connect to it;
  • specify the Google account to which the media player will be linked;
  • Configure some geolocation extensions
  • activate device search;
  • if the device you need was found in the list, tap on it and save;
  • establish a connection by comparing the code on the screens of both gadgets;
  • click “Yes” after making sure that the codes match;
  • set your region in local settings;
  • indicate the room where the TV is located;
  • select a to learn how to broadcast content;
  • everything is ready.

Smart TV Box

A more familiar option for both the older generation and the younger is the prefix. Modern consoles allow you to establish control of your smartphone.

To use Huawei or Honor as a multiplayer or drive:

  • enable device search;
  • select the desired item;
  • Compare access codes;
  • connect the set-top box to the TV.

To check whether the device is suitable, download the MHL Checker application on Google Play, install it and open it. Next, through the tips, test the work.

Verify MHL Technology Support

To scan the performance of this method, download another application. Check MHL. It is available in the standard Play store. Open it and click on the large inscription “Check”. Wait for the result.

If you have a different phone, then this particular software is not always suitable. It is acceptable to use SlimPort as an analog.

Remote application

In modern phones, Huawei and Honor have a built-in remote. It allows you to fully replace the classic management tool and use it to:

  • TVs
  • air conditioners;
  • set-top boxes;
  • cameras
  • projectors;
  • DVD players
  • multimedia sound systems and more.

How to connect a Huawei tablet to a TV

Tablets on the Android platform are no different in the method of connection from standard smartphones. Therefore, choose the most convenient option from the six proposed above, and establish interaction with the tablet.

What to do if the smartphone does not connect to the TV?

The problem of inability to connect is most often due to system failures or the inability to physically connect. First, make sure all devices are connected. Next, check the sockets and cables for functionality. If something goes off somewhere, it is necessary to replace the defective element. If everything is in order, completely restart the entire equipment chain.

Additional Information

Everything is individual here. If the TV is older, use a cable. If the versions are newer, it is better to connect through a common access point. The first is fast. Secondly, the connection settings will remain in the device, and then you can switch the channel in two clicks or turn on the desired.

Can I use the remote on my Honor phone on an ongoing basis?

This does not pose any threat to the devices, so yes, it can be used instead of the usual one. Settings are saved in the cache, which will save time when reconnecting.

What to do if you cannot find Wireless Projection

To get started, check the version of the current card. If it is outdated, be sure to upgrade to the latest. Sometimes drivers who need updating are to blame for the lack of a wireless network tool. Then download the special Screen Stream or Screen Cast software. They will help to display a picture on the screen via http ports.