How to connect a camera to a computer via phone

How to make a webcam from Android smartphone

Any mobile device operating on the Android base can be turned into a webcam for a computer or laptop. This is especially useful if PC is not equipped with equipment. The function can be applied for video surveillance, calls, direct broadcasts. In the “System Administrator blog” we will analyze how to use a smartphone as a webbing for Windows 10. You can do this in several ways, you will need a USB cable or a Wi-Fi access point, as well as additional software.

The DroidCam application is one of the most downloadable and effective utilities that allows the use of Android devices as a full-fledged webcam. To connect via wireless communication, it is necessary that both devices are connected to one Wi-Fi access point. If this is not possible to realize, then through this program you can make a smartphone with a webcam using a USB cable.

By Wi-Fi

To make a webcam from Android on Wi-Fi, act as follows:

connect, camera, computer, phone

Install the application from the official Play Market store on a smartphone. 2. Run the installed software.

Then you need to install a special software on a laptop or computer. Droidcam Client. 4. After the installation, you will need to restart PC. Then open the utility and enter the IP address and the port that are displayed on the smartphone screen in DroidCam.

If you need to transmit through a mobile device not only the image, but also the sound, then put a checkplace opposite the Audio item. 6. Click on the Start button.

If there are two cameras on the phone, then you can switch between them using an icon in the form of a camera with an arrow, which is located in the top panel of the application on the right.

In the program integral on the laptop or PC, a window opens in which you can see the image from the smartphone camera. It turns into a system tray if you use the Ctrl H key combination.

It should be noted that when using programs where a webcam is required, you need to select a DroidCam device in its parameters. The same goes for sound.


The DroidCam application allows you to use Android as a webcam and by synchronization of devices on wired connection. First you need to activate USB debugging in the mobile device:

Activate the developer mode. To do this, go to system settings. Then select “Information about the phone”. 2. In the window that appears, select the “Information OD” item.

Slide seven times according to information about the assembly issue. At this time, a warning will be displayed that there were several steps left until the hidden option. 4. Return to the section with the settings and scroll the menu until the end. A new item will appear below. “Developer Parameters”. Choose it. 5. Find the “debugging” block and activate the “USB” debugging function.

After activating USB debugging, connect the smartphone to a computer or laptop using a cable and act like this:

A window will appear where it is necessary to allow debugging by USB. 2. Launch on a mobile device and on PC DroidCam application.

In the program on the computer, select the ICB in the form of a USB connection. 4. In the drop.Down list, select a mobile device. 5. Click on the Start button.

After the procedure done, the smartphone will function as a webcam on a computer or laptop. All settings are similar to the previous method.

How to connect a phone as a webcam via wi-fi

If you work on a PC under Windows and have a smartphone based on Android, one of the simplest (and wireless) methods is to use a client program called DroidCam.

  • Download the DroidCam Wireless Webcam application from the Google Play store to your device (this device should operate under Android 5.0 or higher. To check, go to “Settings” “On the phone” “Android version”).
  • Download the DroidCamapp client for Windows to your PC. Follow the instructions of the installation wizard for starting the program.
  • You should see the DroidCamapp icon on the desktop. Click on it twice to open it. Open the application on the Android smartphone too. Make sure your desktop and SMAON are connected to one Wi-Fi network (it also works if the desktop is connected via Ethernet).
  • In the window that opens, you will see the numbers after Wi-Fi IP and DroidCam Port. Enter these values ​​in the fields on the PC client, which indicates the IP address of the device and the DroidCam port, respectively. Make sure the video and audio are disabled. To turn on the microphone in the smartphone, put a check-box in the settings. Further “Start”.
  • The DroidCam program will launch the camera and you can see the picture on the PC client.
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Now, how to make a smartphone webcam work with video conferences software?

First of all, you always need to run the client for PC and the DroidCam application on Android (steps 4 and 5 above). Then go to customer customer settings and change the connection of the camera and microphone on DroidCam and DroidCam Virtual Audio. He must immediately start using the hardware of your phone.

What should be noted: DroidCam does not work with applications loaded from the Microsoft store. For example, in Skype, make sure you are loading the de.Stroke version for the PC, and do not install the application from the store.

Droidcam also hides several functions, such as

It can cost 5 if you decide to use the full functionality, which also eliminates advertising.

But you must try a free version to see if everything works on your computer.

How to use a phone camera on a computer?

Which application is suitable? One of the most popular programs for connecting a phone camera to a computer is EPOCCAM. The main advantage is the wide compatibility, which includes computers with MacOS (version 10.11 and above) and Windows (version 7 and above), as well as mobile devices with Apple iOS and Google Android.

In addition, all popular video conferences are supported here, including Skype, Microsoft Teams and Zoom. The manufacturer claims that Epoccam is working with all webcam applications.

How to connect a phone as a web camera via wi-fi

The first way to analyze is wireless. Please note that it works-it is necessary that both the smartphone and the computer are connected to one Wi-Fi network.

connect, camera, computer, phone
  • The first thing you need is the DroidCam program installed on PC and smartphone, which you are going to use as a Web camera. It spreads for free. You can download the application for devices based on Android from the playmarket, and for the computer from the official website of the developer.
  • After installation, open the program on the smartphone. On the main screen you will see an IP address of your Wi-Fi, a virtual chamber port, as well as links for access to it through a browser.
  • To change the camera from which the image will capture. Click on this icon and select the right one (front.Line or main module).
  • Now open the program on the PC and in the line of Device IP enter the numbers indicated on the smartphone in the line Wi-Fi IP. There are two fields below: Video and Audio. By default, the checkbox is only near the first. If you need to be captured from the smartphone and sound. Put a checkmark in the second field.
  • Click Start. After that, in the application window on the computer, you should see the picture from the main camera of the smartphone. If it is, then everything is done correctly.

To install DroidCam as a webcam in OBS for Stream, go to the application, click on the desired scene and in the Sources Field, select a new video capture device. All that remains to do is choose from the listCam list.

To display a webcam via a phone in any other programs, install DroidCam in their settings as a means of transmitting an image in a similar way.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated to use a smartphone as a web camera by Wi-Fi, now we will analyze the method of connecting to a computer via USB.

Phone as a web camera via USB

In this case, we will also need the DroidCam application on the smartphone and PC.

  • The first thing to do is turn on the debugging mode of the USB phone in the developers settings. After that, connect the smartphone to PC.
  • Launch DroidCam on the phone and PC. On the last click on the icon with the USB image.
  • A connected Android smartphone will be displayed in the list of available devices. Select it, turn it on in the fields of video and audio, and then press the start button.

Image output algorithm for streaming programs when connecting a smartphone via USB is the same as Wi-Fi. In general, these are quite working methods that allow you to calmly conduct broadcasts until it becomes possible to buy a normal web camera.

Wireless connection

To install a wireless connection of a smartphone or tablet camera-connection on a local network, start the Android application. On the computer, we run the DroidCam Client program. And in her window we introduce IP.The address displayed in the Android application. If you need to additionally use a microphone of a mobile device, put a checkplace “Audio”. And click “Start”.

IP Webcam program

Download the IP Webcam program on a smartphone. The utility is distributed free of charge, the Russian.Speaking Inte Wee. Launch loaded software on PC and phone. Turn on Wi-Fi on a mobile device and click the “Launch” button in the main window of the IP Webcam application (at the very bottom).

The program will display the IP address, which must be entered on the client’s official website. To do this, you need to enter the address that will issue an application into the browser line. In the video setting window, you can set the image resolution. By default, software automatically determines the quality of the camera on the phone. After the IP indication, the video from the smartphone to the computer will begin to broadcast.

In the IP Webcam program, you can enable the video recording function. MPEG4, Webm and MOV formats are supported. For web speculation of the stream image, JavaScript, Flash formats and a special mode built in the software are supported.

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The utility supports the function of sound and movement recognition. Sound transmission from a smartphone to a computer is performed in three formats: AAC, OPUS and WAV.

Connection using Wi-Fi

To replace the webcam with a mobile phone via wi-fi, the DroidCam Wireless Webcam program is used.

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To do this, you need to install the application on your smartphone and download the program on a computer.

After installing the programs on the devices, you will need to go through the following steps:

  • Turn on Wi-Fi on the phone;
  • Launch a mobile application;
  • Open the program on the computer and select a Wi-Fi connection in the window that opens;
  • You need to enter the number in the Device IP line. You can find it in a mobile application in the paragraph “Wi-Fi IP”;
  • Near the inscriptions of audio and video, put boxes if they are not installed automatically;
  • Press the SRART button.

Having completed all the above actions, the application will intercept the video signal from the smartphone camera and display it on the computer screen.

The free version allows you only to connect a mobile device and a computer, while it contains advertising.

In the paid version, advertising banners are absent and it is possible to configure the desired contrast, brightness and change the image resolution.

How to connect a phone camera to a computer via Wi-Fi and turn it into a web camera

Hello! Once the other day, it was urgent to connect the camera to the laptop, since on it the native Web burned. I decided to use the phone camera as a second video camera and, as the practice showed, I still managed to do this. So then I will try to tell me as much as possible: how to connect and use a smartphone as a webcam through Wi-Fi.

  • You need to download a similar program for Windows. Link for downloading. Just select your platform: Windows or Linux. Next, you will fall on a separate page. Download the program and install it on your computer.
  • We need to turn on one function on the smartphone. And so you need to go to the section “On the phone”, I have this item on the way: “Settings”. “System”. Then select “On the phone”. “Information about versions”. Now we scroll at the very bottom and you need to click several times on the line “assembly number” until the message is displayed that you have already become a developer. Now we go back to the “System” menu item and a new section “For Developers” will appear there. Go there. Sweet a little down and turn on the “USB-laying”.
  • Before you start setting up, make sure that the Pipe and PC are connected to one Wi-Fi network. By the way, you can connect a laptop or a computer on a cable to the router. There is no difference in connection. Next, start the application on the smartphone. We agree with everything and at the end of you offer to update the program to a paid version. We refuse.

NOTE! You can also use a smartphone connection to a computer not via Wi-Fi, but by USB or Bluetooth.

How To Use Your Smartphone as WEBCAM | EASY METHOD

  • At the very end you will see the information you need to connect. If you want to see a gauzer, then we use addresses starting with http. But we are interested in IP address.
  • If you connected by USB to a computer, then when starting the program on PC, select the second icon. If you connected by Wi-Fi, then select the first icon, drive the same IP address that has been displayed on the phone and then click “Start”. Be sure to make sure that there are ticks on Video and Audio.
  • After that, in the same window you should see the image from the smartphone camera. This camera can be safely used in any accessible program like Skype. Let’s try to do it.
  • We go to the Skype settings, then go to the “Sound and Video” section and put the camera in the “DroidCam Source 2” mode, and the “DroidCam Virtual Audio” microphone.

Click on the dynamics in the lower right corner and go to the “Player Devices” section.

If there is no “” sound intese, then click on the right button for the free place and then click “Show the disconnected devices”.

We find DroidCam Virtual Audio click PKM and turn on. Next, select the same integration in Skype.

Now you know how to use a phone as a webcam. But if you have any difficulties with connecting via a local network, then try to connect via USB wire. As practice shows not all smartphones Android works wireless connection.

How to use a smartphone as a webcam-an overview of available solutions

The easiest option in the absence of a high-quality webcam is to install specialized software. It is worth noting that it will need to be installed both on a PC or laptop and on a smartphone. Here is a list of applications that will help turn a modern smartphone into a webcam:

How to make a web camera from the IVCAM program phone

The IVCAM application is installed on both user devices, and then, thanks to a USB cable or Wi-Fi connection, the smartphone begins to perform the functions of a webcam. If desired, you can reduce or increase the quality of the video, configure the sound and number of frames per second.

  • High quality and low Ping.
  • Intuitive user integrated integrated Russian language.
  • You can connect several necessary devices to the computer at once.
  • Supports all the most popular formats, up to 4K.
  • You can use any camera installed in the smartphone (main, frontal, wide.Angle module, etc.D.).
  • Almost all functions of the mobile device camera are available: flash, Focus, effects, etc.D.
  • A watermark that blocks part of the image.
  • Stable application operation is guaranteed only if the user device operates on the iOS platform.
  • The presence of advertising.
  • With Wi-Fi connection, problems with FPS often arise, and when connecting via USB, everything works much more stable.
  • Too many restrictions in the free version of the application.
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In addition to the image, this application perfectly conveys the sound, so the smartphone can also be used as a microphone. In addition, you can take pictures and record a video in the process of communication.

Phone instead of webcam using EPOCCAM

The main feature of this program is that it is supported by both Windows and MacOS. With this software, you can interact with the webcam in Zoom, broadcast on Twitch and many other platforms.

  • The connection of the connection is automatically.
  • You can use both the main and front chamber of the mobile device.
  • User devices can be connected at a distance of up to 6 meters.
  • You can use a smartphone as a wireless microphone.
  • There are problems with installing the connection.
  • Ping moments are very high.
  • Often does not work on Samsung Galaxy and Honor smartphones.
  • The presence of advertising.

Using the phone as a web camera using the IP Webcam program

Using this software, you can conduct real.Time broadcasts on various platforms. Often people use this program as a video surveillance camera.

  • If necessary, you can derive the date and time, as well as the state of the battery.
  • You can record video in various formats.
  • This program is compatible with other applications.
  • When using the free version of the application, a watermark is imposed.
  • Many advertising banners in the free version of the application.
  • Many users have problems when entering such applications as Zoom or Skype.

Webcam from the phone using the IP Camera Adapter program

IP Camera Adapter is a utility that is installed on a user computer. It is compatible with the IP Webcam application, which is described above and is intended for smartphones.

  • The ability to use a webcam using mobile Internet and Wi-Fi.
  • You can configure the sound, quality and orientation of the camera.
  • It is possible to record video and audio in various formats.
  • You can derive the date and condition of the battery.
  • You can use a smartphone as an IP camera.
  • You can’t connect using a USB cable, only a wireless connection is available.
  • If you use the free version of the application, watermark will be imposed on the video.

How to make a webcam from a smartphone using the DroidCam program

This application will help quickly turn a mobile device into a webcam. You can communicate in video conferences and conduct broadcasts on various platforms, in particular, such as Twitch and YouTube. In addition, using this application, you can use a smartphone as an IP camera.

  • You can use both Wi-Fi and USB connection.
  • The application can work in the background.
  • Intuitive user integration.
  • The ability to record video with sound.
  • Advertising in the free version of the application.
  • Quality from 720p is available only in the paid version of the application.
  • In the free version of the application, you can not use the flash, Focus, approximation and other functions of the mobile device camera.

IP Webcam

IP Webcam is another good application with the same capabilities. To use your Android phone as a webcam using this application, follow the following steps:

  • Install IP Webcam on your phone and run the application, application page in Play Market. Https: // Play.Google.COM/Store/Apps/Details?ID = COM.PAS.Webcam
  • In the application after starting, the settings screen will immediately open. Sweet it down and click it “start”.
  • The address below will be displayed on the screen at which you can access the chamber. Enter it in the address bar of the browser on a computer connected to the same network as the phone. The page should open as in the image below.
  • In the menu of this page, select “Chat Drivers”. “IP Camera Adapter” and download the driver to the computer by link on the next page. Install it on a computer. You can also just download the webcam driver on the https: // ip-weightcam page.Appspot.Com/
  • After installation, run the IP Camera Adapter configuration utility and enter the IP address indicated on the screen, with the addition of/Video at the end, for example http: // 192.168.One.168: 8080/Video and click OK.
  • Ready. Now, as in the case of the previous application, you can launch any messenger or other program where you need a web camera, say, Skype, select MJPEG Camera in the settings and use your phone as a webcam.

Again, all this work properly in the majority, but not in all applications. Also remember the confidentiality settings in Windows 10, where the camera access is on, more details: what to do if the webcam does not work in Windows 10.

Android as a webcam-video instruction

And, completing, if you can offer your own solutions for the problem in question, it would be interesting to read about them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

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