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Watch Smart Bracelet Jet Kid Connect how to configure

After buying Jet Kids watches, they must be charged, otherwise they will not turn on, since the battery may be in a discharged state. In order for the battery to serve as much as possible, it is necessary to charging it in the off state.

To turn on the device, take the following steps:

  • Charging using a USB cable;
  • Find the button on the right side of the smart watch;
  • Hold the button for 3-5 seconds;

To turn off the clock, you need to go to the application and take the following steps:

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You can use another shutdown option by sending an SMS command from the PW smartphone, 123456, Poweroff#

Without a SIM card with a connected Internet, the device also turns off using a button that is located on the right.

Definition and functionality of the gadget

At first glance, modern Smart hours are no different from their electronic predecessors. They also rush on their arm and show time, but this is the only thing that unites them. Modern children‘s hours-telephone are equipped with truly espionage “lotions”:

  • Equipped with a removal control sensor from the hand;
  • Capable of conducting round.The.Clock monitoring of the location of the child;
  • Allow the wiretap using the “reverse call” utility.

However, in order to gain access to a complete range of opportunities, a watch model with a GPS tracker must be connected to the phone’s phone, after downloading a special application from the Internet.

Using such a device is very fashionable and convenient. You can call parents by one button. Possessing a comfortable silicone strap, the gadget always remains fastened on the hand of the child, which is ideal for young and middle.Aged children, as they are very mobile.

On a note! The most popular among children’s devices were Chinese models Smartbabywatch Q50 (they are G300) and Q60, which can be easily and inexpensively ordered on AliExpress website.

Features of Smart watches Jet Kid Smart

From the characteristics of the Jet Kid Smart Watch device, we emphasize:

  • Perfect navigation system (GPS / GLONASS / A-GPS)
  • A full.Fledged communication system (calls, SMS, voice mail, SOS button, wiretapping)
  • Convenient display of time (a digital version understandable to the child)
  • Convenient integration (maximum simplified menu and understandable management)
  • The presence of health functions (sleep and activity monitoring. Smart alarm clock, waller)

Big plus of all models of the Jet Kid series. Corporate application. It simplifies management and complements the functionality. Read more about this below, and now let’s consider the device more detailed.


Smart watches Jet Kid Smart are supplied in this set:

Advantage. A universal headphone connector. There is no such thing in the Start model. The headset is not included in the kit, it is bought separately.


3 models differing in color were on sale:

  • Jet Kid Smart Black. Black with gray inserts
  • Jet Kid Smart Lilac. Purple with white inserts
  • Jet Kid Smart Dark Blue-a dark blue color with black inserts
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The models do not differ outwardly. The case is made in the shape of a rectangle with rounded corners, the screen in the form of a clear square is framed by a black insert. The general view is pleasant, it is suitable for almost any children‘s clothing.


  • Face panel. Screen and touch button “Call”
  • Rear panel. Registration code and battery
  • The right side line is the power button (it is SOS), the headphone jack and the call button
  • Left lateral line. A hole for charging and a SIM card slot

The design is extremely simple. The connectors and the keys are signed by the manufacturer, so it is easy to understand their purpose. Unlike the Start model, where Simka was inserted under the battery, a separate slot on the left side is made here for her. How to insert a SIM card into a bracelet, considered below. We proceed to the issue of settings.

Important data: ID and IMEI

Smart hours have their own identifier (IMEI). Usually it is indicated on the sticker, which is glued to the box or back cover of the device. You must keep it yourself. This number will be needed to search for the gadget if the GPS suddenly refuses or other problems arise.

Детские смарт часы JET KID NEXT. Обзор.

The second identifier (ID) is a unique device number in the application. Knowing ID, not one smartphone can interact with the clock, but a few.

If the ID was somehow lost, there are several options for actions:

configure, smart, watch, children, kids
  • “Pull” it from IMEI. In most cases, the ID is laid down in the identifier. Begins with the fifth digit and ends with the penultimate. For IMEI 0123456789012345 ID will be 5678901234.
  • Send a command in the form of SMS from the gadget. The data required to send the command can be found on the Internet.

ID will come in handy if the clock needs to be re.Activated and connected with the application.

Phone book

How to add contacts in smart hours? Easily. In the application menu, select:

  • Allowed rooms. We enter the numbers of subscribers from which it will be possible to get through to Watch Baby.
  • Phone book. Enter and save a list of numbers and names that will be displayed on the watch screen. As a rule, this is no more than 10 contacts.

Now you can call from children‘s smart watches. Choose the desired contact on the screen smart. To do this, turn over the phone book by pressing the button 2.

Setting a children’s SMART BRADE JET KID

A set of steps to set the settings for Jet KID does not carry any difficulties. First you need to charge the clock, and insert the Micro-SIM SIM card with connected mobile Internet in them. Previously, only SIM cards of Megafon and Beeline operators were suitable for working with the clock, which allow more or less accurately determined the location of the children’s device.

Install the SIM card

It is very important to turn off in advance in the SIM card a request for entering a PIN code. Internet access for a connected SIM card must be activated and paid.

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To hide the parent smartphone with Smart hours, you will need a special application. Typically, a tag with a QR code that contains a link to this application in the Play Market is included with the clock (for example, it may be Jetkid).

You follow this link, download the application to your smartphone and start it. Next, register by introducing ID devices (the camera is sent to the QR code on the back cover of the clock), your child’s name, e-mail, parent’s phone and password.

ID devices will help determine the QR code on the back cover. After installing the SIM card, the time and date will be automatically configured. The hourly belt changes in the settings of the application (point “Settings”).

The main menu of the application looks something like this:

Jet Kid application menu

“Voice Messages” Allows you to exchange voice messages with your child.
“Geolocation of the child” The determination of the location of the child through Jet KID is stated with an accuracy of 6 meters.
“Story” The story of the child’s movement in a given period of time.
“Geosons” Allows you to determine the boundaries of the geozon, when leaving which you will hear a sound signal.
“Messages” Allows you to configure when the Smart hours will tell you by reports about the low charge, SOS-call, or removing the clock from the child.
“Health” The account of the number of steps per day, control of sleep time and other.
“Alarm” Allows you to configure the alarm.
“Awards” You can send your child like jet kid.
“Find a clock” Allows you to track the closing of the clock according to the sound signal they made in the room.
“Profile” There are personal data here.
“Settings” Allow you to specify three numbers for SOS-Zovzov, enter 10 subscribers to the phone book, indicate at what time not to disturb the subscriber and so on.

The “Settings” section allows you to configure the application in accordance with its preferences

Turning on and off children‘s hours, calls to calls occur by clicking on the SOS button. The same button will help send a request for the help of three people to choose from, the phones of which will need to be entered in the Jet Kid application settings.

For sending messages, menu points “Messages” are responsible. To send a voice message, select the “Voice Messages” item and click on “Start recording”.

Send your child voice messages

Determining the location of the child is determined by choosing the menu “Where is the child”.

In general, working with the application is understandable immediately, and does not cause difficulties.

Jet Kid Start is the best way to control children for parents. In addition to the functions of determining the location, here you can also track the activity of a small user, set the norm of the steps passed and set the right sleep time. This is a guarantee of the baby’s safety and an excellent accessory for health.

Owners who have recently bought Smart hours for children with a phone function are faced with a problem-how to use this device? We wrote for you step-by-step instructions for setting up children’s smart watches using the example of a popular model with SIM card Smart Baby Watch Q50. The main purpose of these watches is to determine the location of the child. For configuration you will need:

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How to connect SIM?

Before inserting the SIM card during the Jet KID clock, the user should have:

  • The SIM card should have a positive balance:
  • The device should have a micro connector;
  • Before installing the card, you need to unlock it; safety, excluding the PIN code;
  • The card must maintain 2G mode;

The set of some Jet Kids models includes a small screwdriver in order to carefully unscrew the rear cover of the Smart hour. Before installing the SIM card, you should carefully read the instructions.

  • Insert the card into the smartphone and go to the Safety Settings;
  • You need to click “Configure the lock”;
  • The slider must be pushed to the right, if there is a checkbox there, it needs to be removed;

After the actions made, the SIM card can be inserted into the offs turned off. You should pay attention to the device screen when it is turned on. In the upper part of the display, the letter E should be displayed, which indicates the correct operation of the Internet connection.

configure, smart, watch, children, kids

Brief description of Jet Kid Start watches

First, get acquainted with the technical characteristics of the Jet Kid Start Children’s Smart Watches. They are set out in the table below. The description briefly provides all the necessary information about the device.

The dimensions of the device 54 × 34 × 12 mm
Building material Hypoallergenic plastic
Strap material Silicon
Type strap Removable
The colors of the performance Black / pink / blue / blue
The presence of protection From blows
Information about the display
The form Rounded corners
Type Amoled / monochrome
Diagonal 0.64 inches
Sensors Absent
Brightness Not adjustable
Other A clear image of letters, soft backlight
The presence of a microphone Present
The presence of a speaker Present
Having a SIM card slot Present
Connectors Usb / for charging
The presence of a camera Is absent
Buttons SOS / adjustment / inclusion
Sound Loud signal / adjustable
Information about communication
SIM card format Micro-SIM
Communication operators With no restrictions
Navigation system GPS
The presence of GSM Present
GSM ranges 900 /1800
Wireless module Bluetooth
Compatible OS Android 4.0 / iOS 7
Information about the battery
Battery capacity 400 mA/h
Waiting time 210 hours
Working time in colloquial mode 7.5 o’clock
Opening hours in normal mode ≈ 100 hours
Charger Through the cable
Type of battery Removable (connected to the wiring housing)
Information about the functionality
Calls Bilateral
Back call Wiretapping
SOS button The alarm about the danger
SMS messages Voice / text
Sensors Accelerometer / hand removal sensor
Appendix Jet Kid
Phone book Present
Main screen Time and Date / Communication Information
Sports teams Tracking of activity / Counting steps / sleep monitoring
Information about the manufacturer
The country China
Company manufacturer Jet
Manufacturer codes Start Black / Start Pink / Start Dark Blue / Start Light Blue
Warranty 12 months

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