How To Connect A Hard Drive To iPad 2019

One of the most profitable methods of making money selling the same device is to create its pseudo-models by ranking by volume. Apple did this with all of its portable iOS devices. Over, despite the fact that the marketing trick even worked with devices with a memory card slot, Apple decided to cut off this retreat path, which forces the user to always look towards the device with a more capacious drive.

Time goes by and many devices can boast of support for SDHC / XC cards up to 128 Gb in size. Some devices even have two such slots, but what about the users of the iPhone and iPad left with a fixed amount of memory?

The first way: External hard drive for iPhone and iPad

How To Connect A Hard Drive To iPad 2019


  • Huge amount of memory;
  • An external hard drive can be connected directly to several iPhone or iPad.

  • An external hard drive can drain the iPhone, iPad battery quite a bit more;
  • Third-party software required;
  • It is impossible to open files of unusual format in the corresponding programs without first downloading to the device;
  • Possible instability when using the wireless interface;
  • You cannot add music to your device’s iTunes library.
  • You can not install games and programs on an external hard drive;
  • High price.

As you can see, this approach has many flaws. Over, the high price of such products will force many to abandon their use. However, fans who watch a movie on the road and do not want to drag a laptop with them, without having unlimited Internet access, buy such drives.

Way Two: Jailbreak and Camera Connection Kit

I already talked about how you can use an external flash drive with this exclusive accessory. Since the days of iPad 2, this method has not changed one iota, except perhaps the emergence of new problems. After installing the jailbreak, iFile and connecting a USB flash drive, you need to go to / var / mnt / mount1. Location of your flash drive / hard drive. Then use it for health. There is only one requirement. The pluggable drive must be formatted in the HFS file system.


  • The ability to connect a drive of any size to the iPhone or iPad;
  • The ability to actually replace the virtual folder of the local document folder of any application with a virtual folder. Work with files without copying;
  • The ability to install iOS applications on an external drive.

  • Need jailbreak and Camera Connection Kit;
  • Music cannot be used in the standard music application. Only in other players;
  • External “heating” is necessary for hard drives requiring more power than the device can provide them.

The method provides more opportunities than the previous one, but at the same time requires more literacy, although less money. Great for enthusiasts not spending money on mobile internet.

Way Three: Cloud Storage

Why carry all this iron with you when everything can be downloaded from the Internet. Watch movies online and download documents from Dropbox. Over, some mobile operators offer benefits such as free traffic to Internet radio or streaming music services.


  • Does not require technical knowledge. You only need to download a cloud service or streaming service client to your device;
  • Does not require the purchase of additional “hardware”;
  • You can connect one cloud storage to multiple iOS applications.

  • Available only where there is Internet access;
  • You cannot install iOS applications on a cloud drive;
  • Requires the installation of additional programs;
  • Requires downloading documents for editing;
  • Costly for large volumes of files. The fee is not for the operator, but for the cloud service for subscription.

If you have enough money to pay for all services on a monthly basis and your city is fully covered with 3G / 4G of sufficient quality, using a cloud service will be the most optimal solution. No problems with setup and mess with the jailbreak, as well as complete independence from the wires.

Each of the methods will find its audience. Media content lovers will prefer to use an external hard drive for iPhone and iPad, enthusiasts will choose a solution with Camera Connection Kit, and business people with corporate rates or users with a small amount of necessary files will be satisfied with the work of any cloud service. Thus, one cannot speak of the superiority of any option.

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