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Hi all! Today I’m going to try to tell you all about this magic wand. If the first Smart TVs were produced with a regular remote, which was not very convenient to manage a complex system. And in the future had to buy the “magic pointer” separately. Now all new LG televisions come with two remote controls: a regular one and the LG Magic Remote.

Today in this article we’re going to break down some of the problems that can arise during use. I will also tell about the compatibility of TVs for those who have not yet purchased this remote, and who did not have it in the kit originally.

If you’ve ever tried to use your Smart TV system with a regular remote control, you can see how inconvenient it is. But I will highlight some of the most striking features you’ll get with this mouse:

  • The remote control is equipped with a gyroscope, so you can easily use it to move the mouse cursor as an electronic pointer. Some people use old wireless mice, but it’s not very comfortable to move the mouse on the sofa.
  • Ability to give orders to the TV by voice. In the same way you don’t have to type a query into the search bar of your browser, you just have to give it a command. This greatly reduces the time it takes to use the AN-MR300.
  • Also has all the basic functions of a simple remote.

It was invented primarily to simplify the task of managing the Smart operating system.

The models are

The very first model was the AN-MR300. It was convenient, but some users complained about the low sensitivity of the gyroscope, which made it not so convenient to control the cursor. Later came the AN-MR400 version. it was more reliable and sensitive.

They don’t make them anymore. There are currently three versions on the market:

Their difference lies in the supported televisions. Older remotes may support TVs from 2012 and 2013. They also have a slightly different design, and newer models have added buttons. I will tell you about them below.

Here you first need to look at the year of manufacture of the TV. Also, we’re only talking about TVs that have Smart TV function. The AN-MR300 and AN-MR400 remote control fits for the very first LG TVs from 2012. The AN-MR500 already fits only 2014 models. And the AN-MR600 is compatible with models released in 2015. For clarity, I’ll give you a table of values.

I would like to mention one thing. Only models older than the AN-MR500 are available in stores now. The AN-MR300/400 I could not find in the store. But both of these models are available on AliExpress for the huge sum of 3000. Apparently the Chinese have decided to earn extra money, that LG stopped releasing the old remotes. Although I can’t understand why. because there are still many people who bought Smart TVs back in 2012.

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TIP! Below is a table showing the compatibility of Magic Remote control of different versions with TVs. For easy searching just press “Ctrl” and “F” keys simultaneously. After that in the right top corner of the screen a search box will pop up for this page. Type the model number (only numbers and letters without LG name) and press “Enter”.

The difference between the original and universal remote control

The remote from the TV, for example, Tricolor TV, is a useless device by itself, it can only be used with another device. a TV receiver, for which it was created.

The principle of the remote control is based on three actions:

  • When you press a button on the device, you mechanically engage a chip that creates a certain sequence of electrical pulses;
  • The LED element of the remote control converts the command received into infrared radiation with a wavelength of 0.75-1.4 microns, and sends the signal to the paired device;
  • The TV has a phototransistor that detects this IR signal and converts it into its own electrical pulse, transmits it to its control unit, so that the command you set is executed.

The method of communication used in remote controls is called PCM, or pulse code modulation. Its peculiarity is that each command is assigned a separate 3-bit sequence, e.g:

switch off TV; 001. select next channel; 010. return previous channel; 011. increase volume; 100. decrease volume; 111. switch on TV, etc.д.

That is, when you press the button on the remote control, the electronic circuitry turns on the IR LED according to a preset pattern: “111”. ON, ON, ON, with a clear signal step length, e.g. 3 milliseconds. If you select a volume control button that has the code 011, the LED will perform three of these actions with a predetermined delay: turn off, turn on, and turn on again.

There are three different types of remote controls on the market:

Original and non-original remotes are control devices designed for one specific model of technical device. The only difference is that the first type is produced by the manufacturer, which assembled the TV set itself, and non-original remote controls are produced by different companies under license.

Universal Remote Controls (URCs) are learnable control devices that:

  • Can be adjusted;
  • Fits many models of TVs;
  • Can be used in place of a lost remote control for any technical device.

Universal remote control can be selected by shape, size, color, design, depending on personal preference. There is a special program and a special code base inside such device, which allow to determine signals from almost any TV.

The most common brands of universal remote controls are Supra, Huayu and Beeline.

Initial pairing of 2012 TV models and remotes

To pair a 2012 Magic Motion remote control: Press the Smart (or Home) and Back buttons simultaneously for at least 4 seconds while pointing the remote toward the TV. And wait for the message on the TV, the connection.

The Magic remote for 2010-2011 TVs looks like this. For the initial connection you need to place the remote control close to the TV, press OK or MUTE button and hold for about 5 seconds. Before the remote control message appears on your TV. For a visual indication that pairing is taking place, the backlight of the power button on the remote will blink during pairing.

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This is the very first Magic Remote model introduced in 2011. The only functions are cursor control, TV on/off, channel switching and sound control.

An upgraded model introduced in 2012. The remote control became bigger to make it easier to hold in your hand, and there is a scroll wheel, which is also a button, and a button to control the 3D function if your TV supports it.

Appearance and buttons

The number of buttons depends on the model and version of the remote control. Starting with the AN-MR600 the remote control has more buttons with numbers. These are not available on earlier versions. So let’s look at the buttons and functions of the latest versions of the MR600-650A.

Now let’s go through the buttons from top to bottom:

  • Turning the TV on and off;
  • Turning on or off the Smart TV set-top box. If you use a set-top box from LG instead of a TV set.
  • Buttons for entering numbers and letters;
  • LIST access to the list of stored programs;
  • 0 or the space bar for entering text;
  • AD Display of the remote control screen;
  • And the volume up and down buttons;
  • Arrows to switch the channel;
  • Mute button;
  • Button for entering a voice command;
  • Returns to the start page of the menu;
  • Go to settings;
  • The scroll wheel can also be pressed;
  • Arrows for menu navigation;
  • Button to return to the previous menu or exit the menu;
  • Display a list of program guide;
  • INPUT (wire icon) When the (INPUT) button is pressed and held down, displays all the lists of external connected devices. For example, connected USB sticks, USB, network cable, etc.д.
  • Additional button for quick access to a certain section in the menu (may vary, the Russian versions usually have IVI);
  • An additional button to control teletext.
  • Special customizable buttons for quick access to a particular section of the menu;
  • Enable or disable teletext;
  • Additional button for teletext control;
  • Zoom in on a particular section of the screen to enlarge it.

LG Magic Remote: compatibility and tips for choosing

Regarding the choice of remote control, purchase, and compatibility issues, everything is sad. Absolutely, the remote control Magic Remote is included with LG TV, in case I do not make a mistake starting from the 7 series and above. In these layouts in general, there is no problem. Everything will literally work already. About some compatibility of the remote control and TV do not have to declare.

And if you have a TV series 6, or lower, then how to be in this case. Still want to buy a similar harmless, and comfortable module, but whether the remote control will work with the model of my TV? I want to find out in a moment, if your TV does not have a Smart TV, the remote control is not necessary. The point of it all.

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Roughly speaking, if you brought to buy a remote control in a banal store, the troubles may not arise. Most likely, there are as many TVs in the market as you have, it is possible to find out compatibility. And regarding purchasing from online stores, it’s more difficult.

Let’s look at the final 2 models: AN-MR600 and AN-MR500. In my opinion, AN-MR500 works with 2014 TV models, but AN-MR600 works with 2015 models. Good point that not all TV models are supported. However, this information can not be found at anyone. I looked at these remotes in various online stores and on the LG website. And what do you think, I noticed no one named information on compatibility.

So, for the AN-MR500 is composed that it works with all 2014 models. But the AN-MR600 remote control page prescribes a number of models, which, as if literally provided. There’s so much uncertainty that it’s just plain creepy. In addition, the description prescribes a number of named models of TV, well, in the explanations, agents write LG about compatibility with moreover many models. Some, true, provide remote control when the AN WF500 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth adapter is turned on as well.


How to register (pair) or unregister (unpair) How to register (pair) the Magic Remote

  • To use the Magic Remote, first connect it to the TV.
  • Put the batteries in the Magic Remote and turn the TV on. 2. Point the Magic Remote at the TV and press the Wheel (OK) button on the remote control.

How to unregister (pair) the Magic RemotePress and hold (HOME) and BACK simultaneously for five seconds to disconnect the Magic Remote from your TV.


  • Use the remote control within this range (within 10 m).You may experience communication problems if you use the device outside the coverage area or if there are obstacles in the coverage area.
  • Communication failure may occur depending on the accessories.Devices such as the microwave and wireless LAN work in the same frequency range (2.4 GHz) as well as the Magic Remote. It can cause communication failure.
  • The Magic Remote may not work properly if your wireless router (AP) is within 0.2m from TV. Your wireless router must be more than 0.2m away from your TV.
  • Do not disassemble or heat the battery.
  • Do not drop battery. Avoid violent shocks to the battery.
  • Do not immerse batteries in water.
  • Warning: Risk of fire or explosion if battery is replaced by the wrong type.
  • Dispose of used batteries correctly.
  • Incorrect battery installation can cause batteries to explode.

TVs 2021- Z1/M1/G1/C1/B1/A1- QNED9/QNED8/NANO9/NANO8/NANO7- UP8 / UP7 (Please check if TV Bluetooth is available) Not all listed models are supported in all countries. Models listed are subject to change without notice.

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