How to Completely Reset Huawei Y5

Many users faced a situation where, after manipulating system files, the mobile device began to slow down or respond to some commands in a completely unusual way.

In most cases, when these symptoms appear, the so-called “Hard Reset” can help. This is nothing more than resetting the system to factory settings.

How to Completely Reset Huawei Y5

Of course, this will not return deleted files or restore modified files, but it will bring some system settings to a normal state and delete “junk” files that affect performance.

Next, we will consider all possible ways to perform a factory reset on any Huawei device.

Restoring factory settings from the system menu

The easiest way to perform a “Hard Reset” on Huawei is to run the corresponding function in the system settings. To do this, you need:

  1. go to settings;
  2. select “Restore and reset”;
  3. Click on “Reset Settings” and accept the warning.

After that, the system will reboot and the Google Welcome screen will appear.

“Hard Reset” through the recovery menu

This method may help if the system refused to start. To do this, you must:

  1. enter the recovery menu (on most devices this can be done by holding the power and volume up keys);
  2. select the menu item “Wipe data / factory reset”;
  3. accept the choice.

After performing a reset, your Huawei device will prompt you to reboot.

Hard Reset. Three Button Method

This is the most radical way to perform a Hard Reset. For its implementation it is necessary:

  1. hold the power button and both volume buttons;
  2. after the logo with the name of the device model appears, you need to release the power key (you can not release the volume keys);
  3. wait until the device starts rebooting again and release the volume buttons.

If you want to get a fully working system, place the “dload” folder with the firmware on the memory card before installing one of the methods and install it in the device. Then, when rebooting, the automatic installation of the firmware will begin and you will get a device that is really restored to the factory state.


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