How to connect a computer to a modem via cable

How to connect a stationary computer to a Wi-Fi network of a router without a wire?

In this article I will tell you how to connect to Wi-Fi from a stationary computer running Windows without a wire through an adapter. And although wireless technologies are already widespread everywhere, not everyone knows how to get on the Internet through wireless communication on PC. Although today it is relevant than ever-after all, you can connect to Wi-Fi through a router or smartphone not only from a stationary computer, but also a laptop. And this means that it will be possible to work or watch your favorite movie not only at home in the cable, but also in a cafe, a shopping center or even a metro. To date, the most relevant OS is Windows 10, so let’s see how to connect a computer through a Wi-Fi adapter to the network precisely on its example.

Most modern devices already have a module installed Wi-Fi-this applies to most laptops, netbooks (small laptops created to work on the Internet), tablet and smartphones. However, if somewhere in the corner of the grandmother’s room, an old stationary computer lit up with rags stagnated, then it can also be included in our game-grandfather can still give a start to newfangled units! For him, there is a special device in the store-a wireless adapter that will make a stationary PC with a full-fledged member of the Wi-Fi family.

How to broadband connection with any pc and laptop,without a router,helptech

Adapters are of two types. Removable or built.In. Built.In, or network, inserted into the case into the PCI slot, like a network or video card. Plus in his more stable work, minus. It needs to be inserted inside and forget, while the removable can be installed on another computer if you need.

Therefore, I use the adapter for my USB Wi-Fi computer and, by and large, I do not have any problems with stability or with the speed of Wi-Fi-the main thing is that it, according to characteristics, suits your router and maintain the same communication standards.

I have a Trendnet Tew 624-IB model, oddly enough (I judge from the experience of using their routers and IP cameras), but a quite worthy option and works reliably. On his example, I will show how to connect a computer to a Wi-Fi network.

After that, you need to reboot the computer and activate the operation of a wireless adapter. It is turned on either from the buttons on the keyboard or a separate button or tolerance on the case. I already wrote more about this in another article. I will not repeat myself.

I will reveal a small secret. All modern adapters are easily recognized in the Windows 10 operating system without additional third.Party utilities. Therefore, you can simply connect the adapter to the USB port, install the driver and use.

It is recommended to update the driver to the Windows adapter from the developer’s official website so that it works steadily with the latest changes made to the operating system.

Next, we find on the desktop “Tew Manager”. We launch the application and go to the “Site Survey” section, that is, in Russian, a list of networks available for connecting.

We select our own in it and depending on the type of encryption you created (WPA or WEP) will open a new window into which we enter our password. After that, the Internet should start working.

All possible types of Internet connection

Of course, you need to start with the contract and the user’s agreement, these documents may have information about your settings on PC. Find them. Look carefully at your connection and settings. There are times when the master forgets to leave the network settings or by hand on a piece of paper inaudibly written. In this situation, you need to call the Internet provider and ask in telephone mode to dictate all the settings that must be entered on the computer. Having learned all the data and the method of connection, we start finding out how to configure the wired Internet on the computer.

Option No. 1: Ethernet (Static IP or Dynamic IP)

This option is one of the most simple, ways of connecting. Since it does not require entering a login, password, the only thing you need to know is a static IP address of you or dynamic IP.

  • Static IP address. If briefly, this is when the provider gives an individual IP address for your computer and it never changes.
  • Dynamic IP address. In this case, the IP address to your PC is assigned automatically. With each reloading of the device, it usually changes. This means that you have no binding to a specific IP address.

Settings for static IP

  • Click the right mouse key to designating the network in the lower right corner. Choosing “Center for Network Management and General Access”.
  • The window jumps out, now click on the line “Change of adapter parameters”.
  • You will see all available adapters. We clat the right mouse key on the Ethernet label. Now from the list we click on “Properties”.
  • Click on the line “IP version 4 (TCP/IPV4)” in a double click in order to enter it. Or you can choose this line and press the “properties”.
  • We put the point in the line “Use the following IP address” and “Use the following DNS addresses”. It remains only to drive all the parameters provided by the provider.

We set up with dynamic IP

  • The difference is only in the section “Properties: IP version 4″”. Here you need to put the point in the line “get the IP address automatically”, as well as “get the DNS address automatically”. With this arrangement, the network card will receive all the settings automatically from the Internet provider.

With both options, an automatic Internet connection will be performed on Windows 10, 8, 7, always when downloading a computer. This is not always convenient, so we recommend that you create an “Ethernet” adapter shortcut on your desktop. In order for a double click on it, you can turn on and disconnect the adapter, therefore, the Internet.

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Option no 2: pppoe setting

This option is often used in our country. It consists in creating a PPPOE connection with a password and login given by the provider to transmit data. One of the advantages in this option is that all the information passing through this tunnel is encrypted. Let’s get down to its creation.

  • Click on the first version of “Internet connection”, click below “Next”.
  • A new window jumps out where again we press the first option “High.Speed with pppoe”.
  • In the last new window, you need to drive a login, and a little below the password. Put the checkmarks opposite the inscription “display the entered signs”, “remember this password”. Ready, press the “Connect” button and in five seconds the Internet will work.

For convenience, make a shortcut on the desktop to turn on and disconnect the connection. How to do this, see the first version above. Read also why the laptop does not connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Option No. 3: Installation of VPN in Windows 10

This method is the most reliable in terms of data transfer safety. Here it is also necessary to create a tunnel using the user, password and of course the IP address of the main server.

  • We put on the network icon, the left mouse key. Click “Network Parameters”.
  • In the “Parameters” section on the left side, click on the “VPN” item, now “Add VPN Connection” on top.
connect, computer, modem, cable
  • The blue window will jump out where the “connection name” “server address”, “user name”, “password” is required to enter the “connection name”. Do not forget to clap below “Save”.

We connect a USB modem to a tablet

The USB modem can be connected to the tablet on Android or iOS if it has a built-in 3G module and the mobile network settings integer. It is easy to determine such a tablet-it has a tray for a SIM card.

If there is no tray for SIM card, then the connection of the modem will require a Root-right and installation of third-party software. In this article we will not touch on this topic, since it is too extensive and requires a certain experience and skills from the user.

Transfer to the “only modem” mode

The default tablet will recognize your modem as a USB drive, that is, a simple flash drive. To fix this, you need:

  • Connect the modem to PC with installed branded software.
  • Launch the modem settings utility.
  • Select the mode “only modem”. Usually it is on the main page of the settings, but some manufacturers can be located in the “mode” or “settings” menu menu.

Modems ZTE and Huawei can also be converted to the desired mode with third.Party software. To do this, you need to download the Mode Switcher utility. She has only one window, in the lower part of which you will see the “only modem” button. Click on it.

Some utilities provide exclusively the translation of the modem regime without additional settings

Adapter for the tablet

Obviously, the tablet does not have a full-size USB port. Android planes are usually equipped with a microUSB connector. To connect the modem to it, you need an OTG cable or adapter. It comes complete with some modems. If you did not have an adapter, then you can buy it at any electronics store at a cost of 200. On the one hand, he has a standard USB connector, and on the other, MicroUSB plug. Connect the modem from the USB side and insert the other side of the adapter into the tablet connector.

OTG cable is sometimes presented in the form of a compact adapter without a cord

The owners of the iPad will need to purchase a USB-Lightning adapter. It is more rare, therefore, perhaps, you have to visit the Re: Store of your city or order an accessory in an online store.

Only the USB modems that support the Mac OS X and mobile iOS will work with the iPad. You can clarify these data in the modification of the modem on the packaging or on the manufacturer’s website.

The cable designed to connect the camera is also suitable

Armed with the adapter, connect the modem to the tablet and wait until the indicator bulb on the modem will stop flashing. Now you can proceed to setting.

Network configuration

  • Open “Settings”. “Network”. “Additionally”.
  • Select “Access points APN”.
  • If you bought a modem from the operator, then all the data will already be entered here. It is enough to press “connect”. If you bought a modem separately from SIM card, you will have to manually enter data from the operator: APN (or “dialing”), user name and password. They must be indicated in the contract with the provider of Internet services.
  • Reload the tablet. After rebooting, you will have an indicator 3G at the top of the screen.
  • Open “settings”. “cellular”.
  • Turn on the “cell data”.
  • Enter the menu “Cell data”. If the modem was provided by the operator with Simka, then all fields should already be filled. If not, then fill them yourself. You need to fill out the first three lines: APN, “User Name” and “Password”.
  • Leave this menu. If you introduced everything correctly, then the 3G/4G icon will appear at the top.

Internet connection using a USB modem-the process is completely simple. It is enough to put the necessary software and make a simple setting.

If the red cross “burns” on the network icon

The network cable is not connected. Red Cross (Windows 10 Trey)

Such a badge means that you do not have a connection between the router and the computer (laptop). This can happen for various reasons. I will give below the most common.

Is everything all right with him, will it too. It often happens that outwardly the cable may seem intact, but it was too much too much, and the copper veins were interrupted inside it. Therefore, I would recommend trying to use another cable.

2) See if the cable is tightly inserted into the LAN port

Often due to small deviations in the manufacture (as well as rubber gaskets, which often put on them, roughness, etc.) RJ-45 and LAN ports-not always and not every connector is inserted into each port to the end.

Ideally, after the connector has been inserted. You must hear a light click (and on the PC/laptop network card. The LED should light up that the cable is connected (the same as on the router)).

If the PC has several LAN ports-try to use another.

3) Check if your network adapter is included

In Windows it can become so that the network adapter will be turned off. To check if this is, go to network connections (for this, call the window “perform” a combination of Winr. And use the NCPA command.CPL).

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Next, pay attention to which icon: in the off device it is black and white (as on the screen below).

connect, computer, modem, cable

You can just click on the adapter with the right mouse button to see the status of work and turn on the device (if necessary). Cm. An example below.

I also recommend entering the device manager (combination of Winr. And the Devmgmt team.MSC). And find your adapter in the “Network Adapters” tab.

Next, try to turn it off/turn it on (just click on it with the right mouse button). The example is shown below.

Disconnect-include the device (devices dispatcher)

If this did not help, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with one of my past articles, which understands why the Internet may not work on a network cable from a router.

Errors of connecting a router to the Internet

Connection without access to the Internet

One of the most common errors that causes users bewilderment is the inscription “without access to the Internet” or “limited”. At the same time, not a single page in the browser is loaded. In the process of initial setting up the router, the most common reasons for this phenomenon include incorrect entry of the provider data (see. Above step 4). For example, when you choose the wrong type of connection, incorrectly indicate the login or password or set other erroneous data. Often, users instead of the provider’s password enter the password to the control panel, which leads to this result. In this case, call the provider and check with him what you need to enter in the settings of the settings.However, this is not the only reason for connecting without access to the Internet. The problem can also be hidden on the side of the provider himself, if he conducts some technical work or an accident has occurred in your house. Also, the problem can lie in your computer or router, so you will find out all these points at once with a call to the provider. In the absence of technical problems, for its part, the provider will check whether your technique receives transmitted information packages. If he does not receive, you will be given specific recommendations for working with a router or computer.

The connection to the Internet through the router disappears

If, after the first setting, the Internet worked properly, and then began to disappear, there is an explanation for this. Firstly, you need to see if the Internet disappears via cable or Wi-Fi. If one and the other disappears, then disconnect the provider’s cable from the router and connect it to the computer to check. The lack of problems when working on a direct connection indicates problems with the router. Rebooting, updating the firmware or reset to factory settings can help here. If the Wi-Fi signal disappears, then the device is far from the router, there are serious interference between it and the router, or the access channel is overloaded. The first and second problem can be solved by the other location of the router in the apartment or by installing a repiter, and the problem of workload is solved by changing the frequency of broadcasting or choosing another channel (performed in the control panel in the wireless network section).Other reasons for the loss of the signal are not excluded. Sometimes the problem arises on the side of the provider, which leads to frequent interruptions in connection during the day. Also, the reason may lie in problems with a specific device (with an adapter of Wi-Fi, network connector, network cable). Other devices of your home connected to the Internet will help to verify this.Despite the fact that different models of routers have their own connection features, understanding the connection scheme will help you quickly deal with any model. Knowing the connection errors will also help you quickly find the cause of the failure and eliminate it most often without a tedious dialing for the provider or calling the master’s house.

How to connect an Internet cable to a laptop or computer

In order to connect the network wire to the PC, special knowledge does not need. Cope with this task, can any.

Option no 1: connect a computer to a router

In your apartment there is a router configured and connected to the provider. And you do not know how to connect a cable from it to a laptop? Then look below how to do it.

  • Take a patch cord (Internet cable on which RG 45 connectors on both sides), usually it comes with a router. Insert one end into any Lan Router nest, the second into a computer network card. The twisted pair that comes from the provider should be inserted into the “Internet” or “WAN” connector, the name of the port depends on the manufacturer. In the photo below, see an example.
  • After insert the patch cord into both devices, you will see the LED on the router to light up. And on PC a red cross will disappear in the lower right corner. Now you can begin to make settings to the computer.

Option No. 2: connection directly, from the provider to the laptop

If you do not have a router in the house, then we perform a direct connection. Twisted pair is connected immediately to the laptop. Take the Internet cable coming from the provider and stick in the PC network card. If you decide for beauty, put the Internet outlet in the apartment, then read our article: how to quickly and easy to connect the Internet outlet yourself.

Next, you need to find out what type of connection of your provider (static IP or dynamic IP, PPPOE, PPTP, L2TP) and start setting.

Now you know how to connect the Internet cable to the laptop. Next in the article, see the most popular type of connection to the Internet provider.

Modem Internet 3G and 4G

Bought a modem and do not know how to connect the Internet to the laptop using it? Everything is actually easy and simple. Mobile operators sell ready.Made and configured modems for the convenience of users. Typically, the kit includes: modem, drive drivers, instructions, cable. Everything is easy and simple, bought, brought home, connected to a USB port, installed a utility from a disk. There are modems with Wi-Fi, in this case, you can connect a laptop via Wi-Fi, to the modem. When choosing a modem, pay attention to the antenna, it is desirable that it is possible to connect an external antenna, especially in rural areas.

How to choose, connect and configure the ADSL modem

To get the maximum data transfer speed, you must choose the correct modem. A good adapter will provide the best connection with the global network and there will be no unexpected breakdown, which is typical for very budget models.

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About ADSL technology

Brighting the leader of the market for wireless adapters previously were devices created using DSL technology. This modem system uses a divided bandwidth, which is asymmetrically divided between an incoming and outgoing telephone line.

connect, computer, modem, cable

As a rule, the volume of data on the incoming line is greater, therefore, the speed is higher. In turn, the outgoing strip uses less traffic, which reduces the maximum speed. Such a minus of ADSL devices is very noticeable if the client uses single.Rating networks or video communication.

The technology appeared in 1987 and is now considered obsolete, since there are restrictions on the data speed of data up to 10 Mbps.

Choosing a device

When choosing a wireless adapter, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Standards. Currently, versions of the ADSL 2, ADSL 2, HDSL protocol are widespread. It is better to give preference to ADSL 2 technology, as it provides a high.Speed connection up to 24 Mbit/s.
  • The mode of operation. Several operating modes of the ADSL devices: ITU g function is available at once.992.5 Annex a, iTu G.992.5 annex b, iTu g.992.5 Annex M, ITU G.992.5 Annex l. It is recommended to give preference to the standard Annex B and Annex M. They have high data transfer indicators on the incoming and outgoing line.
  • Connection. It is better to give preference to devices where the maximum number of ports is present, including Ethernet. So the user can connect up to 3 devices at the same time.

How to connect a internet modem to your computer

Firms manufacturers and recommended models

At the moment, several firms producing wireless adapters: TP-LINK, D-LINK, KEENETIC occupied the niche.

Next will be listed the most advanced network models:

  • TP-Link TD-W8961N V4. This is a router combined with a modem. The universal adapter works on the ADSL 2 protocol. ITU-T G.992.5 Annex b. There are two radio antennas with a distribution coefficient of 5 DBI. The maximum speed on the incoming line is 24 Mbit/s, and according to the outgoing stream of 1.216 Mbps.
  • D-Link DSL-2740U/R1a Adsl 2. The device has a switch with 4 ports, which allows you to connect not only stationary and mobile computers, but also game consoles. The power of the built.In transmitter corresponds to 17 DBI. ITU g adapter operating mode.992.5, where the speed on the incoming flow is 24 Mbit/s, and for the outgoing 1.216 Mbps.
  • Zyxel Keenetic DSL. Universal Internet center from kinetics. You can connect via ADSL and Ethernet. Additionally, a port for 3G/4G compounds is provided. There is a file center and built-in torrent client. Also, the device is equipped with antennas with a coefficient of 5 DBI. ADSL 2 standard and ITU-T G.992.5 Annex b. Speed ​​on the output line of 24 Mbps., And according to the outgoing 1.216 Mbps.

The most technological devices are listed above, providing the best signal quality and lack of interference.

Connection to PC

  • In the kit with the device, you need to find a splitter, take a telephone cable and connect it directly to the Line port.
  • Now you need to take an AUX cable. The phone is connected with it. Thus, we insert AUX into the Phone connector.
  • Next, the ADSL modem must be connected to the port of Modem, which is located on the splitter using a patch cord from the kit.
  • The second patch cord is carried out by a personal computer and a wireless router. On the adapter port LAN, and on the laptop Ethernet connector.
  • The power supply must be connected to the socket and to the Power connector on the device.

After connecting the power supply to the modem, the process of rebooting the device and installation of auxiliary software will begin. As soon as the process is completed, it is necessary to start setting up the Windows operating system.

Settings OS

Modem setup is associated with the editing of the network parameters of the operating system. The step.By.Step algorithm is as follows:

  • On the physical keyboard you need to click the combination of the kenr keys.
  • The window of the service utility “Perform” will open.
  • In the search bar you need to write a request “NCPA.CPL “.
  • In the list of network adapters you need to find Ethernet.
  • Click the right mouse button on the selected point.
  • In the context menu, highlight the parameter “Properties”.
  • In the list, select the component “IP version 4”.
  • Mark the checkboxes of automatic receipt of these servers.
  • Press “apply” and close the settings window of the components.

If the provider uses a static connection, then in the settings of the IP4 protocol you must definitely register the required parameters.

Authorization in the web-integer

Connection ADSL modem is possible only after authorization in a web client. The instruction is as follows:

  • First of all, you need to turn the device and find the sticker from the manufacturer. There will be indicated data for authentication in the web-integer.
  • Now you need to open a browser and write IP: 192 in the address line.168.One.1 or 192.168.0.One.
  • The login and password entry page will open. Usually these values ​​are standard: admin and admin (or those that were found on the sticker).
  • Press the “Enter” button.

If a corporate router is used from the provider, then the combination of the login and password by default can be changed. Information can be found in the user manual.

Connection configuration

Before connecting to the modem, you need to edit ADSL parameters:

Wireless connection

Perhaps you do not want to spoil the appearance of the room with all kinds of wires, then you can use another method of connecting a computer to a router-through a Wi-Fi network. Separate models of maternal boards are equipped with a wireless module. In other cases, you need to purchase and install a special fee in the computer connector or include in any PC USB port the so-called Wi-Fi modem. Default laptops have a Wi-Fi access module.

  • Install the external or internal Wi-Fi adapter into the computer, turn on PC, wait for the installation of devices drivers.
  • Now you need to configure the configuration of the wireless network, entering the settings of the router. Open any Internet recrecer, in the address line we write: or 192.168.One.1 (other addresses are possible, see the operating manual) and press on Enter.

As we installed together, you can connect the computer to the router using a wire or through a wireless network. True, in the second case, additional equipment may be required. You can choose any option at your discretion.

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