How to Clear Youtube History on Android

How to Clear Youtube History on Android

There are people who, in principle, ignore the function of clearing the history, believing that you can forget the material you like and there are no other options except to turn to the story. However, other people can use the tablet, in addition to the owner himself. someone will take a game, someone will ask you to use the Internet or just watch. How, then, to ensure data privacy?

How to delete browser history on an Android tablet or smartphone

Each user defines his own set of programs convenient for use and providing a set of necessary functions. One of the most popular programs on the tablet is the browser. Like other applications, the choice of browsers for android is not poor. Consider the most popular browsers:
Operating System Embedded Browser. The button with three points takes us to the settings, where we should go to Personal data, where the treasured button “Clear History” is hidden
Google chrome. History, then the same button.
Opera for Android OS (Opera Mini). You can delete the history of the Opera using the “Clear All” button located in the “History” menu. You can get to this menu by pressing the big red letter O.
Opera classic. The letter O is in the right corner of the screen, in the settings menu we clear the history.
Mozilla firefox. In this browser, the story is called the Journal. Opposite it, you need to check the “Privacy” menu in the settings and “Delete data”.
Dolphin Browser. In the lower left corner we find a dolphin, after clicking on which three icons appear. Choose the one that is lower than all (three bars), go to “Settings” and the “Privacy” submenu
Browser Dolphin MINI. Many users believe that Dolphin Mini does not support history storage. However, the reason for this is the inability for many to be in the settings at all, due to the fact that there is no this button for the browser. In Android 4.1, this button is replaced by the icon of the standard menu (the panel where the buttons are back and home), which has the form of three stripes. By clicking on it, we select the icon with the image of the wrench “Toolbox”, look for “Settings”, “Clear data”. We mark “Clear history” there, click “OK”.
Boat. From right to left, draw from the right side of the display. In the settings panel, select “List” (the same three points with horizontal stripes), from the panel that opens, go to “Settings”, from there to “Personal data” and “Clear data.”
Boat MINI. Tap on the screen, we see two icons below. We are interested in the already known button with three lines, we find ourselves in the “Settings”. And select “Clear data.”
UC Browser. Everything is quick and simple here: in the settings, select the “Clear data” item.

Delete the search history in the Youtube application

If the object of your attention on YouTube is indecents and you do not want to be found out, or for any other reason want to delete the search history, then in the “Settings” select “Search”, where we clear the history.

Clear Skype history on an Android tablet or smartphone

It’s not our business what you did with this program and why you want to get rid of the data, it’s our business to tell how to do it.
Unfortunately, functions of this kind are not provided by the developers. In this case, we delete the history by clearing the application data. In the Android settings, go to the “Applications” menu, select the appropriate program (except for Skype, so you can clear the data of all displayed applications) and tap “Erase data”.
After these operations, the history with all users will be cleared, and not the specific one, and the program will require an account authorization when starting.
In case of failure, reinstalling the application will help you.

Clearing the QIP messenger history on the tablet

In secret from your beloved, do you communicate in ICQ with another beauty? We strongly advise against this, we are for a sincere relationship! But it doesn’t matter, you need to clear the history. we suggest: The method is similar to deleting the Skype history.
Delete the history of all applications.

The above methods of data deletion are used as private, that is, to delete information in one program. Sometimes, for example, during a sale, it is necessary to clear all application data (not to be confused with a complete data cleaning). In this case, the Easy Erase History program on the Play Market-e will help us. After downloading and installing, open the program and see how it scans all applications and prepares a list of data ready for cleaning. Choose the necessary ones and click “Clear”

This way you can get rid of the search history of most applications: browsers, email clients, maps, Youtube, Google Play and downloads.