How to configure safari on iPhone

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What is Safari on iPhone? Setting up Safari on your iPhone, iPad

Most iPhone users use the standard Safari browser. Let’s talk about what it is at all, what it consists of and how to configure it.

Safari is the standard browser for gadgets. working with the system iOS. It’s different from the others because. That it lets you view web pages full-size without scaling to fit your screen. That is, any place on a page can be made bigger with standard iPhone gestures.

In addition. It supports multiple tabs. you can open and browse multiple sites at once. That’s why it’s been recognized as the best browser for use on a smartphone.

Safari is based on the WebKit engine. Which is good. and bad. Of the disadvantages stands out the lack of ability to work with Java applets. Download files and Adobe Flash. But this can easily be fixed with third-party plugins.

Block ads

Every single user is annoyed by the large number of intrusive mobile ads. That’s why many people are happy that Apple has allowed ad blockers to be installed on the browser on iOS 9 and above.

To enable the adblocker, it must first be downloaded. There are many such programs in the AppStore, so choose a suitable one for you and download it.

Once the installation is complete, open Settings. Safari. Content Blocker Rules and check the box next to your app.

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Select a new “Favorites” folder for “Favorites

The default “Favorites” grid in Safari for iOS is based on the bookmarks in Safari‘s Favorites folder. If you want to choose a different bookmark folder to appear in the Favorites pane, this is a simple change.

You can select any bookmark folder you like for your Safari Favorites.

Click Safari Settings. Scroll down to the “General” heading again, click “Favorites,” then select a new folder from the list of bookmark folders.

The folder of your chosen bookmarks will be displayed whenever you click on the address bar, and any new sites you mark as favorites (just click the “Action” button at the bottom of the screen, then click “Add to Favorites” from the second row of buttons) will be added to that folder.

configure, safari, iphone

Bonus tip: Not only can you quickly remove sites from the Favorites panel by clicking and holding them, you can also drag and drop icons to reorder them.

Quick address entry

I’m sure everyone already knows that you do not need to write www in front of the page address. In Safari for iOS, you can also choose not to write the site’s domain (.com). Unfortunately, this feature only allows you to go to sites located in the com zone. Many popular russian sites like. yandex also have pages in the “com” zone, so you can safely use this feature.

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How to view and edit saved passwords on your iPhone or iPad

After setting up autofill, you have the ability to see where and what passwords have been saved. For this:

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Go to Settings → Passwords and authenticate with your fingerprint, Face ID, or password.

To change your site name, username, or password, click on the resource name in the autofill feature list. On the screen that opens, click on “Edit” and enter a new username in the “User” field and a password in the “Password” field.

Click on “Done” if you want to save your changes, or on “Cancel” if you want to leave them as they were.

Copy the saved login or password to the clipboard by clicking on the appropriate line and selecting “Copy” or “AirDrop” if you want to send data via AirDrop.

How to create a bookmarked folder in Safari on your iPhone or iPad

Open any web page in Safari on your iPhone or iPad.

Bring up the toolbar by tapping the bottom of the page.

configure, safari, iphone

Tap the Bookmarks icon (with an image of an open book).

Enter “Favorites” or select another placement.

Tap the “Edit” button, then the “New Folder” button.

Enter a folder name and click Done.

Your bookmarked folders are synced between your Mac and iOS devices, so you’ll see the same Favorites panel on every gadget. But if you want, you can set up different Favorites pages on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac, or set up separate panels for home and work and switch between them.

Open Safari

In iOS 13 and iPadOS, the Safari home page that appears when you open a new tab now gives you more choices. In addition to displaying only some of your bookmarks, the page displays icons for frequently visited sites, as well as sites offered by Siri. Tap the “Show more” or “Show less” link in the upper right corner to see more or less icons.

Open a new tab to go to another site. You can continue to open more sites this way. Tap an existing tab to open its site, then tap its X if you want to close it.

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What to do if Safari hangs up?

Sometimes it happens that the browser hangs. This problem can be solved in a couple of minutes.

Restart the app

  • Press the power key on the phone. It sits on top of the case at the top if you’re holding it vertically. Hold the key until you see a prompt to turn off your phone, but don’t turn it off.
  • Next, press Home. It’s located at the bottom middle of your device. You will see the home screen.

Clear history and cookies

How to clear your history in Safari on iPhone?

  • Next, you need to “Clear/delete cookies.”. All tracking and authorization data will be erased.
  • If you have tabs running, they will close.
  • When the system asks you to confirm the action, select “Clear” or “Delete.
  • Go back to the Home screen via the Home button.

How to clear Safari history on iOS 15

You can also copy the tab link by going to the tabs menu, clicking on a particular page, and selecting “Copy”.

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