How to configure NFC on Huawei P Smart

How to connect NFC to Huawei P Smart?

If you have looked and there is a NFC module in Huawei P Smart 2021, check on on the phone or not (how to enable NFC on Huawei P Smart 2021). To do this, lower the phone curtain brushing down the screen from above. Look there the necessary NFC icon as in the photo. If it is not illuminated, then it needs to be activated.

Open the phone curtain with a swipe down the screen on top. Look for the corresponding NFC icon there as in a screenshot. If there is an icon, then in Huawei P Smart 2021 there is a NFC chip and support for contactless payments.

Stage binding of a bank card to the smartphone Huawei (Honor)

  • Open the Google Pay application and click “Start”.
  • The process of linking the card begins. Click “Add a map”.
  • The window with the conditions of use will open. We scroll down and click “Accept the conditions and continue”.
  • Now, if you do not have a graphic key or password, the system will report this. Be sure to set the password and proceed to the next step.
  • Now you can add a card. The system will offer two options: scan or enter the number manually. After entering the card number, you will need to fill out the CVC field (this is a three.Digit code located on the back). Next, you need to fill out all the necessary fields: enter the name (as on the map), country, city, address and phone.
  • If all the fields are entered correctly, it remains only to confirm the data of the card. SMS with the code will come to the number that you previously indicated. Enter it and click “Send”.
  • Binding of a bank card to your Huawei completed. In the “Google Pay” application, you will see it as a “default card”.

Now, to make a purchase, it will be enough to touch the smartphone to the contactless payment terminal.

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What is NFC function in smartphones

You can find out what NFC on the Honor phone is from the decryption of the abbreviation: Near Field Communication. “Middle Field connection”. In other words, this is a wireless connection of a small radius of action. Since it has two operating modes: active and passive, it is used in smartphones to transmit data between two devices, read and programming tags, contactless payment.

How does it work

The principle of operation of the contactless payment module is similar to RFID technology used in bank cards with a chip. The connection between devices is carried out through the induction of the magnetic field, and reading and recording data by transmitting a radio signal at a frequency of 13.56 MHz. Distinctive features of NFC are:

  • Small radius of action. Up to 10 cm.
  • Low level of energy consumption.
  • Quick connection of objects among themselves (the connection takes less than 0.01 sec.).

Knowledge of how NFC works on Huawei allow the use of function in all directions.

How to correctly configure NFC on Honor and Huawei phone

In order for payment via NFC to become available on the phone, you need to connect the function and correctly configure the function. The setting instructions will help in this matter, which consists of three stages:

Stage 1: how to enable NFC

The first method is simpler and faster. To turn on the NFC, it is enough to swap down in the upper part of the screen to call the notifications panel. After that, it is necessary to click on the NFC icon, transferring it into active mode. This will be indicated by the change of its color from gray to turquoise.

The second method is a little more complicated, because it requires the performance of large actions:

  • Open the phone settings.
  • Select “Connection of the device”
  • Then the item “NFC”, where it is necessary to move the runner to the right position.
  • There are no selected applications in the paragraph “Payment application by default”.

This is where the first stage is finished, go to the second.

Stage 2: Installation Google Pay

At this stage you need to download and install the Google Pay application on the phone. Instructions:

  • Go to Play Market;
  • In the search bar, type “Google Pay” and select the first application from the list;
  • Click “Install” and wait for the end of the process;
  • Then return to the settings point “Default application” where the Google Pay application should appear.

The second stage is completed, go to the third.

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Stage 3: Adding a bank card for payment

The binding of a bank card to the Huawei smartphone takes place in the Google Pay application. This is done like this:

  • Open the application.
  • Click “Start”, then “add a map”.
  • Scan the card or click “Enter data manually”.
  • Fill the necessary fields and click “Continue”.
  • Read the conditions of use and if everything suits you, click “Accept”.
  • Confirm the card data by clicking “Continue”.
  • Enter the PIN code received in the SMS message to confirm the card binding.
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This stage is finished. Now you can pay for purchases with simple application to the phone terminal.

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How to install Google Pay on Huawei?

Contactly payment in the iPhone works using NFC technology in this way, damage to the chip or antenna usually becomes causes of non.Contact payment. This happens most often after the fall of the phone, the blow, and the moisture hit it. Also, the NFC chip malfunction leads to errors when updating the iPhone.

Connection in the smartphones Huawei NFC apps

The process of how to connect NFC on Huawei phone does not differ anything. You must also go into settings and find this function. The main thing is to remember that it is also necessary to install the Google service. To connect the card through the application. This is done to ensure confidentiality and security. The means can be disposed of in the same way as from a regular card: transfer, pay for various services.

The Huawei NFC function is quite simply adjusted, there are also no problems with paying travel, purchase train tickets, plane, taxi payment is provided. Over, this technology is actively used around the world, so there will be no difficulties.

How to use NFC on Huawei phone?

To use an already connected and activated function, enough:

Sometimes it is required to additionally confirm the payment by introducing a PIN code.

To read the mark, just bring the device to it and wait for the connection and obtain information.

To transmit data, you need to keep 2 smartphones near (at a distance of 10 centimeters) and send a file by selecting the desired method. It is prohibited to remove phones from each other until the completion of the transmission.

What to do if NFC does not work on Honor and Huawei

In the first case, if there is a reset of synchronized information, you will need to again log in in the application, delete and re.Add all cards. If the payment card is inactive, or the account is closed, contact the bank to restore them. In the case of systemic interruptions, standard reloading and cleaning the cache will help. In rare cases, when the phone is strongly clogged with viral components, you will need a rollback to factory settings.

If the phone after falling or a strong blow has stopped making payments through the sensor, you should contact a specialist in the service center. There is a chance that the contacts have left or it has completely broken.

After update

Software Google Pay is responsible for the technology of transactions at a distance. It needs to be regularly checked for updates, clean the cache. As soon as a new version comes out, take two minutes, and reinstall. Then he will not lag in payments.

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But it happens that the non.Contact payment function ceases to carry out operations after updating. This is due to the fact that the new version is incompatible with old settings. Here you need to perform “restoration and reset”, where all the current smartphone parameters will be deleted.

Then the installation of applications will occur again, and the NFC will be comparable to your version of Android.

Does not accept the card

Another difficulty that users are faced with. The soft payment of Huawei does not accept the card. In this case, you need to remove all the current details from there, clean the cache of the device, and add again.

NFC is not supported

If the screen shows that the NFC is not supported, although you had it before, you should contact a specialist in the service center. With such “symptoms”, the problems in the work of the module itself are obvious. It needs to either be repaired or replaced.

Among experts, give preferences to those who have their own office and are known around the city. Before going to the master, read the reviews of his work. It is better to contact Huawei centers. But they are not located in all cities.

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Additional Information

To install Google Pay, use only the official Play store for Android. Software from other sources can collect personal information and hacking accounts.

How to untie the card in Google Pay?

To untie the payment card, select it, click on the context menu and select “Delete”.

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What is the maximum amount for payment without entering a password?

The threshold amount in which the operation does not request a password for confirmation. 1000.

Is there NFC in Honor 10?

Honor 10 model has a contactless payment technology.

How to find out that the payment terminal works with NFC?

This is usually indicated on the sticker from above. The icon android drink is depicted there.

Laura Kalibekova (written articles: 90)

Another editor. The author’s texts contain useful information about brands technique. Conducts detailed reviews and shares with page visitors. View all author notes →

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