How To Connect A Mouse To iPad iOS 12

Owners of “apple” gadgets have become interested in time over whether there is the possibility of connecting third-party devices to them. The main question that they are constantly looking for the answer to is how to connect the mouse to the iPad and whether it is possible to add a keyboard there. There are several ways to solve the problem.

Can I connect a keyboard or mouse to the iPad

The company did not advertise that its devices could support mice and touchpads. One of the developers, S. Trouton-Smith, determined that the new operating system can work with third-party devices and reported the news on Twitter. Many customers of the company began testing the long-awaited functionality. Practice has shown that the iPad OS supports USB accessories and Bluetooth, there is still no official list of compatible devices.

How To Connect A Mouse To iPad iOS 12

Connecting third-party devices to the iPad

For your information! The mouse for the iPad and keyboard are easily connected to the device that operates under the control of modern OS.

How to connect a mouse to iPad or iPhone

How can I connect a mouse to the iPad:

  1. After opening the main menu, you need to move to the “Universal Access” subsection. This localization indicates the unwillingness of the company to make public functionality. She believes that it is needed for customers who find it difficult to work with touch input, and mouse support is designed to replace it.
  2. Go from the “Touch” block to “AssistiveTouch” and back into it to move to the action section in iPadOS and iOS.
  3. After scrolling through the list, click on the “Devices” item, move to “Bluetooth devices”. This is where mouse searches and connections are performed. After the device is detected, it is selected, and a dark circle appears on the display, which replaces the standard cursor.

The mouse icon for the iPad is highly sensitive and moves unevenly. Setting its speed is in the AssistiveTouch application menu. There is a special slider “Movement Speed”. To fully control the gadget, you must enable the specified function. After connecting, the virtual Home button will appear on the display. When you click on it, a menu with various options is called up.

With it, you can go to the “Control Center” and “Notifications” subsections, manage volume indicators, lock and rotate the screen. This type of menu is familiar to everyone who previously had to work with the dysfunctional Home button (on old iPhones).

Note! When using dark themes, the gray mouse cursor for iPad can merge with the general background. Changing its hue is carried out in the AssistiveTouch utility, the “Cursor” and “Color” submenus. Clicking on the last section will display all valid color tones.

The list of devices that support AssistiveTouch functionality includes iPad Air 2 and the third generation, mini 4 and 5, standard 5, 6 generation, Pro 9.7, 10.5, 11, 12.9, as well as smartphones starting from the sixth version.

The second way to connect the mouse requires a Jailbreak (jailbreak) and almost 5 to pay for an application that helps to carry out the operation. BTC Mouse Program Trackpad is purchased from Cydia through PayPal. After installing the application, go to the gadget settings and turn on the mouse. An additional device will appear on the screen, on the left side is the “Extensions” section, and in it. “Mouse”. There you can carry out all the necessary settings.

Bluetooth connection

How to connect a keyboard to an iPad or iPhone

Third-party keyboards can connect to the gadget like other software. When using a new device, it is added after the installation process. Experts recommend the following aLGorithm of actions:

To remove the device, you need to return everything back: from the settings go to “Basic”, then to “Keyboard”, from them to “Keyboards”. Pressing the “Change” button will display a list in which a round red “minus” label is found. The action is confirmed by the “Finish” button.

The operating system allows you to switch to another keyboard from a third-party developer or language type. To make changes, you need to click on the “emoticon” icon, hold it for a few seconds until the choice of all available devices appears. Among them, choose a device that they are going to connect.

To change the order of additional accessories from the main menu, go to “Basic”, then to “Keyboard” and “Keyboards”. Click on the “Change” subsection, click and hold the shortcut in the form of three horizontal lines. This approach helps to move. By pressing the “Finish” button confirm the operation.

The inability to connect third-party devices from other manufacturers is due to one of the reasons:

  • Developers of the application used do not allow the installation of devices of other companies;
  • Using not standard, but digital technology;
  • With an entry in a secure text field for a password, where letters and numbers are replaced by dots.

Important! Before completing text input, the default keyboard will be used in each case.

Connect a typing device

How to configure the keyboard on the iPad

Changes and addition of new input languages ​​are allowed, including Russian. In this case, the dictionary that is used for correction, the number of letters and the location of the keys will automatically change. The keyboard language will determine the dictionary used for predictive text typing.

To make changes you need to perform a number of actions:

  1. After entering the main menu, they are moved to “Universal Access” and “Keyboards”.
  2. Functionality is activated: displaying only the upper register keys, frequency of their repetition, sticking, etc.

For your information! You can connect the interval between keystrokes using the Slow Keys function.

Configuring the virtual keyboard in the iPad

On devices from Apple, you can enable modes that help you enter text using only one hand. To do this, do the following:

  1. Press and hold the emoticon shortcut. To move the keyboard to the left or right side, click on its icon.
  2. After completing the location selection, click the emoticon a second time. To return to the original settings, click on the keyboard sign.

Enabling the input mode with one hand can go from the main menu with the transition to the subsection “Basic”, “Keyboards” and “Keyboard for one hand”. The application is supported on iPhone 6 and more modern models. For SE and iPod touch, this functionality is not available.

Important! On six models of smartphones, the function will not work when changing the standard display type to an enlarged version. On the 6 Plus device, it functions at any screen magnification. To change the status of the display, you need to go to the main menu, go to “Screen and brightness” and move to “Zoom”.

Configure virtual layout

How to lower the keyboard on the iPad

How can I lower the keyboard on the iPad to the bottom of the screen? For these purposes, there is a simple instruction:

  1. On the tablet, open any of the available applications (only those in which you can call up a set of text messages are suitable) and call up the keyboard.
  2. In the lower right corner they are looking for a keyboard shortcut, which you need to press and hold.
  3. With the correct procedure, a small menu will appear, consisting of 2 items: “Lock” and “Share”.
  4. They press the first option, and the buttons begin to shift to the very bottom of the display.

If the user has additional questions, and not only interest in the procedure, how to lower the keyboard on the iPad, then it has a separation function. It helps divide the virtual keyboard into two independent halves and move them on different sides of the display. One will be localized in the right, and the second in the left corner. This approach helps speed up typing by using the thumbs of both hands.

How to lower the keyboard

How to combine split keyboard on iPad

How to connect the keyboard on the iPad, if it is divided into two parts:

  1. Touch the area of ​​the text field.
  2. Click and hold the shortcut located in the lower right corner.
  3. Use your finger to move up the display and tap on “Combine”.

In order not to look for the answer to the question of how to connect the keyboard to the iPad, just go to the “Basic” menu from the main menu, move to the “Keyboard” and select “Split keyboard”.

Connection of two fields

IPad mice and keyboards are the perfect complement to a standard virtual device. With them it is easy to type text messages, move around the display and click instead of the usual touch of a finger. The new functionality can be used in almost any application, its convenience has been appreciated by many customers of “apple” gadgets. The virtual version of the keyboard allows you to combine, divide, remove it in different directions (leaving the middle in the middle) and then reconnect.