How to configure the TV Doffler to digital channels

TVs Doffler: Features, popular models, adjustment

TVs Doffler brand are widely represented in the Russian market, mainly by the network of stores RBT and Expert-Rembytechnika. This equipment manufacturer started producing TV sets not long ago, so almost all models support DVB-T2 digital broadcasting standard. It means that the owners of this TV, can watch twenty digital channels for free and without additional equipment.

If you have purchased a TV Doffler brand and you have problems with receiving digital channels, follow the instructions for setting up.

How to set up a Doffler TV

Television Operating Instructions

TV Doffler TV manual is a guide for operating complex television equipment and contains the following sections: Safety precautions and precautions The set consists of the TV itself with a power cord, remote control and instruction manual booklet Main controls TV. buttons on the body of the device and their purpose Remote Control Key connectors TV and their purpose Preparation for operation Connecting external equipment Turn on / off TV Basic

Why TV says No Signal?

The problem may be in the connection cables (from a loose connector to its failure), the TV ports, the satellite dish, the satellite converter antenna. The second common reason why the TV says “no signal” is a problem with the satellite dish.

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In most cases, the reasons why the TV says “no signal” are the following: the equipment itself is broken; preventive maintenance is being performed; external factors such as high or low temperatures, precipitation, dust, etc. affect the TV.

How to turn a regular TV into a Smart TV?

The easiest thing to do is to look at the technical specifications. Once you know the model of your TV, you can always check the technical specifications on any site (preferably, of course, on the site of the manufacturer). On the box, or in the documents should also have this information. Usually it says “Smart TV” on the box.

Cable TV

  • Type of search, you have to choose between Full or Network. By selecting Full channel search, this is how your TV will start a full scan.
  • Network search should be chosen if you know the parameters of the provider’s network, the initial frequency and modulation.This method will scan frequencies starting from the one you specified.
  • We press Start and wait for the search of all available channels.

The premium segment

advanced technical specifications of Doffler flagship TVs. The reviews, again, speak of the absence of such an option as Smart TV. The model 65DU77-T2 belongs to this group of devices. We will consider this group of multimedia centers by its example. The screen diagonal in this case is increased to 65″, and the picture format is 4K. Like the younger models, this device is not capable of processing a satellite signal. With the reception of other types of television programs, it will cope without problems. The power of acoustics can reach 20W.

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Briefly about the manufacturer

To begin with let’s understand who the manufacturer is. Let’s look at the reviews of Doffler TVs below. This brand appeared on the shelves in 2010. In the model range of this company there are not only television sets, but also a variety of audio and video equipment. Also recently this range has been supplemented with smartphones and tablets.

This company is Russian and all production facilities are located there.

TV lineup includes not only entry level, but also mid-range and premium multimedia systems.



USB connector: input data from USB storage devices.


RF IN: signal input for antenna 2. RF OUT: Antenna signal output 3. HDMI: to connect to HDMI TV 4. VIDEO: video signal connector to TV 5. R: socket to connect to the right audio signal TV 6. L: Left audio jack for TV 7. DC IN: socket for power adapter

Connection problems and solutions

If the cell phone is not detected, the problem is in the choice of the type of pairing. For smartphones running on Android and iOS there is a special function to select the connection method.

Instructions on how to set up a connection for Android:

Important: data transmission support is possible with all Android cellphones starting from version 6.0.0. Older firmware can only have photo transfer, charge.

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