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D-Link DSL-2650U. setup and connection

These days unlimited Internet will surprise very few people, as well as a variety of devices with built-in Wi-Fi module. In order to organize a wireless access point you need a Wi-Fi router. This article explains how to connect and configure a WI-FI router D-Link DSL-2650U.

What is a WI-FI router? It can be compared to a cellular tower, but with a shorter range and connected to it not by GSM technology, but by Wi-Fi.

Further connection and setting of Wi-Fi router is made by an example of D-Link DSL-2650U model and ADSL internet from Ukrtelecom. This device is capable of creating a fully-featured Wi-Fi network at home or office. If you have another router, please read this article anyway.

Having acquainted with this information, you will have a general idea about connecting and setting up Wi-Fi routers, and the rest is only details, depending on your model and internet service provider.

This is what D-Link DSL-2650U looks like, the picture shows the front and back panels.

  • Wi-Fi router D-Link DSL-2650U.
  • Installation disk with instructions.
  • Ethernet RJ-45 cable to connect the router to your computer.
  • Power adapter.
  • RJ-11 cable to connect the modem to the telephone line.
  • ADSL splitter that allows modem and phone to work independently of each other.
  • Power. connection to the mains.
  • Internet
  • 4 Ethernet ports
  • Wi-Fi network
  • Sharing a printer via USB 2.0
  • DSL

Indicators of the modem help you to quickly understand which of its functions is active at the moment. For example, if Wi-Fi stopped working and its indicator is not on, activate the wireless network.

Let’s take a look at the back panel of D-Link DSL-2650U:

  • Wireless antenna.
  • ADSL port to connect modem with telephone line with RJ-11 cable.
  • USB 2 port.0 to connect the printer.
  • 4 Ethernet 10/100 Mbps ports.
  • Button to enable / disable wireless network.
  • Reset. reset the router to factory settings.
  • Button to turn the modem on and off (ON/OFF).
  • Connector for power adapter.

If you only have one computer, connect it to the modem via 1 Ethernet port. Further on, it is possible to configure the router via Wi-Fi. If the wireless network is off, you can not get into the modem settings via Wi-Fi. Therefore we recommend to connect at least 1 PC via Ethernet cable.


The DSL 2540U is an inexpensive device with high enough performance that’s great for casual users. It has 4 LAN-ports, with which you can create a local network to connect to the Internet, while the signal will come through reliably and at high speed for each user.

The basic necessary functions of address filtering and firewall are provided to protect the network. The equipment can work as a bridge or a full-fledged router.

Configure your internet

Before setting up your connection you should have username and password from your internet provider.

Clic k’n’Connect

This is a guided method which will help you get things right, but will take longer than the second one.

Connecting the phone cable through a splitter to the modem.

Choose the type of connection, in my case PPPoE. it requires a username and password. It is used to connect via Ethernet or DSL.

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As I live in Kazakhstan and our ISP is Megaline, I know my ISP settings for Internet connection.

Settings in each region may be different, for details I recommend to contact your Internet provider.

  • Connection name can be left unchanged
  • VPI. 0
  • VCI. 40
  • The username is the login from the internet
  • Password. password from the internet
  • Confirm password. once again confirm your Internet password

After you have entered everything, click Next.

Information displayed: Main Setup, ATM, PPP, press Apply.

The connection is not completed, confirm the action on

Check if the internet is available via ping and

If it was successful, the host will be accessible and the corresponding window will appear on your screen.

If there is no internet, after a few minutes click the double check button. Everything should work, if you have connected the modem correctly and have entered valid authorization data and the network configuration data for your region.

Then go to the System tab and select Save and Restart.

Configuration is saved successfully, please wait till WI-FI router reboot.

This process usually takes 2 to 4 minutes.

configure, router, link

Wait until the modem has rebooted, open any page, for example, and enjoy the Internet.

Wi-Fi Setup

To configure Wi-Fi router D-Link DSL-2640U choose the Wi-Fi tab on the main page of the web interface.

You will see a window with a menu of three items. Go to “Main settings” and enter the name of the wireless network, which will be displayed on the gadgets when searching for an active network (SSID field), in the “Channel” select the most unloaded channel or leave the “Auto”. Here you can also tick the “Isolation of clients” option or create a guest network by specifying its name.

Go to “Security settings” and set network password (do not touch the field “Network authentication”). Leave the rest of the parameters set by default.

The MAC-filter menu item is used to control access to your Wi-Fi network at the client device level: you can allow access only to specific devices with specified MAC-addresses or specify a list of those gadgets that are not allowed to connect to the network.


The manufacturer regularly releases software updates that make the characteristics of D-Link DSL 2600u better, and the device is more stable and productive. Flashing of this router is only possible with a cable connection. The procedure is as follows:

  • download the latest firmware from the official D-Link website;
  • In the interface of the device find the Update Software item of the Management section;
  • Specify the location where the downloaded firmware file was placed (press the “Browse” button and enter the path”);
  • Start the update process by clicking on the “Update” button.

The update takes a couple of minutes, after which the router will reboot. Specialists recommend that after such an update to return the device to its original settings. Go to Management, then select Settings and look for Restore Defaults. Having returned to the default settings the device will have to be reconfigured.

Firmware Update

In this section we will tell you how to update the firmware of your router. After purchasing each device, we advise you to check for fresh firmware (updates) to ensure trouble-free operation for a longer period of time.

    first of all you need to define such characteristic as modem hardware revision. Look for a label on your router (usually on the bottom cover) that says a few lines. Among these lines find the one signed with the letters “H/WVer”. That is exactly what you need;
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Modem setup in bridge mode

The D-Link DSL 2540u can be used as an additional router (connect it to another, more powerful router). To connect two devices, use bridge mode:

  • Open the window with Modem Setup Wizard. Uncheck the option DSL Auto-connect and in the box that appears, enter the VPI and VCI values depending on your provider (ask tech support). Click on Next.
  • In the next Connection Type window choose Bridging, Encapsulation Mode. LLC/SNAP Bridging and click on Next.

Check box and set name for service

Internet settings

Rostelecom uses PPPoE in most places to connect to the Internet, so we will consider setting up exactly on its basis. In old and new firmware version settings items are located slightly differently, so here is a description for each variant separately.

Old firmware

In the main menu select “Network”, “Connections” and press add button. On the screen that appears, set the following parameters:

  • “Connection type”. Here you have to choose the PPPoE mode. This allows D-link DSL-2640U to work as a router.
  • VPI and VCI. These parameters are different for every region. You can clarify them by calling technical support on the toll-free number or by finding the appropriate table on the web.
  • Write the user name and password for access. You can find out these data from the documents, which were obtained during the connection. Important! Password must be confirmed in the next field.
  • Service name. In this point specify the name for the connection, which will allow you to define it, for example, “Internet.
  • Additional parameters. It is obligatory for normal functioning to tick the items “Keep Alive” and “IGMP”.

If the line for trimmer leaves much to be desired and frequent connection failures are possible, it is better to specify the actions at unsuccessful authorization attempt. In the “LCP gaps” field, specify a value of 2, and in the “LCP interval”. 15. This will allow the device to first try to connect twice, and then pause for 15 seconds.

New firmware

The sequence of actions in the new firmware is slightly different. After entering the interface, the user sees on the main page several buttons and information about the device and the status of ADSL.

The first thing to do to configure the Internet is to go to the advanced control mode. The button is located at the bottom of the screen.

In the section “Network” select the item “WAN”. A window will open with the available connections. If it is not empty, then before configuring it, you must delete all connections, to do this, click on them in sequence with the mouse and select “Delete” in the lower right corner of the screen.

Press “New” button in WAN interfaces and set up.

In the window that appears it is necessary to specify the standard parameters, namely:

  • Connection type. PPPoE. This is what Rostelecom uses for all subscribers connected via ADSL technology.
  • “Intease”. DSL (new). Otherwise you will not be able to set VPI and VCI.
  • VPI and VCI. These two parameters can be obtained from the technical support.

At this point the Internet settings are complete. If you don’t need to connect an IP TV set-top box, you can save the settings by reloading the DSL-2640U. To do so we find the “System” menu at the top right of the D-link logo and choose the appropriate action.

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Possible problems with the router and their solutions

The DSL-2640U modem router is an entry level device that is positioned for home use. The modem usage as a LAN router-switchboard will overload its processor, which will result in performance degradation and possible problems like suspension, intermittent WI-FI switching off or even premature failure.

For a long time I had to use DSL-2640U as a router in a small office. Four computers plus two network printers and the clients’ smartphones put an excessive load on it: the modem was overheating and hanging, and every hour or an hour and a half I had to turn it off. The bosses did not want to install a new router. they were thrifty capitalists. I had to cut a round hole in the top cover of the modem and install a cooling fan from a faulty motherboard. Thermal mode came back to normal, the router was able to work without any failures during the whole working day.

Table: typical malfunctions of DSL-2640U and troubleshooting

Problem symptom The reason is How to fix
Indicator light is not on. Power supply unit is defective. Replace the power adapter with defective one. Any PSU with 12v voltage and current of 0.5A and above will do.
Indicator light is orange. Modem is in the emergency recovery mode. Modem firmware is damaged. Load new firmware with patch cord, as described in manual.
DSL indicator flashes constantly Modem can’t establish connection with provider’s equipment. Check condition of connecting cables between modem, splitter and line, as well as splitter itself. If they are OK, contact your ISP’s tech support.
WI-FI icon is not lit, no wireless network access. Wireless module is disabled in the modem web interface Activate wireless module by connecting to the modem via cable.
Internet icon is not lit, no network access Wrong username and password in PPPoE connection settings Check your account information setting with web interface and enter the correct parameters.
The modem is getting hot, the speed of network access is falling Load on the modem processor is too high. If you have no possibility to decrease the number of connected clients, put the modem in bridge mode and use it together with standard router.

The D-LINK 2640U Modem Router is a balanced and affordable solution for ADSL Internet access. If you don’t have enough speed of Internet, and the main thing. you need equally high speed of both download and upload. you should think about switching to another provider, which provides services via twisted pair or optical channel. Buying a more powerful ADSL router only makes sense if you need to create a home network with a large number of devices.

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