How to Configure Huawei E3372h 153 Modem

Connecting a USB modem as a gateway to access the Internet using a Mikrotik router (RouterOS 6.x). For example, a modem Huawei E3372 (MTS 827F / 829F, MegaFon M150-2, Beeline E3372 / E3370, TELE2 E3372h-153).

In this article we will look at how to easily and quickly configure the Internet using a bunch of Mikrotik USB modem routers.

A little bit about the modem we took for tests:

This modem holds the network well and cost me only 900 rubles. The modem will upgrade to HiLink firmware.
There are 2 fundamentally different types of firmware for this modem. STICK and HILINK. Firmware is interchangeable, that is, any firmware can be flashed into any modem.

With this firmware, the device behaves like a classic USB modem: there is an AT command port through which you can establish a connection using the PPP protocol. This is exactly how almost all 3G modems of previous generations work. over, the speed is limited. no more than 20-30 Mbit per reception. In addition to PPP mode, there is an NDIS mode. In this case, the modem emulates a network interface through which data is transmitted, and only control commands go through the AT-port. In this mode, the speed is not limited. The main feature of the stick-mode is to establish a connection and support the operation of the channel using the OS of the computer to which the modem is connected. In this case, the computer receives the IP address directly from the cellular provider through a DHCP request, and the modem acts as a network bridge, transferring packets from the computer to the cellular network and vice versa, without changing them.

The initial USB composition of the stick modem is a virtual CD-ROM and microSD card reader. In order for modem ports to appear, you must make a composition switch. Under windows, this is handled by the operator software available on the virtual CD, or the proprietary program from huawei. Mobile Partner. Under linux, the usb-modeswitch program does the switching. It is possible to prohibit the switching of compositions. This is done with the following command:

In this case, the modem immediately after turning on will look like 2 AT-ports and an NDIS network card. CD and microSD will be excluded from the configuration. This mode is extremely convenient for using the modem in various home routers. You can return a composition with switching with the command:

The stick firmware version numbers always start at 21. for example, With this type of firmware modems from MTS and Megaphone are supplied.

Included with Stick-firmware, the so-called Dashboard is flashed into the modem. the image of a virtual CD that appears in the system after connecting the modem. On this CD there are modem drivers for different OSs, as well as a control program with the help of which they establish a connection to the Internet, read SMS, make USSD requests, etc. There is a universal version of this program from the manufacturer of the Huawei modem (Huawei Modem), as well as specialized versions from specific communication operators.

Our modem is configured as a router, ip address is, dhcp is enabled.

If desired, the modem IP address can be changed in its settings.

Connection to mikrotik and setup:

  1. We connect the modem to the USB port, or through the adapter to micro-usb. The router should appear LTE1 interface, you may need to reboot the router.

How to Configure Huawei E3372h 153 Modem

2. Go to the section IP DHCP Client and add a new client for the LTE1 interface

If we do not plan to use the modem as the default gateway, we need to uncheck the Use Peer DNS checkbox (so as not to send all queries to the mobile operator’s DNS) and Use Peer NTP, and also select “NO” in the Add Default Route line

3. If NAT is already configured, then after adding DHCP Client the Internet will have to work. If this does not happen, NAT checks probably need to add a new rule (IP Firewall NAT):

That should make money. if something does not work, check DNS, Route, how to configure them can be found in the article Configuring MIkrotik, changing the standard IP IPTV RouterOS ver. 6.x

Why use microtik and modem? For example, as a backup channel. Or in the country, as a wi-fi router. Mikrotik can be placed somewhere where the signal is good enough, and you can sit where you feel comfortable. You can even hang it on a tree by pre-connecting it to the battery # 128578;
Information about the modem and types of firmware taken from