How to connect a microphone to a tablet

How to connect a microphone to your phone: The easiest ways

Today, mobile devices can freely replace computers. There are many special utilities that allow you to perform all the same functions on the phone, as on the PC. They also include sound recording and processing. However, in order to make a quality sound recording from the phone, the user may need to connect the microphone to the mobile device. To do this is not difficult, but there are many nuances and subtleties. In the course of performing this operation.

The main difficulty in connecting a microphone to the phone is the difference between the position of the pins on the 3.5 mm port input on the smartphone and a similar connector on the device to be connected. Consequently, it is not possible to connect the equipment directly to the smartphone.

As a rule, to connect to different devices, the device comes with several adapters, which allow providing commutation with any of the most popular ports. Also, following the same algorithm, the user can use a third-party adapter.

To connect a crotch microphone to the phone, you must use an adapter cable. It splits the miniJack input into two channels, one of which you can connect your headphones, and the other headset. This technology allows to eliminate the problem of different pins in ports of the same format. If a microphone is connected, the corresponding symbol should appear on the smartphone screen, indicating the presence of an external microphone. After this symbol is displayed, the user is able to use the connected device to its full extent.

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Attention! If the connection is correct, but the phone still can’t detect the connected equipment, you should check the functionality of the adapter or connector. One of the components may have malfunctioned due to broken contacts. To check all the possible variants, you should replace one of the devices and change the adapter or adapter for another one. You should also check the functionality of the devices separately.

If the user wants to connect a condenser microphone, the algorithm does not change much. To use this hardware comfortably, you should use an adapter or adapter that will allow your smartphone to recognize the connected device. The condenser microphone allows for high quality sound recording. Possessing its own filtering circuit such apparatus is able to suppress noises in the bandwidth itself which makes the quality of recorded audio even higher.

There is also an alternative way of connection. through the USB-port. For this you will need a special conductor, which will connect the equipment and the smartphone through a USB adapter. Once connected, the screen of the device will also display a corresponding icon on the presence of an external headset.

In order to check the operability of the connected device one should open the “Voice recorder” application on the smartphone and record the voice or external music. If the user can hear the sounds he recorded when playing the received file, the device is working properly and is ready to work. Also in this way you can check the quality of the connected microphone.

How to turn the microphone on and off on your tablet?

We again answer the questions of our users, which they leave in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to the articles. This message was sent by Tatiana: “Recently I received a new tablet as a gift and used it for about two weeks. Yesterday I tried to use the voice search for Google, but it did not work, it does not hear what I say. How to turn on the microphone in the tablet?”

The situation is unusual, as well as the answer to the question posed. The first thing you must do is to make sure that your tablet has a microphone at all. yes, there are models where there is no microphone at all. As a rule, these are older devices, because then few would think that users will actively use the tablets, say, for Internet calls, and for the manufacturer such savings are not superfluous. You can see modern tablets that don’t have a microphone. Alas.

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If there is a microphone, the problem is probably that you are simply not connected to the Internet. The same voice search is only possible when connected to the network. that’s the peculiarity of the technology. So you just need to connect to the internet.

As for the microphone itself, it is not disabled (at least you can’t disable it without ROOT rights) and activates automatically when conditions require it. For example, when using voice search. It turns off automatically, too.

You can check the microphone in applications to communicate with other users. So, in the same Skype is a special test call. You need to make a call.

Wait for the robot to respond. After the tone, you will need to record a message, which you can then listen to.

If you hear your voice, everything is fine, the microphone works. If you do not hear, perhaps the problem is really in the microphone. It may require replacement.

Using special software

To configure the microphone use special programs that are publicly available on Google Play. The principle of their operation is considered on the example of the “Microphone” application, which has the following features:

  • enhanced functionality. It is possible to adjust the bass, echo and other effects;
  • Ability to disconnect the device from your smartphone by pressing a button and then turn on the recording;
  • Works on any version of Android OS;
  • The presence of several sound modes;
  • compatibility with similar software that is installed on the cell phone;
  • the user does not need to configure the settings every time, t. к. they are stored;
  • the software takes up little space on the internal storage of the device and practically does not consume battery power;
  • with the help of a microphone you can identify the reason why the gadget does not see the external headset.

Using a Microphone on Mobile Phones and Tablets

A few times, though you can use your cell phone as a microphone on your PC. It’s not enough to get good quality sound. Where you sign up is very important. Avoid echoes or external sounds that may interfere with your speech.

If you want to go further, getting a microphone can be a big help. However, it is often thought that using a microphone requires more sophisticated sound equipment than a phone or tablet.

Nothing is further from reality. Technology has evolved so much that it has allowed many users to install higher quality cameras on mobile devices, and now they also allow you to connect audio devices to them.

Using a microphone on cell phones and tablets

Several times, though you can use your cell phone as a microphone on your PC. This is not enough to get good sound quality. Where you sign up is very important. Avoid echoes or external sounds that can interfere with your speech.

If you want to go further, getting a microphone can be a big help. However, it is often thought that using a microphone requires more sophisticated sound equipment than your phone or tablet.

Nothing is farther from reality. The technology has evolved so much that it has allowed many users to install higher quality cameras on their mobile devices, and now they also allow them to connect audio devices.

How to Connect a Microphone to an Android Phone by Cable

The options for cable connection of external audio recording devices are not as numerous as you might think. In fact, there are only two. through a standard headphone jack, the so-called “Jack 3.5” (Jack 3.5 or 3.5mm female TRRS). And through the USB port for charging, using an OTG cable However, in both cases, you will need an adapter to connect.

Connection through the headphone jack

In the case of the headphone jack problem is the number of pins on the plug. smartphones have four (TRRS), but microphones, as a rule, only three (TRS). The exception are specialized microphones designed specifically for use with smartphones. But they are not easy to find, and not all of them will fit, and conventional microphones in any case will not work if you just plug them into the appropriate port of the device.

You’ll need a TRS/TRRS adapter to ensure compatibility. And this is not the biggest problem, as you will need to find the right adapter for your smartphone. This is due to the fact that before 2011 the manufacturers used the pin assignment according to the international standard OMTP, but in 2012 all switched to the American standard CTIA. The difference between them at first glance is insignificant, in fact is critical:

  • The third pin (second ring of the plug) on the OMTP is for the microphone and on the CTIA is for grounding.
  • The fourth pin (third ring of the plug) on the OMTP is grounding and the CTIA is for the microphone.
  • The other pins (first ring and lug) are identical in both standards.
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This creates a problem that can be solved either by carefully selecting an adapter for your device or by buying another adapter, this time OMTP/CTIA. Interestingly enough, some modern smartphones come with either TRS/TRRS or OMTP/CTIA, or both at all.

Connection via micro-USB or Type-C connector

The question of how to connect an external microphone to your Android phone with a USB-connector for charging, is much easier than in the case of the “jack. For a normal connection is enough OTG-cable and an adapter for it. Type-C or micro-USB, depending on the smartphone. This adapter often comes bundled with your smartphone, but if it is not available, it is not difficult to purchase. Otherwise it’s pretty straightforward.

Connecting via Bluetooth

Connecting an external Bluetooth microphone to a smartphone is not much different than connecting a Bluetooth headset. Whether it is a full-fledged microphone for karaoke or a small buttonhole microphone to wear on your clothes, useful when recording, for example, an interview, it is enough to perform a few simple steps:

connect, microphone, tablet
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your device. This can be done either through the top “curtain” of the quick access, with one swipe and one click activating the wireless connection, or through the menu “Settings”, in the “Network and Internet.
  • After turning on the BT-module on your phone, you need to open the list of available devices by Bluetooth. If the connection was made in the “Settings” it will be visible immediately. If not, you need to press for a few seconds the Bluetooth indicator in the “curtain” on the quick access panel.
  • For some wireless microphones the way to turn on the network may be different, but in most cases it is enough to turn it on and press the power button. After a few seconds the device will appear in the list of available devices, and it can be connected.
  • Pairing is fast enough, and then you only need to use the device for its intended purpose.
connect, microphone, tablet

Additionally, to check for sure that the wireless microphone works and records sound, it is desirable to conduct a preliminary check. For this purpose, a simple enough application Mic Test will do, allowing you to make a short recording and listen to the quality without additional labor. However, remember that the video and audio recording, even with the Bluetooth-microphone connected and enabled, will still be performed via the standard devices of your smartphone. As in the case of the cable connection.

The microphone does not work on the phone: causes and solutions

Breakdowns can be different. hardware or software.

Water or dirt can get inside the device and cause damage. Users can try to remove them from the device and damage the gadget unintentionally. The microphone can stop working because of the mechanical impact as a result of a fall.

But software often fails. The owner of the device can correct the problem himself by rolling back the system to the factory settings. It is also possible to “reflash” the device.

Hardware problems can be hard to fix by yourself. Often you need to go to a specialized service center or repair shop. The problem can be a loose contact or oxidation.

If the sound problem occurs while using the voice recorder, playing records with a player or any program (Skype, Vyber, Telegram, WhatsApp), then the reason must be sought in the settings of the application. Often it helps to reinstall the software.

And now for more details on the possible causes of microphone failure in Android devices.

Software failure

Software malfunctions are a common cause of microphone malfunction. To exclude a usual software failure, you must first reboot the device. This is often enough. Turn off your device, remove the battery for at least 10 seconds. After that insert the battery, turn on the gadget and make a test call.

If the problem is not solved, you need to connect the device to your computer with a USB cable. Check if you have the latest version of software and the required driver (its activity and operability).

Software defects

Skype sound is not working. The person you are talking to cannot hear you? Dial someone else or contact Echo Special Services. The ECHO assistant will offer to record the sound and then play it back. Search for “Sound Check Service” in your contacts. Follow the instructions of an assistant. No sound on recording? Make sure the device is connected to the Internet. Close all other programs except Skype. Update the version of the app. It did not help? Try using a headset.

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The microphone does not work in other applications.What can be done? First, call someone with the standard means of Android or record the sound on a dictaphone to see if the microphone in your Android phone or in a separate application is not working. In the second case, make sure that it was loud enough. Check your settings. Maybe the app refuses to work with the built-in microphone and receives sound only through a headset? The sound is mute or the speaker of the caller is not working? Optionally you can clear the data of the problem applications, but take into account that saved passwords and cache will be deleted. Roll back the application to the previous version by downloading its APK-file from the official site or install the new one through Play Market. You can try just reinstalling the application. As a last resort, use another program.

Boot into safe mode. This will help you determine if there are applications that are interfering with the microphone. Each manufacturer requires a different approach. How to boot in safe mode (Safe Mod)? Reboot the phone. When you see the splash screen with a greeting press the volume up or down button (it depends on the brand). Don’t let go until the smartphone turns on. The microphone works properly in this mode? Maybe a low-quality sound modification program was installed. Uninstall suspicious apps or reset to factory settings. Remember that after dumping all information which was in phone memory will be deleted. Transfer the data to your memory card, computer or other media. Synchronize contacts or transfer them to the SIM card.

If you still have questions. let us know Ask question

What to do if the problem occurs after replacing the firmware with the custom one? Use only official Android versions to avoid conflicts between the system and the hardware. Return the default firmware through the Recovery-menu.

  • Go to the recovery menu.
  • Choose “wipe data/facroty reset”. this will reset all your settings.
  • Highlight and confirm “wipe cache partition”. the cache will be cleared.
  • Select “installzipfromsdcard”.
  • Write the path to the archive on your memory card. Confirm your selection.
  • Wait for the process to complete.

This option is suitable if you have backed up the firmware of your device. If not, search for it on the internet or ask other users to share, which is risky.

The microphone does not work in certain cases. Update your Android version. Go to “Settings”. “About”. “System updates”. “Check now”. If new firmware versions are available, please confirm your selection. Once the operation is finished, the device will reboot. this is part of the process. There is a chance that after this will eliminate the problem that Android does not work the microphone when talking.

Start recording with an external microphone

Once we have the method we chose to connect the microphone to the cell phone, it’s time to use it. Now we need to download an app that allows us to use an external microphone instead of the internal one. something we can’t do in the native Android or iPhone apps.

In the case of having an iPhone, we recommend CinemaPro Unfortunately, it’s not free, but we haven’t found any alternatives that we don’t have to pay for. In Android, however, we have the option to do it for free with the Cinema FV-5 Lite app

After installing it we just need to open it and go to the settings to select the audio section and click on the source of sound possibility to choose an external microphone or a Bluetooth microphone. However, we will face some limitations, because we can not use all the lenses of the smartphone during the recording.

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