How to configure e -mail on the Android tablet

How to create e.Mail on Android

Modern devices allow us not only to make calls and send text messages, but also to use e.Mail to receive media files, different investments, to quickly redirect letters from other participants. In general, the mailbox at the moment is the most necessary thing for any user, because all services are attached to it, the possibility of restoring passwords is given, if you forgot them, all notifications are sent, including from banks, cellular operators, stores.

And, it would seem, you can create a mailbox from a computer, only not all users have such an opportunity. What to do if you have only a phone in your hands, and you need to create an email right now? In fact, you have not just a smartphone, but a full-fledged mini-computer, with which you can perform a huge number of operations, including such simple ones as creating a mailbox.

How to configure Yandex.Mail

For more comfortable work with Yandex by mail, it is recommended to use the “native” application. It spreads free and is available for loading via Play Market. Instructions:

Download and install the Yandex app.Mail for smartphone via Play Market. To do this, use the search for a keyword.

Launch the application and select the mail on the main screen you want to configure. In our case, this is Yandex.

For authorization, enter a login, mail or phone and click “Next”. If a profile is connected to the account on the social network Google. Vk, you can use it.

Indicate the password from email and click “Next”.

After that, read the capabilities of the application or click “Go to the mail” to immediately start work.

configure, mail, android, tablet

Go to the “Settings” menu. To do this, make a swipe to the right on the main screen or click on the icon in the form of three dashes.

Here you can add another box, turn on the entrance to the PIN code, turn on the dark theme, compact mode, change the notifications, etc.D.

This is where the Android settings ends. With the help of a mail client from Yandex, you can also work with your electronic boxes registered in services from Mail, Google, Rambler, etc.D.


One of the most famous Russian postal services. Its creators could well lure the user to himself with all their might. But, surprisingly, the mobile application allows you to add an account from other popular “mailings”. If you have several email addresses, then the program unites them all!

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As for the application intensity, absolutely any person should deal with it. It is made in branded blue-white colors. If the sender has an avatar, then he will be displayed in the program. The client is also able to boast of a combined address book, so you can find the recipient very quickly. Everything is in order here and with push notifications, thanks to which you definitely will not miss the next letter! At night, the sound of notifications disappears. In this way the client will not violate your dream. The creators should be thanked for the implementation of protection in the form of a PIN code. Of course, if you use the device only at home, then such protection can be turned off.


One of the applications installed on all Android devices is Gmail. To configure Yandex mail in it, the following is necessary:

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Launch the program and in the settings, select “Add account”.

Among the list shown, select Yandex.

Write down the login and password from the mail, then click “Enter”.

In the opened account parameters, set the synchronization frequency, if desired, turn on the rest of the points and click “Next”.

The mail will be added, the program will offer to set the user name and the name of the account (optional).

How to configure an email account on the device with Android OS

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You have problems with setting up an email account on your device with Android OS? So you came to the address! Presenting the simplest steps to set up an email account on your mobile phone with Android operating system.

Launch the application for working with e.Mail. Open the menu and click on the menu on the icon with the inscription “Email” (email). This program on your mobile phone with Android OS refers to factory installations.

Enter the necessary data. After you have decided on the supplier of e.Mail services, you will be invited to enter the email address and your account data.

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Assign the name to your account. After that, you need your email account to correlate with the name. In the “Email” application (email) in the Android OS, you can configure more than one email account; Therefore, you can assign any user name to your account for your own convenience.

Use your email. It is done! Now you can send and receive messages from your mobile phone from Android OS.

Postal client for several mailboxes

If you control several boxes, then of course, it is better to use such postal customers who can serve more than one mailbox from different providers. A vivid example of such a client can be considered a free client Mymail.

By downloading the Mymail application. Each android owner will be able to become the owner of a free box in the login@my format.Com. You can attach photo and other investments to letters, write, read, answer and redirect emails with one touch, controlling mail from a smartphone or tablet.

Let’s register a new mail

At the moment, there are quite a lot of resources on the Internet that will allow you to create your own electronics. At the same time, when you are registering, you will not have to indicate your personal data. To make it clearer, we will analyze the registration on famous search engines.

Email Gmail

10 years ago, the postal service of the search giant was not so popular, but now it is not possible to do without it owners of mobile devices based on the Android operating system.

Without the Gmail account, the user does not have access to numerous services of Google, including the Play Games and Applications store, Google photo, cloud storage and others.

How to create mail (account) gmail

You can do this in the phone settings or in a mobile browser. There is no difference in the process of creating email:

How to Use an Android Tablet. Email Setup

Open the Settings program on the phone or Google mobile browser and go to the Accounts tab. Scroll down the screen and click on the inscription “Add account”.

In the list of services opened, select Google. Next, select “Create an account”.

Indicate for what purposes an account is being created. Long.Term personal use or business management.

In the form of filling the form, enter the required data: name and surname (it is not necessary to use real data, you can specify fictional ones).

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Indicate the number, month, year of birth and gender. If you indicate age for less than 18 years, access to the content of the services will be limited, as it adapts to minor users.

Invent and enter the login and password from email. The password must contain from 8 characters, consist of Latin letters and numbers and be complex.

After creating a login and password, the service will offer to indicate the phone number. It will be needed if you have to change the password from the mail.

Take the conditions for using the service. For this, scroll down down and click on the “accept” button.

The company is engaged in the production of many services, supports the work of social networks, and also has its own postal service. Registration in it is available not only through the official website. You can do this through a special mobile application:

In the search for Play Market, find the program and click on “Install”.

At the end of the installation, start the application.

Find below and slip on the “Create mail” button.

Fill out all the necessary points with registration data, check the correctness of the input and move on.

Enter your phone number or select another tool for confirming the creation of an account.

configure, mail, android, tablet

Allow certain parameters or miss them. It will be possible to edit permits later through the settings menu.

The mailbox has been created, it remains only to click on “ready”.

In the “incoming” folder you will already have three letters from the group in them are useful information management.

We recommend that you devote a little time to set up a mail customer, as this will help to simplify the interaction with him as much as possible. Read a detailed guide on this topic on the following link:

configure, mail, android, tablet

Above, we tried to describe the process of creating email in four popular postal services as much as possible. We hope our leadership helped you easily cope with the task. If the necessary service was not mentioned in this article, just find its official application in the Play Market, install it and perform a standard registration procedure for one of the above examples.

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