How to Completely Remove Viruses from a Computer

In this article I will tell you how to clean your computer from viruses with a 99% guarantee, because not one modern antivirus can provide 100% protection. If you don’t want to read for a long time or make a mistake, you can watch our below.

Let’s proceed, in order to make it easier for us to find and clean viruses, first we need to clean the system folders. This will unload the drive and increase the speed of your computer.

Turn on the desktop.- press the start button.- control Panel.- small icons at the top right. folders settings.- view tab.- lower the slider down and remove the checkmarks: Hide protected system files, hide the extension for registered file types and put a dot in front of Show hidden files and folders.- click apply then OK.

Next come my computer.- drive c (there may be another letter, we are looking for a drive with the Windows folder installed).- open the windows folder, and then temp in it, select all the files with either selection or CtrlA and delete absolutely everything that is there. If he writes that the file cannot be deleted, skip it.

How to Completely Remove Viruses from a Computer

My computer again.- drive c. users.- folder with your username.- AppData.- Local.- Temp.- select all files again and delete them.- return to the Local folder, lower it to the very bottom and delete all files ( do not touch folders, be careful ), except for those with the ending DAT, ini.

Download CCleaner install in Russian (or to whom it is more convenient), run this program. Click on the clear button (a broom is drawn).- analysis, wait up to 100%.- press the clear button. Next, click the Register button. search for problems, we are waiting for 100%.- fix.- repeat the last steps until errors are found. Now the service button.- we remove all unnecessary programs in your opinion ( be careful! ), delete all toolbars and programs that you do not use. Startup button.- You can remove from startup all but antivirus.

Download malwarebytes anti malware install the program at the end of the installation uncheck the trial period PRO. After the first launch of the program, you will need to perform an update, wait for the update to complete, in the window that opens, put a dot near the Full Scan text. Wait until your computer is scanned for viruses. If viruses are found, then after scanning it is necessary to perform their removal. In the window with the list of viruses that appears, check all the boxes and click the Delete threats button. The program may require a reboot of the computer to remove viruses. Reboot and start the scan again, if the virus is detected again, do a few more checks but no more than 4. If after 4 checks the viruses are found, it will not be possible to remove them, they have already been integrated into your system, it is easier to reinstall Windows. If you still managed to remove all the threats. For greater certainty, you can check your computer with your standard antivirus.

After completing all these steps, in most cases your computer will start working faster and will be completely cleaned from viruses. You can also increase computer performance.

We also want to remind. that we are launching a new project. ask a question get a answer on setting up computers. Waiting for your questions.