How To Clear Phone Memory Through Computer

How to clear the memory on a Huawei phone and Honor is interested in those users who have already managed to encounter a lack of free space on their device. Such a problem occurs in almost every second owner of a phone on the Android operating system. This guide provides some effective ways to expand the amount of space on your gadget.

Types of memory on Android devices

The general classification gives two basic sections:

The first is RAM memory. It is non-volatile. the RAM of the device, it is reproduced only when the gadget is working. The non-volatile classification (ROM) includes system components, internal memory, memory cards and flash drives.

details about division and dependence are displayed in the table:

You can find out how much free space is on the device in the settings or explorer of the smartphone / tablet.

How to see memory utilization statistics

If your mobile device began to work more slowly when accessing the Internet, then it’s time to check if there is enough free RAM. Its clogging is often affected even by a banal visit to sites. Especially if the page has many multimedia components. This takes more weight than the text format. But a lot of RAM is taken away by the programs themselves installed on the gadget. To check the statistics of congestion from memory, follow the step by step instructions:

  • open the Play Console;
  • mark the application you want to check;
  • open more information;
  • Select the type of data you want to view.

It is also possible to download a general consumption report from Google Cloud Storage.

How to clean Honor and Huawei phone memory manually

To free the internal drive, you do not need special skills. In simple words, then there are such methods:

  • moving files from internal to external storage;
  • transfer applications to a memory card;
  • remove garbage from the operating system;
  • move important components to cloud storage, etc.

Removing garbage in the browser

To remove from the phone’s memory all unnecessary components that were saved after visiting the browser, you need to go to the general settings, go to the memory section, and clear the cache. In the manual download section, we recommend deleting unnecessary files that have been downloaded from Internet pages.

Delete messages

Messages are elements that also occupy part of the device’s volume. And they do it even to a greater extent than you can imagine. Therefore, if you are a lover of texting, do not store your SMS for a long time, as this will only slow down the work.

Clean up junk files

To optimize the performance of your Honor / Huawei mobile, it is better to manually delete all the files that you no longer need. These include duplicates, old screenshots, documents, music that you don’t listen to, applications that you don’t use. After removing them, the phone will obviously become easier to perform options that require more RAM.

How To Clear Phone Memory Through Computer

Uninstall apps

As already mentioned, applications take up a lot of space. And their updates. even more. Therefore, if you have ones that you completely stopped using, or rarely open them, it is better to delete them. This frees up memory for something more needed.

How to clean the smartphone memory using programs

In order not to perform all the manual cleaning operations, you can use the services of specialized software. In the article we will consider a few that really help your phone.

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Clean master

How to clear the internal memory of a Huawei and Honor phone using Clean Master?

  1. Open Play Market.
  2. Type Clean Master in the search box.
  3. Select the first program.
  4. Download it. It’s free.
  5. Install.
  6. Run it.
  7. On the main screen, select the cleaning item.
  8. Wait for the process to complete.

SD Maid

An analogue of the previous version is a more modern SD Maid. Unlike the Wedge of the Master, this one cleans not only the internal components, but also formats the external media.

App cache cleaner

App Cache Cleaner can be downloaded for free from the Play Market. Software also cleans internal and external excess elements. Its distinctive feature is the rapid removal of the cache. imperceptible residues or images stored in the folders of the explorer.

We clean the internal memory of the phone through a computer

When a smartphone freezes up. the first sign that the RAM is clogged. You can troubleshoot using a PC. How to do it:

  • connect the phone to the computer using the original cord;
  • wait until the synchronization is established;
  • we go into the HiSuite program and select the internal module, designated as a phone;
  • from the drop-down list, look for the “APS” folder, open and delete unnecessary applications, or transfer to the SD card.

Upon completion, disconnect from the computer and reboot.

How to clear the phone’s RAM

The best way to clean up RAM is to reset to factory settings, but this method is radical and removes all data from the phone completely resetting the system. When there is not enough memory to install the game, you should perform a standard cleaning of unnecessary files. How to do it:

  • on the screen we find “Phone Manager” and run;
  • click on the “Clear memory” parameter, information with data on the amount of free space and available for cleaning is opened;
  • click “Clear”, if there is nothing to delete, then go to the section “View free memory and cache”;
  • go, select the programs that you want to remove and confirm the action by clicking “Cleaning”.

Upon returning to the menu, the amount of cleared memory will be displayed. Artificial intelligence devices can load applications on their own.