How To Connect A Camcorder To A Smartphone

How to connect and configure an IP camera to watch through the phone. Using WPS to quickly connect to a WiFi camera. Programs for the smartphone, with which you can watch the broadcast and control surveillance.

Connecting a WiFi camera to the Internet

Before turning on the broadcast on your phone, you must connect the camera to a wireless network. Connection is made via WiFi Protected Setup protocol or using manual data entry. Before establishing an IP camera connection via WPS, make sure that your device supports this technology.

You can check for the presence of the WPS function on the box from the camera, on the official website of the manufacturer or in the instructions. WiFi Protected Setup is indicated by an icon in the form of two arrows, each of which indicates the end of the other. A separate button for quick connection marked with this icon can be placed on the IP camera case.

Press the button, and then activate the WPS mode on the router. This is done by pressing the same button on the router (no later than 2 minutes) or through the web interface. You can also connect a surveillance device with a PIN code in the control panel of the router. The code is located on the box from the IP camera, a separate insert, or among the data on the sticker at the bottom of the device.

UniFi App

This utility from the company Ubiquiti Networks is a professional tool for organizing surveillance from the phone. Separate versions of UniFi are developed for different operating systems, including mobile ones: iOS and Android. After the initial configuration and adding the IP addresses of the cameras used, the utility provides the following features:

  • Switch between different IP cameras;
  • Display of broadcast parameters;
  • Picture customization;
  • Changing the shooting mode;
  • Rotation using PTZ technology (Pan-tilt-zoom);
  • Sound control.

Uninterrupted operation and wide functionality are the main advantages of the application. The main drawback of Ubiquiti software is the need to use a network recorder (NVR). Therefore, this solution is more suitable for connecting surveillance in a large house or office.

Ubiquiti can connect up to 50 different IP cameras to the NVR system. If you plan to work with 1-2 devices, it is advisable to use solutions without a network recorder. If necessary, can be recorded to an SD card or to cloud storage. This will help reduce the cost of equipment and the continued maintenance of the surveillance infrastructure.

It’s important to know! For the UniFi to work correctly, the version of the NVR controller must be at least 3.1.0.

TinyCam Monitor

Using this application on your phone, you can view the simultaneous broadcast from multiple cameras. The total number of devices that can be connected for viewing in the TinyCam interface is 16. The program also has a paid version. TinyCam Monitor Pro, which has a number of additional features:

  • Bidirectional sound transmission without restrictions (if the equipment supports this function);
  • Record to an SD card, FTP server or cloud storage;
  • Support for software and hardware motion sensors;
  • Work on a secure SSL protocol (encryption of received and transmitted data);
  • Sound transmission in the background;
  • Free technical support from the developer;
How To Connect A Camcorder To A Smartphone

MEyePro and MEyeProHD

These programs allow you to connect to WiFi cameras from your phone, save screenshots and clips from the broadcast, manage multiple devices at once. For PTZ-enabled IP cameras, additional controls have been added to the interface. MEyePro also lets you adjust picture and sound settings.

Important tip! To test the capabilities of the utility, use the test WiFi camera, access to which is provided by the developers. Connection data is indicated on the program pages on Google Play.