How to Connect a Fitness Tracker To Your Phone

Connection conditions, applications, recommendations, features. Tracker connection: setup, problems, solutions.

Under what conditions does the fitness bracelet and phone connect

  • To synchronize both devices, you will need a supported version of the OS (operating system) on the smartphone. Otherwise, the program will not function. Another mandatory factor is the connection of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (depending on the model of the gadget). Without these types of connections, connection is not possible.
  • The next condition is the presence of a specialized program on the phone. The synchronization process is possible only with the appropriate utility (original or analog from third-party manufacturers).

Smart watches are charged using a cable with a specific connector, less commonly. USB. The bracelet is activated with a single button, which also serves to turn off the device. over, these processes are configured in the main menu, if the battery is not enough, the device will not turn on. Some modifications may be disabled for a period of inactivity.

How to Connect a Fitness Tracker To Your Phone

How to pair for the first time

First, perform the following manipulations:

  1. Registered in the application. If this was done earlier, log in, enter a username / password pair.
  2. Find paired devices through the selected program. For the first time, the tracker should be brought as close to the smartphone as possible, to find and connect the gadget.
  3. When starting the setup, set the date, time, basic characteristics (default).

After correctly following these steps, the fitness bracelet is ready to go. If there are problems with functioning, you should use another application, reboot the device or contact the service center.

On Android

The use of smart bracelets most often occurs in aggregation with mobile devices running the Android operating system. It is characteristic of brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Asus and many others.

  1. A suitable application is downloaded to the phone. Depending on the manufacturer, this may be Sports Yoho, Ydy KX103, Health Bracelet M2. Some of them are interfaced not only among themselves, but also with third-party sources.
  2. At the next stage, they are registered in the application, which can be done directly in the program. Sometimes this procedure is difficult. In this case, registration is carried out through the site using e-mail, without the need for binding to an international number.
  3. Then they authorize using the created login and password, enter the main menu. At the first visit, it is usually recommended to connect the gadget, if not necessary, go to the next item.
  4. Identification of available devices is performed when the bluetooth connection is enabled on both devices. In the window that appears, select the desired model with subsequent connection to it.

If you can’t connect the fitness bracelet using the specified method, connect directly. To do this, enter the serial number of the device, which is indicated in the documentation for the tracker or in the setup menu.

With iphone

With iOS, the connection procedure differs slightly. It uses applications like DroiHealth or equivalents.

The rest follow a few steps:

  • install the program on the phone;
  • after starting the application, they are authorized in the system;
  • there is a synchronization of devices for subsequent correct operation;
  • initial pairing is performed.

With windows phone

Regardless of the modification of smart fitness bracelets, they can be connected to a smartphone that meets the minimum technical requirements. You can perform the specified operation at any time without using aggregation in a constant mode.

A smart gadget can be disconnected from the main device and then connected to another phone. However, the operating system may also be different. Re-activation is performed in the standard manner, in compliance with the steps indicated earlier (depending on the OS).

How to attach a tracker to a laptop

Connecting the bracelet to a laptop is real. The easiest way is to use the Android configuration emulator. The program can be downloaded freely on the World Wide Web. The tracker will be sure that it aggregates with the smartphone, without presenting much difference after the connection.

Connecting to a laptop is advisable during fine-tuning, since the fitness bracelet is focused on active use, and a PC is not very convenient to carry with you during sports. The second option that justifies connecting the gadget to the laptop is flashing the system.

To connect the equipment correctly, you need to check for a Bluetooth connection. If it is not available, it is allowed to purchase the version separately with connecting it via USB.

What kind of application do you need for different brands of watches

We offer TOP-3 common applications

Sports yoho

A significant part of smart watches and bracelets are made in the Middle Kingdom. Many of them are of good quality and decent functionality. This does not apply to models made by unknown manufacturers without proper certification and warranty.

It is with them that the following problems can occur:

  1. The smartphone does not find the tracker. Sometimes this can be solved by flashing or rebooting the device.
  2. Connecting the device at the start with subsequent disconnection during operation.
  3. Intensive charge energy consumption when aggregating with a smartphone.
  4. Incorrect smartphone operation after activation and synchronization.

Some substandard and artisanal copies cannot connect to the phone at all. The secret is simple, unscrupulous manufacturers position the product as a fitness bracelet, although in fact it is an ordinary electronic watch with additional functions. They do not even have heart rate indicators, the maximum is determining the date, time, steps taken, and the approximate amount (by eye) of calories consumed.

Fitness Bracelet Settings

Universal recommendation for any tracker:

  1. Charge the device and phone.
  2. Download the official or analog application with subsequent installation.
  3. Indicate personal information, including anthropometry, height, weight, age.
  4. Perform gadget synchronization via bluetooth connection.

At the final stage, they switch to the “Notifications” item on the bracelet, mark options with vibration activation. In the “Settings” enter the date, time, required measurements. The main thing is not to forget to indicate the desire for activity (the number of steps planned for a certain time period). To expand the capabilities of the device will allow additional “programs”, such as “Master”, “Selfie”. In order to avoid errors, the tracker should not be brought to the complete discharge of the battery.

The main purpose of the bracelet in terms of interaction is its work with reference to a smartphone. This makes it possible to significantly expand the capabilities of the device and the efficiency of readings. The maximum stability of the device is ensured with its maximum approximation to a mobile device.

Since the fitness bracelet has compact overall dimensions, parts are used in its design to maximize the saving of working space without loss of functional qualities. Sometimes this leads to the need to introduce miniature elements of low power. In this regard, the bluetooth configuration transmitter is also quite weak.

Two smartphones can aggregate with each other during a Bluetooth conference at a distance of ten or more meters. With the trackers in question, the distance is reduced to 2-3 meters, depending on the capabilities of a particular device.

If pairing fails

The first steps to be taken if the smartphone or iPhone does not connect to the fitness bracelet:

  • restarting bluetooth with checking if there is no connection to another phone;
  • disconnecting and re-enabling the iPhone;
  • Reconfiguration of the tracker.

The reason for the lack of synchronization problem is often manifested in the non-originality of the application. For example, the “pirate” Band cannot be connected to the official Xiaomi Mi-Fit program. Among the resolved problems is the low charge of the bracelet, after the completion of which the procedure is successful.

After synchronization of paired devices, it is necessary to prevent a complete discharge of the tracker. If you do not adhere to this advice, the risk of failure of the installed settings increases. It is imperative to make adjustments to set notifications, reminders, alarms, dates, times. All other nuances are noted by ticking the corresponding box.

The application is configured immediately after its launch. First, register, log in, enter a phone number or email address. A more accurate adjustment is made after synchronizing the smartphone with a fitness bracelet.