How to Clear Memory on Iphone 5

How to Clear Memory on Iphone 5

Young users of mobile technology are sometimes not able to imagine how the owners of cell phones used to cost 10-20 MB of internal memory. Rapid technological progress makes measuring the memory of gadgets in completely different categories. iPhone owners do not have time to blink, like their 16 built-in gigabytes (!) turn out to be filled. Android owners rub their palms gloatingly: they are capable of expanding their memory using a flash card, which is not available for the iPhone.

Fortunately, you can quickly clear your Apple device’s memory without even having to delete data — let’s talk about the most effective methods.

How to check memory?

Typically, a Phone user begins to think about how to free up the gadget’s memory, not just. he does not have enough free space to update the operating system or download a popular application from the AppStore. For example, updating iOS 8th version weighs from 0.9 to 1.1 GB (depending on the device). about 7 “free” gigabytes are needed to download a new “OS” via Wi-Fi. For owners of 8 GB gadgets, there is no other way to upgrade other than iTunes. but also those who are more fortunate with memory have to start large-scale “cleaning” of the gallery.

You can check how much memory is required to update iOS by following the “Settings”-“The main”-“Software Update”. If there is nowhere to update, the gadget will report that “latest software installed”, And will specify which version is on the smartphone. If there are updates available, you will see the following information on the screen:

Knowing how much memory is required to upgrade, you can calculate how many gigabytes are missing. To find out which applications will have the maximum effect, follow the path “Settings”-“The main”-“Statistics”. You will be taken toStorage”:

As you can see from the example, more than half of the occupied memory (and a little less than a third of the total) falls to the music. a user who wants to “upgrade” should start with a playlist analysis.

How to clean iPhone from “garbage”: 7 effective ways

Removing music and photos is an effective, but still the most banal way to clear your memory. There are others:

Clearing Safari Browser History

Deleting your browsing history and “cleaning” a cookie are operations that you should start “cleaning” on an iPhone. To clean the browser, follow the instructions:

Step 1. Follow the path “Settings”-“Safari”And find the items”Clear the history”And”Delete cookie and data”.

Step 2 Click “Clear the history”And confirm the operation.

Step 3 Click “Delete cookie and data”And also confirm. We clarify that cookie. These are text files that make using the browser more convenient and personalized. Thanks to cookies, for example, autofill of usernames and passwords is available to us. However, for the sake of the correct operation of the gadget, cookies can also be sacrificed.

Step 4. In the submenu Safari go to “Additions”, Then. in”Site Data”. If the data is zero (as in the figure below), you can be sure that the browser is cleared.

The more active the iPhone user is surfing the Web, the more memory will be freed up by simply cleaning the browser.

The listed operations on health Safari in no way reflected.

Photo Stream Deactivation

The meaning of “Photo stream“Is as follows: when it is activated, all photos taken on the user’s iPhone are sent to iCloud via Wi-Fi. therefore, the user’s friends can view and comment on his pictures without social networks and MMS messages (of course, only with the permission of the account holder). The technology is quite useful, however, many owners of “apple” gadgets do not even know about its existence. at the same time, the program “eats” megabytes of memory.

You can disable it like this:

Step 1. Follow the path “Settings”-“iCloud”-“A photo”.

Step 2. Deactivate the toggle switch opposite “My photo stream”.

Delete messages

It’s hard to believe, but text messages can take up several gigabytes of memory. When “cleaning”, special attention should be paid to correspondence iMessage. such messages are free, therefore often contain not only text, but also music,, other media content. iOS 8th version allows you to configure automatic deletion of messages. do it like this:

Step 1. Follow the path “Settings”-“Messages”And in the block”Message History” Press on “Leave a message”.

Step 2. Choose the most suitable SMS retention period. There are only three options: month, year and unlimited storage.

The default is always “Indefinitely”. Change to “1 year”- you definitely won’t notice the difference.

You should not worry about the safety of important or dear to your heart messages: they can always be restored from iTunes backups.

Disable podcast auto-updates

With the release of iOS 8, the app for listening to podcasts has also become part of the iPhone system, which means also began to take up memory. Users very rarely return to listening to old podcasts, however, sometimes they don’t even think about deleting them. But in vain. one podcast weighs an average of 25 MB, and there can be hundreds of them on an iPhone!

Disable auto-update and podcast downloads like this:

Step 1. Go to “Settings”And find the subsection”Podcasts”.

Step 2. In this subsection in the block “Default Podcast Settings”Turn off”Download Issues”And activate the slider opposite”Delete play.”.

Cache Cleanup

Even if the application itself weighs a little, over the entire period of use it is able to accumulate an impressive amount of data. How to clarify statistics was discussed at the beginning of the article. the cache can be checked in the same way: in “Storage»Click on the application of interest.

On the example of the application “In contact with”We see that the program itself weighs only 23 MB, and another 18 MB is occupied by various documents and data.

There are three ways to clean iPhone from such “garbage”:

Method number 1. Uninstall the application and reinstall it.

Method number 2. Make a complete reset. go through “Settings”-“The main”-“Reset” and press “Erase content and settings. “

Using this method, you will not only delete the “garbage” accumulated by the applications, but also lose all media content, so before you proceed with the reset, take the trouble to back up the data.

Method number 3. Clear the cache in the program settings. Not all applications give this opportunity, but, for example, Tweetbot, the temporary files of which take up a lot of space does not leave the user any other choice. you can only clear the cache of this program through the “Reset Account Caсhe” in settings.

Using special applications

In the AppStore you can download a wonderful utility called Battery doctor. The main function of this program is to take care of the smartphone’s battery, however, it can free up memory from unnecessary junk without any problems. Run the program and in the tab “Junk”(Trash) click”Clean up cache”:

This way you run a check that takes a few minutes:

Battery doctor it will find temporary files on its own and clear the disk space. At the end of the program, the program will report that there are no more “junk” files, and will recommend checking as often as possible.

Battery Doctor is not the only program of this kind; If this software did not suit you for some reason, try using the Chinese utility Tongbu or the desktop application Phone Clean.

Smartphone Restore

You can check the amount of “garbage” on the iPhone through iTunes. go to the device section and pay attention to the scale below:

Hover over “Other”(Yellow part). this is the data in the cache, incomplete downloads, saved browser pages.

As you can see, the junk files occupy 554 MB of 8 shared GB. a very impressive share, the same space could be taken by 5 music albums of your favorite artists.

To get rid of junk files, it is recommended to backup the data and then click “Restore iPhone”.

This method of cleaning the system does not threaten notes, calendars, SMS messages that were stored on the device, but the multimedia files will be deleted.


The measures listed in the article should be applied on an ongoing basis, and not once. it is especially important to know how to clear the cache on the iPhone and browser history Safari. At the same time, Apple owners must remember that the procedures and instructions described will not help if the user himself has a tendency to thoughtlessly install everything from the AppStore and upload to “Music»Albums that will never be heard.