How to configure the time on the Mi Band bracelet

How to Set Date And Time In M4 Fitness Band| Smart Bracelet Connect To Phone with lefun app in hindi

Offing hours on Xiaomi Mi Band 3

The design of wrist bracelets provides a function of displaying the current time and date. The owner can independently configure the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 watch and activate the automatic translating mode of the arrows.

Before you configure the time, you will need to download the Mi Fit application in the public domain. All adjustments are carried out through the utility menu, the design of the wrist device does not provide an electronic watch block. Information is transmitted through the Bluetooth wireless channel, and then displayed on the bracelet screen, which allows you to change the visual design of information.

FAQ. Answers to popular questions

Release date

The first model was published back in 2014. The official release date. June 11, 2019, were presented in China, at a price of about 30.

Alipay (Alici)

  • How to turn it on. Sweep to the right (at the Chinese version) launches Alipay, at the global version of the Sweyp, and to the left and right launches music.
  • How to setup. There is no sense, payment of alipia is possible only in China. In Ukraine and Russia it is not there and in the near future there will definitely not be.
  • How to remove (disconnect).

Bluetooth (Bluetooth)

  • Version. The latest version 5 is used.0 Ble (Bluetooth Low Energy). If the smartphone does not support Bluetooth 5.0, then the conjugation with the bracelet will be performed through Bluetooth 4.2 or lower, depending on your smartphone.
  • Range. Test on the ground without barriers showed that the signal is lost at a distance of about 30 meters.
  • How to turn on and off. There is no way to disable Bluetooth on the bracelet, it is always turned on.

NFC (contactless payment)

  • Is there NFC. Yes, in 2 versions, in t.H. International.
  • Is it possible to pay for purchases for a clock. No, this function only works in China.
  • How to pay contactlessly. So far it does not work in Russia and Ukraine, in no way.

In the future, contactless payment should earn in Russia, the deadlines are not known. But you can learn more here if you are interested: https: // blog.Tehnomaks.Ru/2019/07/29/miband4NFC/.

The difference in versions, which one to buy

  • Chinese without NFC. No NFC and microphone, does not support voice control and there is no assistant.
  • Chinese with NFC. There is NFC, there is a microphone, there is a voice assistant.
  • Global version (international). Multi.Language from the box. NFC contactless payment only in China, the voice assistant speaks exclusively in Chinese, you can’t use the microphone for calls.

And so, what version to take?. Chinese without NFC. The Russian language will load from the Mi Fit application, and the microphone and contactless payments work only in China.

Compatibility with phones

Do they work mi bend 4 without a phone. Yes, you make the primary settings with the participation of the phone, and then you can safely use the bracelet without a smartphone.

Search for a bracelet

  • How to find a bracelet. You will need to go to the Mi Fit application. Select your device, in the menu that appears, select “Find the Bracelet“, with each such click it will vibrate and the screen will glow.
  • The phone does not find a fitness bracelet. So your phone is outside the radius of Bluetooth action. Go around the house to spoil the signal. If you have lost fitness hours, then use the Find Mi Band application and periodically press the search for walking along the route where you may have lost your Mi Band 4.
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Screen lock

  • How to put a lock. In the bracelet settings immediately after adjusting the brightness there is an option. Blocking from random presses.
  • How to disable screen lock. Smart lock, allows you not to block the phone when it is next to the fitness bracelet. Turning on and off is performed through the MI FIT application in the “Screenshot Unlock” section.

Such are 2 functions regarding blocking and unlocking.


  • How to configure notifications. Notifications are configured in the Mi Fit application. You need to select the “incoming call” item. In it you can turn on the notifications or off, set the time of the delay of vibration and configure the rhythm of vibration.
  • How to accept a call. You will not be able to answer the call, how much there is no microphone for talking on the phone. 2 functions will be available to you: drop the call (icon red telephone tube) or disable this notification on the clock (vibration disconnect button).
  • Is it possible to call. Definitely not.


  • Chagometer calibration. Through the Mi Fit application, the “Profile”, “Tags of behavior” tab.Tags teach a bracelet better to understand various types of behavior.
  • How to drop steps. We call on the watch “Additionally” menu. “Settings”. Click on the “reboot” and confirm the action., click on the red box at the top of the screen. After these action, the device will be rebooted and the stepomer value will be reset to zero, and all other parameters of the device will remain unchanged.
  • Why doesn’t he count steps. This also happens, there are a couple of ways to fix this without contacting the service center. One. Reinstalling the Mi Fit application (untie the bracelet, delete Mi Fit and install again). 2. Update the firmware to the latest version.

Water resistance

Water resistance at a depth of 50 m. The water resistance of the bracelet meets the standard GB / t 30106-2013. The tests were carried out by the National Center for Supervision and Control over the quality of the watch. Bracelet water resistance report number: Qt1902005.

Protection class: maintain water pressure up to 5 atmospheres.

However, some users complain that the screen reacts to every drop of water due to the high sensitivity of the screen sensor. Read more here: https: // Versiya.Info/Texno/117948.

Crush test water, fire, freezing and falls from a height Mi Band 3 and 4

Mi Band 4 Waterproof, strong for falling from a high height and is not afraid of temperature changes (both frost and high temperature).

You can use a fitness scrap everywhere: swim, wash, swim, wet, use in the shower and bath, pool, etc.D.

Sleep accounting

Defines sleep automatically, using accelerometers. If you ask how to turn on and configure, then everything is simple, it works automatically. Sleep control is performed around the clock (day and night). For viewing and indicators, it is recommended to use third.Party applications (not mi fit). This is and

configure, time, band, bracelet

Functional setting Mi Band 2

Open the Mi Fit application:

Place of wearing

Select the “Profile” tab → Place of wearing:

Display of information on the bracelet

“Back” → “Display of information”:

Those points that you celebrate with ticks will be displayed on the bracelet display when pressing the button (in order, as in the screenshot below):

For example, the point “Steps” on the bracelet will look like this:

Time format

Choose the option of displaying time on the bracelet:

  • “Raise your wrist to view information”. The bracelet will include the display for the shows of the time when the movement of the “raising of the wrist” recognizes the movement.
  • “Change of information by turning the wrist”. The information displayed on the bracelet will be changed when the wrist is rotated (you can activate only if the previous point is included).
  • “Assistant Sleep”. During sleep, the bracelet will measure the pulse to obtain more accurate data about the dream.


“Notifications” → “Calls”:

  • “Call notice”. The bracelet will vibrate when calling (only when Bluetooth is included on the phone);
  • “Delay of notification”. Delay in vibration on the bracelet when calling. By default 3 seconds;
  • “Show contact information”. Display of contact information/phone number when calling:
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Notifications from applications

“Applications”. If Mi Fit does not have permission, then it must be provided by clicking “Turn on”:

The bracelet will vibrate upon receipt of a notification from the selected applications.

Other settings

“Notifications” → “Inaction”: Mi Band 2 will vibrate in the absence of activities for more than an hour within the specified time

“Notifications” → “”.

Here, in fact, is the list of main settings Mi Band 2. If suddenly something was not found, use the search on our website.

How to untie Mi Band 3. Or what to do before selling a bracelet

If you decide to sell / give someone your Mi Band, it must be untied from the XIOMI account, otherwise the other person will not be able to connect this bracelet to his smartphone.

  • Launch the Mi Fit application
  • We go to the profile tab
  • Choose your bracelet by clicking on Mi Band 3
  • Twist the list at the very end and click the disconnect button
  • On the next page we click again disconnect

Now that your bracelet is not tied to any account, you can drop the settings on the Mi Band itself to the factory installations (so that the inscription “Pair Device First” appears on the screen). For this on the bracelet itself:

Scroll through the screen (with your finger from the bottom up) to the menu Read more:

Now we flip the finger from right to left to the menu reset of settings:

It remains only to confirm the action by pressing and delaying the button under the bracelet screen for a few seconds:

Before buying a bracelet in the secondary market, make sure that the seller untied Mi Band from his account. Otherwise, you cannot tie this device to your smartphone.

Problems when connecting fitness tracker

It is not always possible to configure your bracelet and connect it to a mobile phone. This applies to all the models we have considered. And the first problem that users face at the connection stage, except for time setup, is the smartphone does not respond to the device.

When you turned on Bluetooth, you launched a new search and nothing happens. Often devices come to us through parcels directly from China. The path is not close. Therefore, on the road, the device is often discharged completely.

Try to recharge it and connect it again to the smartphone. You can determine the discharged battery when you try to display its main screen. It is completely discharged if it does not respond to touch or a long press on the power button. Also, before the mating of some bracelets with the phone, it is necessary to activate not only Bluetooth, but also Wi-Fi, as well as allow you to determine your location. Without these parameters, the device may not connect.

If in your case it is not possible to connect the bracelet to the phone, try to remove other conjugation in the Bluetooth window. And reboot him. After that, connect all the necessary technologies and try to connect the SMART tracker. As soon as you succeed in doing this, the clock will be exposed automatically. Check your Internet connection. If problems arise with him, you will also have problems when connecting.

Installation of the locking screen of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Fitness Trexer

Blocking the screen in Mi Band performs an important function. It turns off the touch display at a given time. This saves an important resource of a fitness tracker, its battery charge. But often a few seconds are not enough to fully use the bracelet. It often turns off, preventing us from choosing one or another menu item on the clock.

Let’s fix it and set it up a little more time before automatic locking:

    Touch again to the touch screen of the Xiaomi device to find the “Additionally” item on the menu;

The maximum time before blocking on Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is 10 seconds. This should be enough to decide on the choice of settings or sections.

Another important setting is an additional screen lock. This function in the device acts as a lock and does not allow the menu items when we accidentally touch the display. Or in case of accidental interaction with the temperature, to which it reacts, for example, with warm water in the shower.

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To activate such a castle on the Xiaomi fitness bracelet, go again to the section “Additionally”, “Settings”. And before the point that we chose in the previous instructions, click on the “screen lock”. Put a tick on the checkbox to activate it. To test the function, wait for the screen to automatically go out after 10 seconds. Then touch him how you did it before. A small clue will appear on the screen that to unlock it, it is necessary to draw a finger from top to bottom.

How to connect Mi Band 3 to a smartphone?

When you first turn on the bracelet, you can see the message that it must be connected to the smartphone.

M3 Band //how to connect //how to change date & time

To do this, you need to install an official application from Xiaomi, called Mi Fit on the phone. It is for Android and iPhone.

Of course, you can use the bracelet without contact with the smartphone, but in this case its functionality will be minimal.

Setting up the application Mi Fit

  • Download the application from Google Play or App Store
  • Install it on a smartphone and run it
  • Enter Xiaomi account data, and if you do not have it, click “Create” and fill out all the necessary fields

If necessary, specify your phone number. Do not worry, there will be no spam, but with it you can restore the Xiaomi account if you forget the data.

By the way, if you have a Xiaomi smartphone, and a number is tied to an account, a SIM card with which is used in a smartphone, you can send SMS for other Xiaomi phones for free, similarly from Apple Imessage.

If the account is created, it’s time to connect the Mi Band 3 bracelet to the phone.

Mi Band connection to a smartphone

To do this, follow the following actions:

configure, time, band, bracelet
  • Put on and turn on the bracelet
  • Activate Bluetooth on the phone
  • In the Mi Fit application, go to the “Profile” section
  • Click on “Add device”
  • As you see the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 (or 4) inscription, click on it to connect Mi Band to the phone

It is erroneous to connect the bracelet to the smartphone through the “Settings” menu. “Bluetooth”. Connection should be carried out only through the Mi Fit application since it is written above.

How to enable Mi Band tracker?

For the first inclusion of fitness bracelet Mi Band, you need to put it on charging. After that, he himself will automatically turn on and go to the search mode for the smartphone for connecting.

To charge the clock, it is necessary to tightly fix the Xiaomi Mi Band in the charger, which was complete with a bracelet. Then connect it to the USB port of the computer or ordinary power adapter from the phone. Charging fitness tracker will begin automatically.

Smart Ankle Xiaomi Mi Band 5 and 6

A smart alarm clock is such a function when you do not need to install the exact hour and minute. It is enough to configure a certain period of time, for example, with 7.00 to 8.00, in which the bracelet will choose on the basis of data on your pulse the most favorable phase of sleep for awakening.

A smart alarm clock is available in many models of fitness bracelets and Smart hours, including it on Xiaomi, but in Mi Band 5, or rather, in one of the updates of the Mi Fit program, it was removed. And this is amazing, because with each new modification, the Xiaomi tracker is increasingly performing activity measurements, but even a smart alarm clock was not installed in Mi Band 6. It remains only to wait and hope that he will be returned in the next version of the mobile application.

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