How to clear memory on Android Samsung Galaxy

How to clear your phone’s internal storage: 3 popular apps

Not sure how to clear the internal storage of your Android phone? will tell you about the 3 best optimizers that are most trusted in the world.

How to clear Android internal storage?

The 3 most popular Android memory cleaner apps.

Clean master

Clean Master has already cleaned the SD card and system memory of more than 400 million devices in the world. It increases the speed of the device and games on it, protects against overheating and viruses.

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4 advantages of the app:

  • quickly removes unnecessary files,
  • easy to use,
  • has a convenient user interface,
  • scans your phone for viruses in 8 seconds. that’s 500% faster than paid antivirus apps.

What Clean Master can do:

  • cools the phone when it overheats, finds and stops programs that cause excessive heating;
  • cleans garbage by restoring the internal memory of the device, increases its speed and improves performance, incl. SD cards;
  • speeds up the work of games and applications;
  • stops programs that slow down the device, heat up the system very much and quickly consume battery power;
  • keeps the user’s personal information safe;
  • scans and protects your smartphone from viruses, trojans, adware and spyware.

Clean Master supports about 30 languages ​​of the world, including Russian and Ukrainian.

Smart Booster

An interesting feature of this optimizer is the customizable widget that appears on top of any application. By the way, Clean Master has the same function.

4 advantages of the app:

  • quickly clears RAM,
  • clears the cache with one touch of the screen,
  • scans and removes unnecessary files,
  • automatically starts, stops and disables applications.

What Smart Booster can do?

RAM Booster is equipped with 4 levels of automatic cleaning:

  • soft: kills programs that use a lot of internal memory;
  • medium: gets rid of applications that consume memory above the average;
  • powerful: neutralizes programs that consume system memory with small and below average rates;
  • aggressive: eradicates most harmful apps.

How to clear memory manually?

If you do not want to resort to the help of third-party software, or you do not have free space to install it, then you can clean it manually. By following the procedures below, the phone will work significantly faster:

  • Deleting Messages.
  • Cleaning the application and browser cache.
  • Cleaning files (videos, photos, etc.) saved on the gadget.
  • Removing unnecessary and old applications.

Such cleaning will take longer than working with applications, but the results will be much more effective.

combining folders

Thirdly, let’s figure out how to increase the device’s RAM. This can be done using special programs that create a paging file. For example, Ram Manager.

Ram Manager operating modes:

  • Balance. maximum optimization of RAM.
  • Balance (with more free memory). maximum optimization of RAM for devices with its volume up to 512 MB.
  • Balance (with more multitasking). maximum optimization of RAM for devices with more than 512 MB.
  • Hard Gaming is a mode for those who like to run serious games on their device that require a lot of resources.
  • Hard Multitasking. this mode will optimize the operation of the device when launching several programs at the same time.
  • Default (Samsung). this mode is activated by default in devices from Samsung, but now it can be used on phones from other companies.
  • Default (Nexus S). mode for phones and tablets from Google.
  • Default settings of your phone. this function resets the RAM settings to the “default” level.

Transferring files to a flash card

This method is suitable for gadgets that support SD cards. To free up the phone memory, all possible files can be transferred to a flash card. This feature must be specified in the settings:

  • Dictaphone.
  • Cameras.
  • Messengers.
  • Browser.
  • File loader.

The list goes on and on. Particular attention should be paid to applications that work with “heavy” files. For example, an audio, video or image editor.

When saving files to a memory card, you need to create (if this is not done automatically) a folder for all applications there. Then you can avoid problems with overflowing phone memory.

You cannot use this option to clear memory for system files. Because of it, problems with the performance of the device may appear. To move existing files, you can use the ES Explorer discussed above.

We work with third-party applications

There are many free applications available on the Play Store that allow you to clean your phone in a few clicks. Below we will explore the most practical and popular ones.

Using a computer

Do not forget that you can use your computer as an external storage device. To transfer files from phone to PC, follow these steps:

    Connect your phone to your computer via USB cable.

Cloud services

Today there is no need to download the files you need to your phone. You can upload them to special cloud services and use them if necessary. Almost all leading companies provide users with the opportunity to use cloud services for free.

Most popular cloud storage:

  • Yandex. Disk.
  • Google drive.
  • Cloud @ Mail. ru.
  • OneDrive.

All these solutions have applications for convenient file synchronization with a remote server. It is enough to install such an application, mark the necessary files in order to transfer them to the server and clear the phone’s memory. Then, when you need to use such a file, just go to the application and click on it.

http: // androproblem. ru / nastroika / kak-ochistit-pamyat-na-Android-telefone. html

Video tutorial: cleaning up RAM on your Android device

System programs

System programs that are embedded in the Android OS often clog up memory. Some of them are required for the firmware to work correctly. Their list can be viewed in the settings by clicking on the corresponding button.

Important! It is not recommended to clean the data yourself, because the operating system may stop working if you delete an important file.

How to clear memory on Android Samsung. detailed instructions

Lack of memory on the smartphone prevents the use of the device: it is impossible to download a game or utility from the Play Market, take pictures and shoot videos. There are other inconveniences associated with this problem that bore the user. There are several surefire ways to free up space on your phone or tablet from Samsung of any version and line: Galaxy, J, A and others. These include full or partial cleaning using built-in functions or third-party programs.

What can the memory of a Samsung smartphone be clogged with?

Before you clear the memory on Android Samsung, you need to understand the reasons for its lack. There are two types of memory: operational and internal (built-in). The operative is designed to quickly memorize information. This data is used by applications to avoid having to retrieve it from internal storage every time. And all files are stored in the built-in memory: applications, photos, videos, music, cache and so on.

How to free up space on your Samsung phone or tablet

If, when installing the software, a message is displayed that the device memory is full on an Android phone from Samsung, then the problem is in the built-in storage. It is clogged with various files.

The cache is generated from each program after installation. When the application is opened, the cache is used to quickly load the necessary information. It is easier for the software to create this information once and use it later. However, the system itself does not clear these files, and applications are updated, create a new cache, but the old one does not disappear anywhere. This item also includes temporary files, browser history.

How to Free Up Memory on Android Samsung Phone Using Third Party Programs

Sometimes the built-in capabilities of the device do not do well enough. To do this, you can use third-party utilities that clean up trash and temporary files in a matter of minutes. There are many such programs, but one of the most common and effective is CCleaner.

The application has analogues, but this product has already been downloaded more than 50 million times.

The list of utility functions includes:

  • clearing cache files;
  • optimization of RAM;
  • phone acceleration.

The main advantage is that the software weighs about 14 megabytes. Competitive utilities are 30 MB or more. For devices with little free space, installation will be problematic. However, the CCleaner developers have foreseen this by reducing the weight of their product.

samsung galaxy free up space

For your information! CCleaner shows storage statistics: the amount of free memory, how much specific categories occupy, etc.

Using Built-in Samsung Phone Features to Clear Memory

Samsung smartphones have the ability to automatically optimize internal storage. To clear, you need to open the settings, select the memory item, press the “Clear” button. This function is at the very bottom, so you need to scroll. This method automatically selects temporary files and deletes them. There is a way how to do it manually.

“My files” on a Samsung smartphone

To do this, go to the same section of memory settings, then click on the additional functions button (three dots in the upper right corner of the display), select “Clear memory”. This window has more detailed settings that allow you to destroy large files, applications that are not used, duplicates.

Helpful information! The tab with the same data displays the original and the duplicated version. Therefore, if this is something important, then it is recommended to delete one copy.

It is also worth getting rid of the custom files. To do this, go to the same settings section, scroll down and click on “User files”. The categories are displayed on the screen. To clear space on the memory card, you must first select the appropriate option below.

How to view statistics on the memory usage of your Samsung phone

It is possible to see how much space is available in the storage, and whether the smartphone needs to be cleaned. Before you clear your Android Samsung phone memory, you need to know what is taking up so many gigabytes. You can check this as follows:

  • Enter the settings menu in any convenient way. To do this, you need to find the corresponding icon in the menu or drag your finger from the top of the display to the middle. Then. select the gear icon.
  • After that, go down by selecting the “Memory” item.
  • The section has statistics.

How to free up storage space on All Samsung Galaxy phones

In addition, the Note line has a My Files app. The window displays various icons: photos, downloads, video, audio, etc. There is also an item “Device memory”, “Memory card” and various cloud storage. From this program, you can also view statistics by selecting the desired tab.

It is recommended to look at what takes up the most space. This will help further for cleaning. For example, if there are five thousand videos on the phone, then there is no point in uninstalling several applications. You can free up memory by cleaning the gallery. There are third-party programs that show the state of the storage. For example, CCleaner. Such utilities usually offer cleaning.

Applications and files

The third reason for full memory is unnecessary applications, a large number of photos and videos in the gallery, downloads, etc. It depends on the user. Smartphone owners who are not well versed in such devices often forget to clean downloads from time to time, uninstall software that is not in use, save media to cloud storage.

No free memory on Samsung

Deleting files

You can get rid of garbage from the internal drive using a standard file manager. Since the interface on each phone is different, let’s take a look at cleaning up files with a handy ES File Explorer.

  • Go to Android in the Play Market, enter the name of the application in the search bar and click “Install” on the information page.
  • Launch ES File Explorer and check out some getting started tips. At the top of the screen there is information about the occupied / free space on the internal memory (1), the “Analysis” button for analyzing the need for cleaning (2). Press the “Clean” button (3).
  • After that, the program will analyze the unnecessary information and provide you with a list. At the bottom of the screen, click on “Clear”.
  • Now go to the side menu. Go to the subsection “Local storage” (1), and then click on “Device” (2).
  • A window with all the folders on the built-in storage will open in front of you. Here you can check their contents and delete anything you don’t need. To do this, hold down the file for 2 seconds, then click on “Delete” in the bottom panel of the pop-up menu. In the same way, you can clear the SD card.
  • Through ES Explorer, you can also clean libraries with images, music, etc. To do this, go to the menu again, select the “Libraries” subsection and go to the desired tab (3):
  • To empty the trash on Android, go to the “Trash” section through the menu:
  • Be sure to check for hidden files that can take up a significant amount. To do this, turn on the “Show hidden files” item in the menu, then go to the folder again and check for their presence.

We figured out how to carry out manual cleaning from excess debris using ES conductor. Now let’s move on to using another software.

Cleaning methods

You can use all the presented cleaning methods absolutely free of charge. Choose the appropriate method depending on the manufacturer of your device and the version of the operating system.

You can clean unnecessary files using the following methods:

  • With built-in functionality;
  • Third-party software for a mobile device;
  • Through a personal computer.

We will also understand the methods of clearing the cache and viruses using special programs.

In many modern devices Samsung, Lenovo, Fly, Meizu, etc. (regardless of the company and the country of the manufacturer), you can check the status of the RAM as follows:

  • Click on the system key (it can be located on the left or right). In the window that opens, you will see a list of all active applications (1), the amount of RAM filled (2) and the ability to clear it (3).
  • Click on the cross, after which all RAM occupied by applications will be cleared. System memory used by the OS cannot be cleared.

Mobile boost

This application will be an excellent alternative for those who own old smartphones (for example, Fly model or Samsung Duos 5-6 years ago). For such devices, the simple Mobile Boost assistant is suitable, since it supports older versions of the Android OS.

To clear, just run the application and click the “Clear” button:

What programs to use?

Through third-party software, you can automatically clean RAM and ROM from unnecessary data, thereby speeding up your phone. Use the following programs:

  • Clean Master;
  • SD Main;
  • App Cache Cleaner;
  • Mobile boost.

With their help, you can free up space, clear RAM and protect your phone from viruses. In addition, each of the utilities is suitable for different smartphones. from modern to devices running on older versions of Android. This will be understood further. All applications are installed in the same way as ES Explorer. you can find instructions above.

App Cache Cleaner

App Cache Cleaner is a handy one-click cleaning tool. Upon entering, the program immediately scans the system and offers to perform cleaning in the following form:

The Deep Clean button starts a deep scan. At the end of the process, click “Clear”:

Clean master

Using this utility, you can not only get rid of garbage, but also check your phone for viruses for free.

On the home screen, you will find the following tools:

  • Garbage. cleans the device from unnecessary files after scanning (ads, outdated applications, system cache, etc.).
  • Antivirus. scans your device for malicious software and files. The functionality includes a protector of social networks, checking memory cards, galleries, blocking applications.
  • Phone acceleration. the tool scans the need to optimize running processes.
  • Cooler. optimizes running processes to reduce processor temperature.

Deleting Messages

This item will be optional if we are talking about a relatively new device. A tablet or phone that has been in use for several years stores several thousand or even tens of thousands of messages. Over time, their number (including MMS with multimedia data) may take up some space on the internal memory. You can completely delete messages like this:

  • Click on the message icon in the menu or on the desktop, hold down one of the messages with your finger and select “Select all”.
  • Perform the action “Delete”.

Types of memory

First, let’s take a look at the types of internal memory that affect the performance of the phone. Mobile devices, like computers, use two types of memory: RAM and ROM.

  • RAM (RAM) is a random access memory device that stores data only during the direct operation of the device. Running games, browser tabs, running applications. all these processes consume part of the RAM;
  • ROM (ROM). permanent storage device. The memory stores all data until you delete it yourself. This category includes all files on the hard drive, application cache, and the like.

When both types of memory run out, the device starts to slow down and malfunction. To eliminate it, you need to clean the RAM and ROM from the “garbage”.

What is the problem?

All Samsung smartphones have the Android operating system. This, in turn, leads to a number of troubles.

The fact is that the system memory of devices on “Android”. the most vulnerable place. Many smartphones suffer from errors related to a full archive.

Sometimes the problem is the improper use of the smartphone, sometimes viruses and other malware can be the cause. Sometimes it is impossible to prevent this, but sometimes careful use can help avoid such problems.

Use cloud storage

If you often face a lack of memory, and there is no opportunity to purchase a memory card, you can install the mobile version of the cloud storage. For example, Google Disk. The utility will help to automatically synchronize files and send them to the server.

This option is perfect for those who work from several devices at once, including a smartphone. You can edit files if possible, corrections will be automatically saved.

Use Task Manager

You can remove programs from a special menu. It’s in the settings. It contains a whole list of smartphone utilities. There you can see all the information about the programs, their scope and purpose.

Experts recommend not only uninstalling programs from this menu, but also clearing the cache. Each application collects “garbage” that needs to be removed periodically. Sometimes you can use special programs for this, and sometimes you can perform actions through the task manager.

Some people believe that the same can be done using the engineering menu. But it is responsible for configuring the smartphone and is not designed to delete files. Through the engineering menu, you can configure the GSM communication frequencies, test the components of the phone, etc.

Check apps on your phone

How do I clear the memory on my Samsung phone? Try to get rid of all games and applications. It so happens that many of them were installed on a smartphone, but later they were forgotten. Such programs continue to receive updates, respectively, and upload their files to the archive.

It is also worth understanding that there are some games that, in the process of passing, write data and statistics into memory. Sometimes they can take up more than 1 GB of free space. If you have stopped playing the game, it is better to uninstall it.

How to clear memory on “Samsung”: methods, instructions, recommendations

Phones often suffer from memory deficits. Even if the buyer chooses the most capacious version, sooner or later he will still face a similar problem. Most often this is due to the fact that along with programs and games, system files are installed, which require additional space. Therefore, it is useful to know how to clear memory on “Samsung” in order not to allow drastic measures.

Clear messenger data

How to clear memory on Android? Samsung and other smartphones usually store almost all the information that goes to the device. Not many people know that photos from instant messengers and other files can be automatically downloaded to the smartphone’s memory.

This leads to the fact that even if you delete all your photos that were stored in the corresponding folder, you cannot completely free up memory. And all because at the root of the system there are files that were downloaded by one or several instant messengers.

This problem can be easily fixed. It is enough to find a folder in the explorer called the name of the messenger and clear it.

Inner memory

How to clear memory on Samsung? In this case, things are a little different. Everything is related to the structure of the system archive. There are a large number of files that are responsible for the performance of Android. If you remove something superfluous, you may need the help of specialists.

There are several ways to free up space:

  • check applications on the phone;
  • delete files from explorer;
  • use the task manager;
  • clear messenger data;
  • install special software;
  • use cloud storage;
  • reset or flash.

Using a computer

In solving our today’s problem, a computer will also come in handy. the phone can be connected to the “big brother” and with the help of it free up space in the internal memory. You can find instructions on the most effective ways to use a PC for this purpose in the article at the link below.

Freeing up internal storage

If you are interested in solving the problem with filling the built-in memory of the phone, then there are several available.

Clearing Memory on Samsung Android Devices

Transferring files to a memory card

If your Samsung uses an SD card, it would be wise to transfer some of the bulk data (videos, images, game cache) to it. For this operation, you can use the file manager built into the firmware.

    Find the My Files tool in the Applications menu and launch it.

Select the item “Device memory” and go to it.

Specify a memory card as a place to transfer and click “Finish”.

The ability to expand storage is a good help, but it will not solve all memory overflow problems on Samsung.

System Cleaner

Smartphones and tablets manufactured by the South Korean giant have a tool for complex device management. Its capabilities also include cleaning the storage from unnecessary data.

    Run the settings app.

On the next screen, tap on the item “Memory”.

Wait a while while the system scans the device. At the end of this procedure, the “Clear” button will become available, on which the released volume is also written.

In order not to accidentally delete something important, it is recommended to check each of the categories below the button and remove the required items from there. After that, go back and run the cleanup action.
Wait for the job to be completed.

Using system tools is the most convenient solution, but in some cases it may not be effective.

Resetting the system to factory defaults

If the source of Samsung’s memory clogging is unclear, and all methods to find the culprit, or at least to clean the drive, turned out to be ineffective, you should go to the most radical solution. resetting the device to the factory state. It is recommended to use it in situations where the constant lack of space is accompanied by additional problems in work such as brakes, various errors or crashing applications. Details about the features of this procedure on Korean smartphones can be found in the material below.

Attention! Do not forget to copy all important data beforehand!

Cleaning up RAM

If you are interested in cleaning “RAM”, and not permanent memory, then it can be done from the same application “Device Maintenance”, it is “Optimization”. Repeat steps 1-2 of the first method of the previous option, but this time select the “RAM” item, and in it use the “Clear” button.