How to connect a digital console to a Supra TV

How to connect a prefix to a TV without a remote control

In accordance with new legal norms, Russia’s television channels must switch to digital television. The analogue TV stopped its broadcasting in October 2019, so the question is now relevant. How to switch to digital TV and again watch TV with many channels.

By the way, we recommend a useful article on our website about how the digital television broadcasting standard differs from analogue.

If there are no problems with new TVs when switching from analogue to digital broadcasting (you can just stick the cable into the connector), then there are often difficulties with the old ones. Nevertheless, even on such TVs you can continue to watch channels, despite the fact that analogue broadcast has stopped. In the article we will figure out how to set up an old TV and how to connect digital television.

Digital broadcasting allows you to increase the number of channels available for viewing even in remote regions of the country. The fact is that the channel broadcasting in analog format occupies a whole frequency. The same frequency can be filled out immediately by many channels, while the number of interference arises decrease. When broadcasting, the audience has more opportunities. Teletecst, voting lively, etc.D.

Digital broadcasting works in MPEG4 and DVB-T2 format, so only new TVs will be able to receive such a signal without additional equipment. We recommend a useful article on how to find out whether your TV supports your TV. Despite this, there is a way to watch it on old TVs.

The lack of broadcasting is that it needs new equipment for him. The state has prepared for this, but the population is not completely. Naturally, not every person can afford such a purchase. Fortunately, there is a way out for such people. You can buy a tuner.

The main advantage of the tuner is that there are already channels with a configured frequency (more than 20 pieces). You can watch them for free, while the interference practically does not arise, the image has high quality.

Step.By.Step instructions for connecting the prefix to TV

Before connecting the TV set to the TV, it is worth de-energizing the equipment used. This will eliminate the breakdown of devices in case of voltage difference. The connection diagram is simple:

It is necessary to combine the prefix with the antenna. To do this, the antenna cable must be installed in the “Rf in” connector.

The next step you need to connect the prefix to the TV. To do this, connect the prefix with HDMI cable or Tulip cable. The method depends on the TV model.

How to set digital channels on Supra TV

First, the components that are available should be analyzed, and then start connecting and setting up the channels.

We learn whether the digital television supports the Supra TV

To view Supra DVB T2 TV channels, you need to find out if TV supports this format. Information should be found out with the help of:

If there is support for the encoded DVB-T2 signal, connect the cable to the TV and proceed to the settings. TV devices no older than 2011 can support it. If your TV is older, or there is no DVB-T2 support on your model, you need to purchase a special console-TV tuner. With it, you can take a digital signal and display the image to the TV.

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We set up the setting

Further setting fundamentally does not depend on whether the TV cable is connected to the TV, or is mating with the receiver. The sequence of actions is the same for both methods of connecting.

How to configure the Supra TV TV:

  • Television cable from a room or street antenna, connected to a TV connector or a purchased receiver. The tuner, in turn, through the “tulips” displays a picture and sound to TV.
  • Using the remote control, click the “DVD/TV” button.
  • When the device goes into the reception mode of TV channels, click the “TV setup” button.

Standard set of digital consoles

Consider what is included in the standard set for the receiver, this information can be useful when connecting it to the television receiver.

Standard set of digital consoles

We list what is shown in the figure:

  • A. User guide, we recommend that we carefully familiarize yourself with this instructions in order to get a complete picture of all the functionality of the device and its connection to TV and antenna.
  • B. Tulip cable (RCA) with characteristic connectors, allows you to connect the prefix to almost all modern models of television receivers.
  • C. Device for decryption and converting a digital signal into an analog (receiver).
  • D. Packaging box.
  • E. Remote control for remote control of the device.
  • F. Nutrition elements to the remote control.
  • G is a network adapter to connect a device to a household electrical network.
  • H. Warranty card.

The basic equipment may differ slightly from the one shown in the photo (for example, the “tulip” is replaced by HDMI cable).

A little about digital consoles

Digital console for TV is a rectangular or square device to which the antenna is connected. The prefix already, in turn, is connected to the TV using a cable. Thus, the prefix (tuner, decoder) acts as an intermediary on the signal path from the antenna to the TV. She converts a digital signal into a regular one, which already recognizes the TV.

TV setup is a small device that converts a digital signal from the antenna so that TV can recognize it

connect, digital, console, supra

When buying, pay attention to the characteristics of the device-there should be a note DVB-T2.

Necessary equipment for connecting

As in any other connection, the corresponding components are required here. In fact, the kit is the most basic and all its elements should not cause difficulties in understanding. The list is this:

connect, digital, console, supra

Обзор Supra STV-705

  • Prefix with digital broadcasting;
  • Antenna for “fishing” DVB-T2 signal;
  • Cables for connecting;
  • RF modulator is for TVs that can easily be called “veterans”. It will be needed if TV works on the basis of a design with a lamp. They even have no idea how to connect via a “tulip” or any other connector.

Having prepared all the equipment, you can proceed to the next stage. Methods of connecting.

Инструкция по настройке телевизора Supra

Signal quality check and solution to setting problems

If you observe obvious interference in the picture, check the quality of the signal that comes from the antenna. To do this, press the Info key on the remote control several times. Look at the indicators of strength and intensity: if their value is below 60. 70%, then with the signal of the problem. You need to change the position of the antenna and its direction. For this you will need help: someone should slowly move the antenna, and someone to monitor the quality of the picture (it improves or worsens). When the interference disappears, fix the position of the antenna.

To make the signal stable, the antenna must be directed clearly at the tower

If you can’t catch the desired position of the antenna, most likely, the tower is far from you. Hence the weak signal. Usually this situation is observed outside the city. In the houses of city residents, the signal is usually caught well. In this case, you need to purchase an additional amplifier to the antenna or buy a new more powerful antenna. It is also worth placing the antenna as high as possible. If possible, on the roof itself.

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If possible, find information on the Internet regarding the location of the towers in your region to know where to direct the antenna.

If everything is in order (70% and higher) with indicators in the Info section, but the interference is still present, then the problem is in the prefix. Perhaps she is incorrectly configured. If you have changed any of its parameters, return the factory values ​​back or reset the settings to the factory, and then start the automatic or manual searches of the channels again.

Reset the set.Top box settings and search for channels again

You can have another situation: the prefix originally found less than 20 channels or began to show less their number after some time after successful setting. The solutions in this case are the same as with interference: look at the signal level, re.Run the search for channels, change the position of the antenna. If the problem remains, you need to buy a new antenna or amplifier to the old and place it as high as possible.

It is also possible that the problem is a malfunction of the equipment, if before everything was in order, and now some of the channels suddenly disappeared. The fact that the prefix or the antenna has failed is probably only a specialist, so it will be advisable to call the master at home to determine and eliminate the causes of the malfunction.

The antenna cable is connected to the TV tuner, and the cable to the TV (HDMI, Tulip or coaxial cable) is already going on from the prefix. Next is the setup. First automatic, and then manual, if the first did not give the result. If you have caught not all channels or they show poorly, change the position of the antenna. If necessary, buy an amplifier to it.

In 2021, all residents of Russia are slowly moving to a new TV format. Digital. The plus of it is that the quality of the picture is higher than that of the usual analog. For free, everyone is provided with 20 federal channels. In order for the digital TV to work for you, you need your TV with a digital receiver. Most modern models have them. If you already have an outdated model, you need to buy an additional digital TV setup. How to connect it and configure it after buying?

How to set up a digital console for receiving 20 digital television channels

Consider the entire process of debugging and checking the quality of the signal from the prefix and antenna.

Instructions for configuring TV channels on the prefix DVB-T2

You can find free channels in automatic or manually. The first simpler and fastest. Manual is used when automatic does not cope with the task.

First, consider a lighter way:

    On TV, switch to video mode. The menu of the connected prefix should be loaded. In the Master of the Settings (should appear if you turned on the prefix for the first time and have not yet set it up earlier).

Wait a while while the prefix finds all the channels

If this method of searching for channels has not worked, use the manual mode:

How to set up local channels on a digital console

Many people complain that with the transition to digital TV they have lost local channels. So that they again appear on the list, you need to choose the search when you set up an analog and digital channels when setting up (before starting an automatic search), that is, set the DTV-T/DTV-T2 value.

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The federal channels, which are already in the “figure”, can later be excluded from the analogue TV, but the local regional ones will not be removed from the analogue.

Rollback through Smart Hub

You can use the alternative failure method.

  • Click on the remote control control Smart key.
  • In the menu that appears, select the section of the cancellation of the characteristics.
  • To confirm your actions, if the code has not changed, dial 0000 and click OK.
  • TV will reboot.

After resetting the settings on the TV, all previously installed applications will be deleted, and the account will be reset and will have to create it again. It will also be possible to make the same rollback on other models. Supra, Philips, Sony Bravia, Toshiba.

Sometimes it happens that children or adult users by negligence include blocking on the TV or parents block the TV from children, and then find it difficult to remove it. There are frequent situations when the owner simply forgot the password and now he himself cannot view the channels. Signs of television blocking are:

Display of the blue screen on which the key is depicted;

connect, digital, console, supra

A field appeared on the screen where the device requests to enter a PIN code (password);

Available to viewing only one channel.

Answering the question of how to remove the lock from the TV, it is necessary to highlight three main options for solving this problem, namely:

Disconnect the lock using a remote control by typing a special combination of buttons;

Adjust the channels again (sometimes they can be shot down by accident or due to failure in software);

Usually blocking is removed on its own, but if you need a flashing, it is better to resort to the help of a specialist. In general, for independent work, the owner needs to have only two things. Instructions for his TV and a working remote control for him to him. If the instruction is lost, see or download it is not difficult on the Internet. Regarding the TV model. This information is indicated on its rear panel.

Having instructions for the TV in hand, you should carefully read those sections that relate to the lock. Your task is to find a special code, a combination of numbers, after a set of which on the remote control is placed and the lock is removed. Also in the instructions, actions and their sequence are written precisely for your model. If there is no instructions, and there is also no access to the network at the moment, you will have to strain the memory and remember what exactly has led to the fact that the device is blocked.

From the remote control, you need to press the P buttons and. Clutching them at the same time. Next, you need to enter a password of three or four digits into the field. The type of such combinations standardly consists of the same values, for example, 1111, 4444, 333, coinciding with the number of the most commonly used channel. Standard codes in the form of 1234 and others are often used quite often. After the input, click again

If after these actions unlock the AKAI (AKAI) TV, Samsung, LG, Tomson models and others did not work out, the password is reliably unknown, you can try other combinations, they are installed by factory settings not too complex.

There are TVs that support blocking with only one button. Accordingly, in order to block or unlock the channels, you need to clamp and hold from five to ten seconds.

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