How to connect a fitness bracelet to Xiaomi phone

connect, fitness, bracelet, xiaomi, phone

How to enable Mi Band 5 and connect to the phone

The Xiaomi Mi Band Fitness Band series is updated annually, and the summer of 2020 met the fifth generation of the sports gadget. Owners of earlier versions of the accessory will not be difficult to connect to the smartphone and delve into functions on their own, especially since the Mi Band 5 differences from Band 4 can be limited by advanced customization, and the work with the device remained unchanged.

People who have received a fitness bracelet remain puzzled: he does not boast of detailed instructions. The Mi Band 5 tracker is unable to work without synchronization with a smartphone, so we will analyze this procedure in detail.

How to connect Mi Band 4 to the phone


In order to connect Xiaomi Mi Band 4 to the phone, you will need the Mi Fit application. It is also worth making sure that your smartphone meets the following requirements:

OS requirement. Android 4 support.4 and above. For iOS. Version 9 and above.

Bluetooth requirement. Bluetooth support version 5.0.

Step.By.Step connection instructions:

Download and install the Mi Fit application on Google Play or App Store.

Turn on Bluetooth ’on your smartphone.

We launch the Mi Fit application.If you have an Mi-account, Google account or, click “Enter”. If you do not have such accounts, click “Registration”, create an account and enter the application.

Choose a way to enter through one of the accounts.

We allow the application access to photo, multimedia and files.

In the lower part of the screen you will see a message that there are no connected devices. Cling to it.

The device selection window opens. By itself indicate “Bracelet”.

We agree with the collection of data and confirm access to geolocation services.

The search for the device will begin. At this moment, bring Mi Band 4 as close to the phone as possible. When the device is found, you will need to confirm the connection on the bracelet.

It remains to wait until all updates are loaded. Over, if you bought a bracelet on AliExpress and you have an English language by default. It will be translated into Russian.

Ready. Mi Band 4 is synchronized with your smartphone.

Connection instructions:

First you need to download and install the Mi Fit application on Google Play or App Store.

We launch the Mi Fit application and enter the account. You can enter through Mi, Google or account. If you do not have them, click “Create an account”, we pass the registration procedure, after which we enter the application.

Further “Mi Fit” will ask you a number of permits. After the adoption of the confidentiality policy, the first thing you will need to open access to the “Do not disturb” regime. To do this, go to the settings:

A list of applications installed on your Xiaomi will open. We find among them “Mi Fit” and allow access as shown in the screenshot below.

Next, you will need to allow access to the following data:

  • Contacts
  • Calls
  • Call list
  • Access to physical activity data
  • Location
  • Photo, multimedia files

The initial setting of the application is completed, now we turn on the Bluetooth on the smartphone. “Mi Fit” itself will offer to do this.

In the lower part of the screen you will see a message that there are currently no connected devices. Click on it.

Choosing a bracelet from a list of devices.

We agree with the collection of data and confirm access to geolocation services.

Search for the device will begin. During the search, bring Mi Band 5 as close to the smartphone as possible. After detection, you will need to confirm the conjugation on the bracelet itself.

Ready. Mi Band 5 is synchronized with your smartphone.

Connect Mi Band 3 to the phone

To connect Mi Band 3 Turn on Bluetooth on the phone.

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If you have already been connected by Mi Band 2, then first you will need to untie it. Read more about this process and what problems can arise can be read here: how to untie Mi Band 2 from the phone.

In short, open Mi Fit, go to the Mi Band 2 profile.

Now in Mi Fit in the section Status section on the item “device is not connected” and select a bracelet.

Next, we have a bracelet as close to the phone as possible. As soon as Mi Band 3 vibrates. Click on the button under the screen and you’re done.

How to configure Mi Band 5: Detailed step.By.Step instruction

The multifunctionality of the bracelet is pleasantly surprising. The same applies to personalization settings, which involves editing fields with displayed statistical information. In accordance with the wishes of the owner of the gadget.

Since the bracelet has a lot of functions, we decided not to limit ourselves to a general review. Instead, we will tell in detail how to configure Mi Band 5, paying special attention to all the significant functions of this gadget.

Important: we tell you how to configure Xiaomi Mi Band 5 through Mi Fit. If after activating the binding you will use third.Party software, then the list of available settings may differ. In any case, we recommend applying official Xiaomi software. It is the only 100%safe and constantly updated software designed to control the Mi Band 5 fitness bracelet.

How to configure Xiaomi Mi Band 5: Installation and change in dials

Proper setting up the integration allows us to optimize the process of operating bracelets and significantly accelerate access to certain functions, graphs and various options. In this section, we will tell you how to configure Xiaomi Mi Band 5 using downloaded and pre.Installed versions of dials.

To study the available options for dials, it is enough to look at the Mi Fit program menu, go to the “Shop” section, study the presented assortment of static and dynamic dials, and then select and download your favorite solutions. Sometimes in the store there are very interesting options with the possibility of choosing one of several backgrounds, loading your own image and even changing font parameters.

A section “Administrator” is located next to the Shop tab. Selected dials are stored there, accessible to use at any convenient moment. To install a specific option, select it and activate the synchronization option. Next, you will need to wait for the completion of the deduction of the dial to the smartphone and its transfer to the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 fitness bracelet using the Bluetooth protocol.

On the considered model of the Xiaomi bracelet, there are 3 dials by default, supporting fast settings options. To configure the fitness bracelet Mi Band 5, you need to select a specific dial, then press it, holding the position of the finger for several seconds. After that, an image of the gear will appear on the screen. You need to click on it, thereby opening access directly to the display settings. Next, it remains to choose the parameters of the show of the desired statistics or the functions of the bracelet.

During the setting process, you can change the parameters of displaying the upper and lower areas of the screen. Here you can set the calculation of steps, the value of the pulse, show the battery charge, weather data and other statistical data. How to configure Mi Band 5. Solve only the user. All of the above values ​​are displayed on the screen immediately after installing the corresponding settings. At the same time, after pressing the specific area, the bracelet will automatically redirect the owner to detailed statistics according to the selected parameter.

How to configure Xiaomi Mi Band 5: Camera and player control

Using Mi Band 5, you can control the shutter of the tied phone camera. To activate the function, you need to look into the “Laboratory” section, activate Bluetooth and start the camera control application (pre.Installed or downloaded. No difference). The last step will be the activation of the camera on the display of the bracelet. The desired function is located in the “Camera” section (the transition is carried out through the “Additionally” menu).

You can use the player in a similar way, and the control of music through Mi Band 5 is even easier. First you need to turn on any audiopler on the smartphone and select the Play List. Then it is necessary to enable the section of music on the fitness bracelet. After that, you can freely stop and run tracks, switch them and change the volume. Of course, it will not work to configure the fitness bracelet Mi Band 5 for independent playing (due to the lack of speakers in the design of the device), but the ability to control the Play-list of the phone will become a useful and convenient function for music lines.

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How to configure the Mi Band 5 Bracelet: Reminders and notifications Management

Xiaomi engineers and designers paid a lot of attention to this aspect, making the SMS management and other messages (including those arriving on social networks) as a most convenient process. Earlier we even mentioned this during the comparison of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 and Honor Band 5.

Next, we will tell you how to configure Xiaomi Mi Band 5 to receive notifications and reminders in an extremely comfortable format. All actions are performed through the Mi Fit integration.

  • Incoming calls. In order to display on the fitness bracelet information about incoming challenges, you must go to the “incoming call” tab and allow access to the phone. Next, it remains to set up on Xiaomi Mi Band 5 options for shows about calls (for example, contact data) and the reaction parameters when the calls are received (delay and many other options).
  • SMS messages and notifications from specific applications. Information about these messages and their parameters are quite easy to configure in the sections “incoming SMS” and “notifications”. It is enough for the user to decide on suitable parameters and save the selected settings.
  • Reminders of warm.Up. The option is relevant for people who are often in a sitting position. In active mode, the program analyzes the movements of the owner of the bracelet and, with a prolonged fixed state, recalls the expediency of the warm.Up. The user has the right to choose the time of action of the function and even set the interval of its temporary shutdown. All the necessary options used to control activity are in the menu “Reminders of Warming”.
  • Notifications of the goal. Motivational function that allows you to form goals and receive reports on the progress of their achievement. To select the desired task, you need to go to the “profile” menu, select “set goals” and specify the required parameters. When the necessary result is achieved on the gadget, an appropriate notice will appear.

Brief review of the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 bracelet

The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 fitness bracelet is apparently no different from its predecessor (there is no control button, since the display is completely sensory, as well as on the back panel, the sensors are otherwise located). But his functionality is noticeably more diverse. Take, for example, the number of supported training modes in Mi Band 6 of their whole 30 pieces, but the previous generation has only 11. Also, this series of clocks has a new sensor capable of determining the level of oxygen in the user’s blood. And many more interesting things can demonstrate this device. You can get acquainted with its capabilities in more detail in a full.Fledged review of the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Bracelet fitness bracelet.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that you can buy Xiaomi Mi Band 6 two different versions. Chinese and global. There are no significant differences between them. There is only a small difference in the functionality associated with the payment. The Chinese version of the Smart Bracelet Xiaomi Band 6 has a payment method that works exceptional in the country of the manufacturer. In addition, in the Chinese Xiaomi Mi Band of the sixth generation, the original language (Chinese) is established by default. Fortunately, changing the language is not a problem (hereinafter we will provide instructions for installing the Russian language on the Xiaomi fitness bracelet). But, the global version of the Smart-brand Mi Band 6 is more expensive by 600-800.

connect, fitness, bracelet, xiaomi, phone

Instructions in Russian how to connect the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 fitness bracelet to the phone

After the first inclusion of the bracelet on the display, the inscription “Pair device first” will appear. This hint hints that the gadget itself will not initially be activated, which means that the device must be connected to the smartphone. Next, we will step in stages with the processes of connecting smart watches Xiaomi Mi Band 3 to the phone and the following synchronization of devices.

First you need to install Mi Fit on a smartphone. The official Xiaomi application used to configure some smart elements of Xiaomi ecosystem. You can download it with Play Store and App Store (for Android and iOS). Find Mi Fit in one of the mentioned services, download it to the smartphone and start automatic installation.

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If the user already has such an account, then it is enough to enter the system. If there is no account yet, then you will need to register. To do this, select the “Create Account” item, fill out all the fields in the form that appears (including indicate the phone number) and complete the registration process. Next, you need to go into the account to start synchronization of the bracelet with a smartphone.

After entering your personal account, you need to go to the “profile” tab, click “Add the device”, select “Bracelet”, wait a few seconds and press the confirmation button that appeared on the bracelet display. Please note that the connection should be carried out strictly according to the instructions and only through Mi Fit. You should not initially create a connection through Bluetooth, otherwise difficulties may arise.

How To Pair MI Band 2 With Android [ALL PAIRING FIXED]

By the way, the connection of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Xiaomi Mi Band 5 gadget is made similarly, so the mentioned instructions can be considered a universal guide suitable for Xiaomi Mi Band models of different generations.

Registration process

You can do this in two ways: using a phone or email number. Procedures may vary slightly. For example, if you register through a box, then the sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Determination of geopolition. In the first line, it must be agreed with the current location. If not suitable, press the “Next” button;
  • The next step must be agreed with the confidentiality policy;
  • Then click “Create an account”. Here the application will offer several options with the entrance that were described above;
  • After choosing one of them, the user gets to the registration page;
  • Enter the email address, invent the password and enter the captcha;

After the program will offer to enter gender, height, weight and other data. Then the number of steps that the user should take in the day is selected. 5000 is considered optimal, but recommended. 8000. Thanks to this, Mi Fit will track the distance traveled daily.

  • We agree with the calculation of steps with the help of the phone if the bracelet is not detected;
  • Give access to photo, multimedia and files;
  • Add the bracelet by pressing the notification in the lower part of the screen or through the plusik in the upper right corner;

After that, software proposes to determine the device that must be synchronized with a smartphone, for example, smart sneakers, a bracelet or Xiaomi watch. I need to choose the first option.

connect, fitness, bracelet, xiaomi, phone

Confirm the inclusion of Bluetooth. Then we bring the tracker to the phone to launch synchronization. At the end of the procedure, the device vibrates, after which it is necessary to press the touch control key of the display. Further, the work of the bracelet is configured at the discretion of the user.

Alternative configuration programs

There are alternative programs for setting up a bracelet. Some duplicate the functionality of Mi Fit, and some give additional opportunities. Here are some of them:

There are behavior marks for this. Before the trip, select the desired action and activate, after. Complete. Thus, the bracelet will not consider your steps.

Russian is only in the global version after installing the current update. There is an alternative way for the Chinese version.

Initially check the bracelet for originality. Next, it is necessary to optimize. Disconnecting or reducing the heart rate greatly affects autonomy. Try to remove the activation of the display when raising your hands.

Yes, but for this you will have to install the Android Emulator (VirtualBox, Nox App Player, Bluestacks) and Mi Fit program already there.

There is no such function, although there were many rumors about it. Perhaps it will be added later or in another version of the tracker.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6. Complete Setup for Android

In Mi Fit, we go to the “profile”, there we select the tracker and leaf through the very bottom of the list. Press the “Disable” button.

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