How to clear the memory in LG phone

Nothing on your Android phone, but the memory is full: 5 tips to solve the problem

How to clear phone memory on Android?. This is a question of interest to many smartphone users. Lack of memory is one of the most common problems, because it can appear even on smartphones with large amounts of storage. Usually the system message “Memory full” informs about the problem. At the same time, the device really may not have free space, but sometimes it is enough. This problem leads to a ban on downloading, updating, creating photos and videos. The phone turns into a useless device, deprived of most of the functions.

The way out is to free up space or change settings. We show 5 effective ways to eliminate the lack of free space on your smartphone.

Android. Not enough free memory

The first method. the use of guides installed on the device itself. It will be called differently on different devices. To delete unwanted data you need to go to this program, select one of the categories shown, tap on the pencil icon and select the data that need to be cleared, then in the lower part of the screen click on the button with the urn icon. After completing all the procedures, the files will be erased. If you unknowingly deleted important applications during the cleaning process, you can also restore them to their original state.

The next method to help clean the system memory is to use the application Clean Master. The program is the best cleaner in its field, and after using it, the work of the device becomes noticeably faster. Working with this product is not difficult. You need to download and turn it on. We will see the main window of the program with two values. The first value is the system memory of the device, the second value is the RAM.

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Clean Master on Android

If you choose the first option, the system scanning process will start, and after it is finished, it will show you all the information about the unwanted data.

Further on the screen you will see a detailed list of what files can be deleted and their absence will not affect the system operation. Tapping the “Save” key will start the cleaning process.

How to clear LG TV internal memory?

8 ways to quickly clear iPhone memory

  • Clean the cache First, you need to clean the Safari browser cache
  • Reinstall apps.
  • Delete old messages.
  • Use a special application.
  • Listen to streaming music.
  • Turn off duplicate photos.
  • Delete screenshots.
  • Force a reboot

Types of memory on Android gadgets

Android phones, like computers, use two kinds of memory:

  • RAM (RAM). operative memory. It contains data only during the direct operation of the gadget. Running applications, tabs in the browser, running games. all these processes consume part of the RAM.
  • ROM (ROM). permanent storage device. All information is kept in memory until you delete it yourself. This category includes all the files on your phone, application cache, etc.п. (read )

ROM memory in Android devices is divided into built-in memory (originally located on the device and used to store files, like a hard drive on a PC) and mass storage (memory card, internal memory).

When these types of memory runs out, the phone begins to malfunction and. To eliminate the error you need to clean ROM and RAM from “garbage.

How to make everything save to your LG memory card?

We suggest that you start looking at the instructions right away:

  • Download the app
  • Run it;
  • Tap the “App Manager” icon;
  • Go to the “Move” tab;
  • Select any app you want to move to the memory card by ticking the checkbox
  • Now click on the “Move to SD card” button;

Analyze the contents of the internal memory on Android with third-party utilities

Similarly, as with Windows (see “ROM”), the ROM memory of Android devices. How to find out what’s taking up disk space), there are apps for Android that allow you to find out exactly what’s taking up space in your phone or tablet’s internal memory.

One such application, free, with a good reputation and from a Russian developer. DiskUsage, which you can download from Play Market.

  • After launching the application if you have both internal memory and a memory card, you will be prompted to select the storage, for some reason in my case, when you select Storage the memory card opens (used as removable memory, not internal memory), but when you select “memory card” opens internal memory.
  • In the application you will see the data on what exactly takes up space in the memory of the device.
  • For example, if you select an application in the Apps section (they will be sorted by the amount of space taken up), you will see how much the APK application file itself, the data and its cache take up.
  • Some folders (not related to applications) you can delete directly in the program. click on the menu button and select the item “Delete”. Be careful with deletion, as some folders may be needed for apps to work.
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There are other applications to analyze the contents of Android internal memory, such as ES Disk Analizer (though requiring a strange set of permissions), “Disks, Storage and SD Cards” (all good here, showing temporary files that are difficult to identify manually, but advertising).

There are also utilities for automatic cleaning of guaranteed unnecessary files from Android memory. there are thousands of such utilities in Play Market, and not all of them are trustworthy. Of those tested, I personally can recommend Norton Clean for novice users. the only permission required is access to the files, and something critical this program certainly does not remove (on the other hand, it removes the same things that can be removed manually in the settings android).

You can also delete unnecessary files and folders from your device manually, using any of these apps: Best free file managers for Android.

How to clear “Other” in your phone memory

Cleaning is carried out by the method described in the previous section, but together with the selection of “Downloads”, you should enter the “Other” folder (some phones use the name “Other”). After going to this section you need to delete unnecessary files. Make sure that the saved files are not really needed. Otherwise data will be irretrievably lost. If for some reason you can not enter the folder (this happens), then watch the video at the end of the article, there is an alternative solution.

What fills the free space?

Figuring out how to free internal memory of the phone on “Android”, you should pay attention to several points. Certain methods can be effective in some cases, but are totally impractical in others.

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Before freeing the internal memory on “Android”, you need to understand where the data that fills the device comes from. There are a few of the most common options out there:

  • Saving photos, music, and videos;
  • Data used in social networking exchanges;
  • audio from a voice recorder;
  • data downloaded via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi;
  • Applications from Play Market placed in the memory of the device.

How do I know what’s in my phone‘s memory??

To do this, you need to enter “Settings” through the main menu or the top curtain of the taskbar, and select the item “Storage”. This section of the settings will display the minimum necessary information about the state of internal memory and, if possible, the flash drive plugged into the device. what type of information is taking up how much space.

Go to “Settings” → “Basic” → “iPhone Storage” menu. Wait for the list of apps to load, then select the app whose cache you want to completely delete.

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