How to connect a panason Vier on the Internet

How to connect a panason Vier on the Internet

This TV is a Dlna Certified product

DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) is a standard due to which DLNA Certified digital electronics

Becomes simpler and more convenient for use in a home network. To learn more, visit

The standard allows you to use photos and films stored on the Dlna Certified media server (for example., PC

With the installed Windows 7, DIGA-recorder), connected to your home network, and have fun

Image resolution. 8 × 8 to 30.719 × 17 279 pixels

Motion JPEG and Progressive JPEG formats are not supported.

AVCHD and DIVX files are not supported by DLNA, but can be played by the media player (p. 46).

Music files are not supported by DLNA, but MP3 and AAC files can be played by media player (p. 48).

Make sure the equipment connected has a Dlna Certified media server.

To use PC, it is necessary to install service software for it to obtain media-

Save photos or videos on a media server, and then you can watch them on the TV screen.

“TwonkyMedia” and “Windows 7” are software for the server that has been tested

To work with this TV (January, 2010).

To carry out the installation, read the manual for service software.

The Windows 7 DLNA control function on this TV is not supported.

Panasonic MirAIe Set-up Tutorial

When installing service software for a media server, there is a risk of access to data

Unauthorized persons. Follow the settings and connection of networks in the office, hotel or even at home, if you are not

By connecting the DLNA-compatible Diga recorder to the home network, you can use and control it as one of

See more in the operating manual of the Diga-recorder.

Example 1 or example 2 in “Network connections” (. Fifty)

Panasonic Viera Wi Fi Setup Tutorial

connect, panason, vier, internet

Viera Cast. This is the key to unique Internet services Panasonic.

By connecting the TV to the Internet control, using Viera Cast you can fully enjoy

Internet content, for example, photos, films, weather forecasts, etc.D. On the TV screen from the original

You can go to the source screen Viera Cast directly when pressed the Viera Cast button on the remote control

A television

You have the opportunity to watch hundreds of television channels through IP television for free, however, to set up such programs on your own, as well as download the list of channels, this is a very complex and painstaking process that it is best to trust professionals. The cost of such a service is very small.

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Solution. Check the settings of the router

Credit: Escapejaja / Freepik

  • On the remote control, click the “menu” button.
  • Select the network.
  • Go to the network connection.
  • After scanning wi-fi connections, click further.
  • Select your router and click OK.
  • When you open the router settings, check DHCP and turn it on. Do the same with UPNP.
  • After that, click OK.
connect, panason, vier, internet

Solution. Reset the application

The reset of the application leads to its deactivation and exit from your account. After the exit, you can enter the system again and try to check if there is an error.

Why is my Panasonic Smart TV continues to disconnect from Wi-Fi?

The reason your Panasonic TV continues to discard or lose Wi-Fi connection can be associated with problems with your network connection. Problems with your Internet or Wi-Fi may arise that may prevent you from connecting. It may also be associated with the location of your router if it is too far from the TV.

How to set up channels on a TV?

After installing the application, we must first connect to the same network in which the TV is located. As already mentioned, the new Panasonic Viera TVs have a built-in Wi-Fi Module, so it is enough to connect it and the mobile device to one wireless network so that they “find” each other.

Connection options

To connect the Internet on the TV, there are two ways, as for a regular computer. Wireless and cable. The principle is the same, but there are some nuances that you need to know about.

By Wi-Fi

The most convenient way. No need to pull the cable through the entire apartment. But to connect the TV to Wi-Fi, two conditions are needed. Firstly, you should have a router and a tuned wireless network at home. Secondly, your TV should be able to connect to a wireless network. Not all devices with Smart TV have a built-in Wi-Fi module. But these restrictions can be circumvented.

Detailed instructions on how to connect a TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi and watch online video will be given below.

On the cable

Any TV with Smart TV has a network connector, exactly the same as on your router or computer. It is usually located on the back panel and looks like this:

With it, you can connect to the Internet via cable. You will need a regular network wire for a computer with two rj 45 plugs. It can be bought at any electronics store. Just precisely measure the distance from the router to the TV in advance to purchase the cable of the desired length.

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We connect one end of the network cord to the free LAN.Port of the router. The second stick into the TV connector on the TV. On the router should light up a light bulb. Indicator. Who reports that the device is connected to the port of the LAN.

Now you need to configure the connection of the Internet to the Internet via a network cable. To do this, we enter the menu using a remote control or buttons on the front panel. The televisions intenses of different manufacturers may vary markedly. But the principle is the same everywhere: Open the “Network Settings” or “Connection Settings” item and select “Cable” or “Wending Connection”.

Automatic setting will occur. Usually nothing else needs to be done: the TV will receive an IP address from the router and report that the connection is configured.

Through a laptop

If you do not have a router, and the provider’s cable is connected directly to the PC, you can still connect the Internet to the TV. Only for this both the TV and the computer must have a Wi-Fi module.

Modern Wi-Fi adapters can not only receive a signal, but also distribute the Internet to other devices. To do this, just configure the computer to work in access point. Different programs allow you to do this. But you can do with standard Windows tools.

In the top ten, this can be done in a couple of clicks. To do this, press the mouse on the network connection icon in the tray. Click on the tile “Mobile hotpot”.

The tile will become active. Click on it with the right button and click “Go to the parameters”. The settings window will open. Here you can see the name of your wireless network and its password.

Using this data, you can connect the TV to your computer or laptop.

There is no such magical button in Windows 7, so you have to conjure with the command line. Nothing complicated, just enter one team.

We launch the command line on behalf of the administrator (Start menu. “Standard”. With the right button, click on the “Command Stand” item, select “Launch by behalf of the administrator”).

Enter the Netsh Wlan Set Hostednetwork Mode = Allow Ssid = “Network” Key = “Password” Keyusage = Persistent. The name of the network and the password indicate in Latin letters and numbers any, at will. You can turn off the access point by the Netsh Wlan Stop Hostednetwork command, and start Netsh Wlan Start Hostednetwork.

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Turn on the TV and connect to the wireless network. Of course, the laptop should also be turned on and connected to the Internet.

How to connect a panason Vier on the Internet

Catalog of Instructions NBSP/ manufacturersNBSP/ Panasonicnbsp/ Viera TX.LR42E5, Viera TX.LR47E5, Viera TX.LR32E5

Turn off the screen when choosing [OKL.] [Off.] / [V.]

The sound remains active even with the screen turned off.

To turn on the screen, press any button (except for the waiting mode).

This function effectively reduces the consumption of electricity when playing audio without watching the image on the TV screen.

Improves vertical resolution when watching films [Off.] / [V.]

This function is available for a slightly signal (with the exception of PC, Viera Connect, as well as except in cases where the [viewing mode] parameter is set for [game]).

Selection of the screen area to display the image [OKL.] / [V.] [.]:

Increases the image to hide the edges of the image.

Displays the image of the original size.

Install on [v.] if interference forms on the edges of the screen.

This function is available if the image format is installed on [Auto] (only a signal 16: 9) or [16: 9].

connect, panason, vier, internet

This function can be remembered separately for SD signals (standard resolution) and HD (high resolution).

Invalid for PC and Viera Connect modes

Selects an additional color system based on video signals in AV [auto] / [pal] / [secret] / [m.Ntsk] / [ntsk]

Allows you to manually change the level of black image in the input mode of HDMI with the input signal DVI [normal] / [full]

When displaying the DVI input signal from external equipment (especially with PC), the level of black may be inappropriate. In this case, choose [full].

The level of black for the input signal HDMI will be automatically configured.

For HDMI entering mode with DVI input signal

Press the OK button to reset the current mode of viewing images of the selected entrance to the default installations


The last thing to say is the appearance of multitasking: now we can switch between open applications. For example, you are watching a movie in some video service, then you suddenly wanted to check news, switched to application, read the news and returned to the film.

connect, panason, vier, internet

It would seem an obvious and very useful thing, but before it was not in this service.

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