How to Clear Samsung Galaxy Phone Memory

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lesson: Clearing system memory on Android

Samsung smartphones have powerful functionality and large system memory. But as you use the device, many owners are faced with the problem of the slow operation of many functions, with a long download of the phone itself and the Internet. As a rule, each user installs various applications and programs on his smartphone, from time to time the system updates it, and at one moment the message “Not enough memory” appears in front of the user. Well, if your model can increase the system memory, because you can get a lot more free space and delay the moment of “cleaning”. But this is only for a short period of time.

It is important to remember that independent intervention in the system of your smartphone without certain skills can lead to a malfunction of the device. If you need expert help, contact a Samsung smartphone repair center.

Several ways to free up system memory on Samsung phones

So, if your Samsung smartphone does not have enough system memory, then there are several ways to get additional space. All these methods are suitable for Android phones. Naturally, the easiest way is to remove unnecessary programs and not worry again.

The first way. using the conductor

You need to go through a special explorer on your smartphone, select all the files you don’t need and transfer them to the trash. In this case, you should act very carefully, because by negligence you can delete a really important utility, thereby losing the ability to make calls or transfer files. Restoring the program is possible, but it will require a fairly large amount of time and effort.

How to Clear Samsung Galaxy Phone Memory

The second way. using Root rights

Upon receipt of Root rights, the cleaning process will become elementary. If you already have these rights, then you can delete unnecessary files through the same explorer. To do this, select the Root Explorer mode and perform a cleanup. Once again we want to emphasize, be careful when deleting important programs so as not to damage the system of your smartphone.

The third way. using the program Clean Master

There is another way to clear system memory. Here the user can resort to using a special program that will control the update process and help the system in work. One of the most popular among these utilities is Clean Master. Just go to the market, download the program and install it on your smartphone. This program is easy to use and greatly simplifies the process of cleaning the system and RAM. You can select files you do not need, put a lock on updating any programs.

Also, do not forget to check your smartphone for viruses. It is possible that they became the reason for filling the memory. After the virus is eliminated, the system memory will be freed. And remember how important the system memory is on your device, do not litter it with unnecessary programs and applications, and then your smartphone does not have to be cleaned of garbage.

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How to free up Samsung Galaxy S4 internal memory to get more space

Sooner or later, the moment will come when all your photos, applications and an ever-growing collection of songs will negatively affect your Samsung Galaxy S4. All that free space of your internal memory that you had will disappear. And then what should you do? Don’t worry. you can easily take the right path and return valuable megabytes (and maybe gigabytes).

Introducing a selection of tips on how to free up internal memory space on your Samsung Galaxy S4 and improve its performance.

We share with you our best tips on how to clear the internal memory on the Galaxy S4 from unnecessary “garbage”

Remove unused apps

This can be called the fastest and easiest way to free up disk space. You might be surprised how much space the various applications take up. Show some cruelty: if you do not use any application or game. delete them without hesitation.

Removing apps is an easy way to free up disk space on your Samsung Galaxy S4.

Open “Settings”, then “Advanced”, then “Application Manager” and scroll through the list of applications. You will see how much space each application occupies, and the rectangular icon at the bottom of the screen will tell you how much free memory is available to you. Click on any application you don’t need, then click on the “Delete” icon. Take a similar walk through the entire list of installed applications.

Do cache flushing

While you’re busy viewing installed applications, there is one more thing you can do to free up memory. clear the application cache. Note that such a cache can fill up very quickly with hundreds of megabytes, and if you have many applications installed, then they can “occupy” a decent amount of disk space.

The application cache can get out of hand quickly, so clean it from time to time.

Follow the “Settings” Additionally Application Manager ”and alternately click on each application in the list. In the “Cache” section, you will see how kilo (mega) bytes it is full. You can clear the internal memory of the device by clicking on the “Clear Cache” icon. You also have the opportunity to free up even more space by clicking on the “Delete data” icon, but this action will reset the application to the state when you first installed it, and plus, it will delete all your settings and data.

Delete music and photos

If you listen to music on your phone, then, thanks to your favorite tracks, you have reduced the internal memory of the device. We also all know how to quickly make a bunch of high-resolution photos that will also quickly “eat up” the precious amount of disk space.

Photos take up a lot of space. delete them or transfer them to your computer

Open the Gallery app and browse through various albums. Surely you will find some photos that did not work out too well. you may have pressed the shutter too soon or with a slight delay. While in the gallery, go to the file selection mode by pressing and holding your finger on the first photo that you would like to delete.

In the future, you can also select other photos (ors) to delete. Click on the Trash can icon at the top of the display to get rid of these files. Similarly, you can open the Music application and delete any albums or individual tracks you do not need.

Use microSD card

A great way to get extra memory is to install MicroSD in your Samsung Galaxy S4. To do this, you should find a slot for such a card (as a rule, it is located next to the SIM card slot). You can store different types of files on the installed MicroSD card, as well as transfer applications previously installed on the device to it in order to free up space in the device’s internal memory without deleting any data.

Applications do not have to stay in the internal memory. you can transfer them to a microSD card

After you inserted the SD card into your phone, open the “Application Manager” and select the application you need. Click on it and then click on the “Transfer to SD card” icon. You can repeat such actions for any application any number of times, but you need to remember that this will affect the performance of some applications. In principle, this is not so scary. you can always return a certain application if its work becomes unsatisfactory. We add that the transfer function from the internal memory to the SD card will not be available for all applications.

Delete downloaded files of various kinds

When you surf the Internet, you periodically download PDF files of a different format to your phone, moreover, you can only quickly look through them, and in the future you may not need them. We advise you to look in the Downloads folder to find out if there are any files in it that can be deleted.

Check for forgotten downloaded files that are wasting space on your device’s internal memory

Open the “Downloads” application and make a long press with your finger on the application you don’t need, then you can select any other files to delete and click on the “Trash” icon.

Using all our tips, you will probably be surprised how much disk space you can free up on your device.

Could you free up a lot of space on your phone? Have you noticed an improvement in its performance? Tell us about it in the comments.

How to clear RAM on Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4

home Instructions How to clear RAM on Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4

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From the very beginning I want to note that the method that we will discuss in this article is suitable not only for the Galaxy S4 smartphone. In exactly the same way, you can clean the RAM on the Galaxy S3, S2, Galaxy Note 2, i.e. on any other phones. As you know, modern flagships receive such an amount of RAM that personal computers did not even dream about before. Given this fact, we can imagine how much RAM all applications and programs “eat”. Therefore, in order for your smartphone to continue to work at its full potential, it is necessary to clean the RAM as often as possible. So, there are two ways to clear the RAM. The easiest method is to clean the RAM directly through the task manager. To do this, press the “Home” button and hold it for several seconds until a window appears. Then among all the tabs, find the tab with the name “RAM” and click on it. Below you will see two shortcuts, each of which clears the RAM. Only the first is responsible for closing all background and unnecessary applications, but the second is able to completely clean the RAM. The second way for forgetful users. It will be enough for you to install a useful application called Clean Master, which can independently clean the RAM or just send you notifications that the time has come to do it. In addition to the fact that this utility will take care of your RAM, you can also install a widget from it on the desktop, which will constantly display the amount of free memory. By clicking on it, the memory will be cleared automatically. Of course, you can find other utilities that are more convenient for you. We just think that Clean Master is the best of all. You can also use the item in the “Active Applications” settings to close directly hanging applications in memory that the method above will not show. Also subscribe to our Vkontakte, Facebook or Twitter pages to be the first to know the news from the world of Samsung and Android. Found a mistake? Select it and press CtrlEnter

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How to clean Samsung phone memory

The phone memory can be cleared in several ways. This is best done using standard tools, but special software is provided for some device models.

  • – computer connection cable;
  • – Software to your phone.

Connect your Samsung phone to the computer using the supplied cable. If you want to clear the contents of the memory card, pair the devices in the “removable storage” mode. Open the contents using the explorer in autorun or through the “My Computer” menu. Make sure that the current user of the operating system provides for viewing hidden elements. Open “Folder Options” in the control panel menu and go to the second tab. Set the option “Show hidden files and folders” at the very end of the list, apply and save the changes. In the contents of the memory card of your phone, delete unnecessary items for work. Also check the removable disk for viruses. If you want to completely delete data from the card, use formatting using the operating system and phone. Go to the “My Computer” menu and right-click on the connected removable drive of your phone. Select the “Format” item and in the window that appears, click on the “Start Formatting” button. Wait for the operation to complete. From the menu of your phone, go to the file manager of your flash card. Start the formatting process. It is also recommended that this be done to restore system folders after formatting through a PC. If you want to clear the memory of your Samsung phone, connect it to your computer in PC Suite mode, after making sure that you have the necessary software installed. Start the file browser and delete among them those that you do not need. For full cleaning, use the recovery from the menu of your mobile device. In this case, the system will independently perform the necessary actions. To clean the memory, do not pair the devices wirelessly. Smartphone users find themselves in a situation where the device operates more slowly: programs open for a long time, the browser loads pages heavily, the gallery thinks for a long time, opening, the free space in the phone’s memory capacity decreases. This means that there is garbage that accumulates and interferes with the operation of the programs. To fix the problem, the NulDel program is launched. After installation and launch, this program will immediately inform you about access. Press the option. Scan disk, the program will ask which disks you need to scan. Remember that this function will only show empty folders and files, but will not delete them. Do it yourself. Scanning lasts 2-3 minutes, as a result, the program will show the found folders and files. In order not to delete the necessary information, review the list and exclude the necessary folders. Click on a specific item from the list, you will see a pop-up menu through which delete the file folder or exclude the file from scanning. Find the main function of the program in the “Garbage Cleaning” menu. After selecting the suitable option, the program will scan and delete all found garbage. At the end of the operation, you will see the size of the deleted files. Press the next menu function. Personal trash. Here you will find two buttons: the first. Show, and the second. Find. If you give the command “Find”, the program will show the found folders with garbage. Delete them manually. Remember that if you have already started cleaning, these folders will be already empty. The “Show” command will open an extended list of junk files. View the “Information” menu item. You will receive information about the creators and help. The option “Catch errors” has a mode in which the program itself monitors the status of its functionality. If an error is detected, an error code is issued, which you can send to the program developers. Open the “Settings” window. Examine the behavior of the program. Removing small icons you will achieve using the settings “thumbnail Folders.” If you select the “Auto-scan” setting, the scan will start automatically when the program starts. If you enter the option “AutoCleaning”, then start automatic cleaning immediately when the program starts. Select “Auto Clean Personal Garbage” if you want to automatically clean personal garbage. How to clean Samsung phone memory