How To Connect A Digital Set-Top Box To A Jvc Tv

How To Connect A Digital Set-Top Box To A Jvc Tv

All of Europe, America, and Japan have switched to digital television. Russia is also rapidly developing the progress of digital terrestrial TV. Many purchased this receiver, someone hired specialists to connect and configure, and someone connected and configured it themselves, so in this article we will tell you how to connect a digital set-top box to a TV. And how to choose the right digital console, we wrote about this earlier.

With the advent of digital television, even in the most distant corners of our country, digital channels are broadcast, which are also broadcast in central Russia. That is, the channels that are broadcasting, the same channels will be broadcasting in Chukotka. The quality of course has changed for the better, compared to analog broadcasting. There are TVs that support DVB-T2 digital broadcasting. It’s very convenient, they connected the television cable to the TV and that’s all, no more wires, and the digital TV set-top box shows in perfect quality. But if you have a TV that does not support digital television, then do not despair, you can just purchase a digital receiver.

This is what a digital receiver looks like, which opens the door to the world of digital terrestrial television.

This is how all the connectors of the digital set-top box look on the reverse side.

And here are the TV connectors. The digital receiver is easy to connect to your TV.

And so, let’s begin, after you have purchased a digital television set-top box, come home. After unpacking it, install it next to the TV, insert the batteries into the remote control, then connect the power of the set-top box to 220V. Next, we look at what kind of cords we will connect, of course, correctly connect the HDMI cable, the image will be much cleaner and better. But if suddenly, for some reason, there is no such output on the TV or in the receiver, do not worry. “Comb” or “tulips” are also good. “Tulips”. it’s easier to connect wherever, insert the three plugs into the console, and from the other end also insert the three plugs into the TV, insert everything by color. “Comb”. here the connection is even easier, it is enough from both ends to simply insert the “comb” into the TV and set-top box.

It also happens that there are no “tulips” on the TV and there is no “comb” in the prefix, or vice versa, but there is also such a cord that has “comb” on the one side and “tulips” on the other, it will not be difficult to connect. All figured out this point, move on. After connecting the receiver to the TV, insert the antenna plug into the antenna socket of the console. Then we turn on the TV, and from the remote control switch it to AV / TV.

On LCD TVs or plasma panels, when you press the button on AV, a small menu appears with the inscriptions AV, SCART, HDMI, etc. Choose the inscription that you connected to the TV, for example, if you connected the “tulips”, then select AV, if you connected the “comb”, then select the SCART line, well, if you connected the HDMI cable, then select the appropriate item.

On ordinary TVs, usually when you press the AV button, the TV goes to the AV output, which, when you press the AV button again, goes to AV1 AV2, etc., press until the image appears on the screen of your TV. After everyone has connected, we go to the receiver menu and find the “Auto tuning” item, click on this item and wait until the device finds channels, after it finds the channels, it will automatically save them. We hope this article helped you figure out how to connect a digital set-top box to a TV.