How to Connect a Huawei Phone to a Computer

How to connect the Huawei to a computer via USB, such a question can be quite difficult if you try to figure it out without proper preparation. But for those people who carefully study the topic and try to find out all the features of this procedure, they will not have to spend a lot of time connecting the PC and the smartphone. It is enough for them to complete a few simple steps to achieve the desired result and gain access to the files stored on the phone. In extreme cases, you will need to install a special utility to gain access to your mobile.

How to Connect a Huawei Phone to a Computer

How to connect a Huawei phone to a computer via a USB cable?

Those who want to connect Android with a stationary computer will have to think in advance about whether everything is ready for them to connect. Users will need:

  • the smartphone itself, without which this procedure loses all meaning;
  • USB cable included in the basic equipment kit;
  • another device for communication, including a PC, laptop, and in some cases even a tablet.

In addition, a special application for communication may be required, but in most cases, users manage to do without it, since the system theoretically installed on the smartphone is ready for connection in advance.

Step-by-step instruction

Having figured out the preparation, you need to figure out how to connect Huawei to a computer via USB. For this, 2 different options are provided, which are used depending on the circumstances and situation:

  • in the first case, it is enough to connect a PC and a smartphone and wait a bit;
  • the second approach requires downloading a special program and installing additional software.

Both of these options perfectly allow you to achieve the desired result, so users should study the instructions for each case, so that in case of unexpectedness they can cope with difficulties.

Option number 1. normal connection

In the first case mentioned above, the following actions will be required:

  1. connect your smartphone to a stationary device using a usb cable;
  2. wait until the computer recognizes it and starts the automatic installation of drivers;
  3. wait until all the necessary files are installed and an icon with a new connected device appears in the My Computer tab;
  4. open the folder with the mention of the smartphone.

After which the owner of the phone can safely view and move files between the smartphone and PC. The user will not be able to install applications and change the operating parameters of Android.

Option number 2. connection via HiSuite

The second approach involves downloading a special program for Huawei HiSuite. The files necessary for its installation are already on the smartphone, so users just need to find them and start the process of preparing the software for connecting to the computer. After completing the installation and connecting the phone to the laptop, you need to open not the familiar folder with the mention of Android, but the tab called the “HiSuite drive”.

Possible problems and solutions

In case of unforeseen difficulties, you should contact Huawei representatives for help. Their site is made in Russian, support is also completely Russian-language. Here you can find out how to cope with any problem, from minimal to serious problems or the phone is in modem mode. The main thing is to prepare in advance for the fact that employees may need additional information about the phone.