How to configure Smart TV on LV TV

SMART TV setting on LG TV on Wi-Fi

Today we will try to answer this question intelligibly and in detail about how to configure Smart TV on the LG TV with Wi-Fi.

Tvs with built-in Wi-Fi receivers that do not require any wires and cables for connecting to the Internet have become relevant and very popular today. There is an opportunity to connect through Wi-Fi to the router, if you have it. If there is no built-in system on the LG TV, you can buy a special company receiver, which is connected to the connector on the rear panel of the TV (but only if your TV supports this wireless technology, there should be a line that reads Wi- in the instructions for the TV. Fi Ready).

It is very important to buy a company receiver (since the usual case is not suitable for this), suitable for your TV model. The adapter Wi-Fi model can be learned from the instructions for TV or on the manufacturer’s website, you should not buy a cheap receiver in a technique store, as it may simply not be suitable for you. It is better to spend more once and be satisfied with the purchased goods and its functionality.

If you are just planning a purchase, then check out in advance on the official website of the LG company with offers and characteristics of the technique, since only there is reliable information for each TV.

Connection of the tuner

To give the TV the capabilities of Smart-TV, the so-called module (TV-box, prefix, tuner) for Smart TV is connected to it. Since such TV-box fully replaces: Webos, applications for viewing TV channels of Internet television. IP-TV can be configured both standard and specially downloaded.

How to Setup the LG TV Cast App on iOS & Android to LG Smart TV

The conjugation of the TV and the tuner itself is made simply. Using any cable to output the picture and sound, connect two devices. It can be HDMI, VGA, RCA (tulips) and so on.

Registration of a user account

To begin the full use of SMART TV technology, there is not enough simple setting up Internet connection.

The following action is the registration of a personal user account in the manufacturer’s application store.

Without registration of the profile, you cannot use all the functions of Smart television technologies: the installation of applications and widgets will not be available that facilitate the process of switching between channels and the choice of available programs, films.

The registration process is very simple and will take you a few minutes.

After creating your personal profile, you can find out about all the latest new products for the model of your TV.

Follow the instructions to register on the LG website:

  • Go to the main menu of the device;
  • In the upper right corner of the TV screen, find the entrance key to the account;
  • Enter the data for the entrance or click on the registration key to create a new profile in LG Apps;
  • Check out the user attitude and go to the next registration window using the “I agree” key;
  • In the new window, enter your email address. After that, click on a special key to check the authenticity. This is necessary to verify whether such a mail was registered in the system earlier. Indicate only your real mail address that you regularly use. It will soon come to him with a special link to confirm registration. Also in the future, mail can be useful for dumping and changing the user profile password;
  • Enter the password twice. You can also connect the function of sending current news to your mail from the company;
  • Press the “Registration” key and check your email using PC or smartphone. Find a letter of confirmation of registration in the folder of incoming messages. Follow the link confirmation link. If the letter is not displayed in the folder of incoming messages, go to the Spam tab, perhaps it was automatically moved. Follow the link specified in the letter. Successful registration is accompanied by the following letter on the page;

Registration LG Smart TV

How to connect LG TV to a tv mmart, we figured out. The fact that this is necessary to expand the list of channels, also found out. Now let’s figure out the account registration.

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Account registration occurs in the corresponding TV application. If registration is not made, you can not use the following services:

It is easy to configure registration. It takes no more than 5 minutes of time. So, answering the question of how to configure Smart TV on any LG TV, we talk about registration:

  • Open on TV the main menu.
  • Please note that in the upper right corner of the screen there will be.
  • Register or enter the necessary data.
  • Read the user agreement.
  • If it arranged you, then agree with him.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Check the authenticity of email.
  • Enter the password twice.
  • Connect the service of receiving news to your e-mail.
  • Register in the system.

As you can see, installing Smart TV is easy. Such television gives you almost unlimited possibilities! Finally, we will give you a couple more registration tips:

  • Indicate only this email address. After all, a letter will come to him that will help to complete the process;
  • If the letter has not arrived, check the spam folder;
  • In order to enter the system, use the entrance in the right upper part of the screen;
  • For the entrance, enter your email address and password;
  • Set a check for the inscription “stay in the system”. Then you no longer need to enter an e-mail and password;
  • If you are asked to enter more information, additionally, select “No”;
  • IPTV setting is completed.

Installed Smart TV at your disposal. Use it and enjoy it!

How to configure Smart TV on LV TV

Almost all modern TVs are equipped with a Smart TV function. Using this function, you can view videos, websites directly from the TV. T.E. The TV has become a kind of computer on which you can install applications, go to sites using a browser, etc.D. In this article, I will talk in detail about the Smart TV setting on LG TVs with the new Webos operating system.

Before using Smart TV, the TV must be connected to the Internet. This can be done in two ways. Using a network cable or wireless Wi-Fi (it is necessary that your TV supports the connection to the Wi-Fi network). Here is an article describing the methods of connecting a TV to the Internet. How to connect a TV to the Internet.

configure, smart

Since when connecting a TV via a network cable coming from a router, it does not require special settings, I will dwell in more detail on connecting the LG TV to the Wi-Fi network.

Click on the control panel “Settings” button.

On TV, select “Network”. “Connection to the Wi-Fi network”

Next, select your wireless network and press the OK button on the control panel.

After that, it will be necessary to enter a password from the Wi-Fi network.

If you forgot the password from your Wi-Fi network, you can use WPS technology, for this, the menu where all wireless networks are shown, select. “Connection using WPS-RVS”.

After that, within a minute you need to press the WPS button on a Wi-Fi router.

It doesn’t matter which of the ways you used. Password or WPS, as a result, you will connect to a wireless network, this can be understood from a checkmark opposite the name Wi-Fi network.

After that, you can start using the SMART TV function, for this, click the “Smart” button on the control panel.

At the bottom of the TV you will see a list of default applications. You can choose any and run it using the OK button on the control panel.

If you can add few installed applications, for this, click the “My Apps” button on the control panel.

On the TV screen, select the LG Store application.

After that, you will open all the applications that are available for your TV, select anyone and install it. Now the installed application will appear in the list of installed applications.

If for some reason you could not configure Smart TV on LG TV, I recommend reading the article. Solving the most popular problems associated with Smart TV settings.

Ways to connect to the Internet

There are several ways to connect TV to the network, for example, through a Wi-Fi router, using a special adapter or through a cable. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Let us consider each of them in detail.

You can also watch a video that describes the instructions for the most popular tV brands:

How to connect via a router?

This is the most optimal way of all. In the new modern models of LG TVs with the Smart TV function, the Wi-Fi module is usually built. The main plus of this option is a wireless connection. It is carried out through the Wi-Fi router.

Here is a consistent procedure for setting up the connection with the network:

Also on the routers there is a WPS button. Her work is like the action of a keyboard from an intercom. By clicking on this button on the gadget connected to the network, and then on the same button on the router, within 15 seconds, the connection to Wi-Fi will automatically occur.

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Wireless connection if there is no Wi-Fi module on the TV

If your device does not have a built.In module, then buy a special adapter. It costs about 2000. You need to buy a must be suitable for your model adapter.

To configure the network connection on your LG brand device, you need:

  • A window with a notification of connection will appear on the TV screen.
  • Go to the settings to the section “Network”. “Wireless connection”.
  • As in the first method, find the name of your network and connect to it.

Connection via cable

This option will take more time. Over, from the conductor from which the Internet is made, it is possible to connect with only one device. If you have a laptop or computer, you will have to choose one device on which the Internet will be stable. If you connect a TV through the cable, you have to make an access point from it.

If you still chose this method, then the connection instructions are as follows:

  • The LAN wire on one side connects to the router, and on the other to the TV.
  • After that, a window with a notification of connection will appear on the screen.
  • Go to the settings to the “Network” section and choose “Wending connection via Ethernet”.
  • Now your device goes on the Internet.

We connect the LG TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi

Turn on the TV, and immediately go into the settings by clicking on the Settings button.

configure, smart

In the settings, open the network tab, then select the network connection item.

We see a screen on which we are informed that Smart TV often uses the Internet connection and suggest connecting via cable, or via a wireless network. Press the button configure the connection.

Further in the list we are looking for our Wi-Fi network (if there are many). And choose it.

Using a screen keyboard, we write a password from our Wi-Fi network and click OK. The password should be at least 8 characters. Enter the password slowly, carefully.

Press OK again, and wait until our TV will connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi Network.

configure, smart

You should see a message that the network is successfully connected.

Press the button ready, and you can start using the Internet. You can, for example, through the browser read Help-Wi-Fi.Com 🙂

How to download a review on Smart TV: Television in a new format

Did you have to dream about the variety of television channels in the city? Air television is already losing ground. All this can be changed if you download a look at Smart TV.

What is a “tv” look. What opportunities provides

So what is the “TV”? This is a new format television. It is better than satellite, etheric, other ways to get broadcasting on your TV. This is television of opportunities:

  • Viewing channels on any number of devices. Tablet, computer, laptop, smartphone. Even on Smart TV. This is possible when connecting a multimedia center “Box.
  • Viewing your favorite television programs and the entire television of the television. You can make this a nightdrough while walking through the forest, just crouching on a stump. For the “TV look” application, you just need to have access to the 3G or 4G network.
  • Viewing the archive in 5 days. Now do not call friends so that they throw off the recording of their favorite match. Literally all possible ether is stored for almost a week. Even sitting at home and working at the same time, you will not miss interesting moments of the match or film. It’s enough to pause, complete the task of work and plunge into further viewing. With a “look” you will not miss anything.
  • Easy television payment. Drawing up funds from the bill along with the payment of the Internet. No need to climb into the online bank additionally.
  • Installation and disconnecting of programs and packages in the personal account of Flex.
  • Connection of the channel package even for the minimum time. For sample.
  • Viewing absolutely without advertising films from online cinemas-IVI, AmediaTeka, Megogo, Start.

How to install the “look” application

The program is suitable for Smart TVs Samsung with Tizen OS, LG under the control of WEBOS or NETCAST OS. Will also go on television receivers with the Android control system.

On the Smart TV Samsung or LG

To use all the delights of the new application, you need to download the view of TV on Smart TV.

For download, we go to the app store. For different operating systems. Your own. Samsung has Samsung apps. LG application with webos OS. LG Content Store.

Then, in the search line of the program, we introduce the name of the product on the Cyrillic and Latin. After the download proposal, click the “Download” button.

Everything is just going through new TV models. For the old ones, you will need installation from a flash drive or any other medium. They can become a SD card or any memorable device with a USB port, for example, an external hard drive with a drive or a solid-state.

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Software can be downloaded on the official website “Smotreshka”. After downloading, the drive with the uploaded file is connected to the Smart TV and the installation is launched.

On the TV set

If a TV receiver without a Smart TV function, a media permit is useful, which will turn on “smart functions” in any apparatus. It can be Android Box, Apple TV or something like that. The device on one side is connected to the television receiver, on the other hand-to the router Lan cable or via W-Fi. System requirements for consoles:

You need to understand that these are the minimum requirements in which the application will generally work. The more powerful the prefix, the more trouble.Free viewing.

The program is installed on all other prefixes. For android:

configure, smart
  • We go to Google Play Store. The program is included in the standard set of android equipment.
  • Click on the “Applications” menu. Choose “more applications” or go to the programs store directly. The search is input with the name of the virtual keyboard with the remote control. It is possible to use a voice assistant from the screen menu or a special remote control button.
  • The application launch process is confirmed by the “Install” key.

The installation process takes about a minute. It all depends on the speed of the Internet. After installation, start the application.

How to connect and configure the service

You can connect access to the channels of the “look” through the program icon in the television receiver menu. When starting, you need to enter a login and password. With the packages connected, the transmission catalog will be displayed on the screen. Otherwise, you will have to choose and pay for a certain package. Or the provider will provide you with a trial period for free.

How to set up an LG SMART TV


For registration, you can choose 2 options.

  • Test. For a trial connection, you should register on the official website from the phone or computer. Registration is simple. Enter your phone number and confirm “captcha”. You will learn the code of 4 digits by SMS-informing. We enter them in the form of confirmation when registering the user.
  • Paid. They can use it after the test mode or asking in advance m packages of channels. Registration is carried out through an operator who sends user login and password to the specified mail.

Account setup and profiles

The account is more pleasant to configure through the mobile version or browser. In your personal account we go to the “Basic” menu, then. “Profile Management”. Will give out a couple of profiles by default. One. For family viewing, the second. “18”. To create a user profile, we assign it the name and type of contents. If desired, the PIN code is installed. This is convenient if there are children and an adult channel.

  • Children.
  • The main one is for family viewing without erotic content.
  • An adult, he is “18”. Aimed at the adult population, but sexual topics are not included in all packages.
  • Full contents without sorting.

How to set up satellite channels

Considering the question of how to set up LG TV to receive channels from a satellite, you need to know that satellite TV can be installed manually and automatic methods.

Manual search

It is used if the satellite parameters have changed or standard settings are not suitable for the type of connection. The algorithm is as follows:

  • Select “Settings Settings”.
  • We install the necessary parameters (they can be found out from the company-supplier of television services).
  • We launch the search according to new parameters.

Automatic search

To install a free satellite TV on the LG prefix, you will need:

  • Connect the tuner to the screen via HDMI. If the receiver is built.In, the cord is connected to the corresponding panel connector.
  • We move to the “menu”.
  • We go into the “channels” and select the type of signal. “satellite”.
  • Click “Settings Settings”, check the parameters and click “OK”.
  • We go to Avtopoisk and launch it.
  • We get the installed satellite TV.

Note! To view paid channels, you will need to insert CI or Ci card into the TV adapter

The listed methods help to independently deal with the settings of the lag 90% of users. If the installation has failed, then you need to check the correct connection of all elements.

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