How to Clear Iphone Se Phone Memory

Have you ever seen a message notifying you that you can no longer take photos with your iPhone until you delete some of the data and free up space? While Apple will offer customers iPhone with a memory capacity of 16 gigabytes, the problem will be relevant. There are several ways to free up memory and not to give up your favorite applications and not to clean the library. Colleagues from iDB have listed everything.

How to Clear Iphone Se Phone Memory

Unfortunately, our smartphones are full of garbage, which takes up space on the drive. Garbage is temporary application files and other data that you most likely will not need. At the same time, garbage can occupy several gigabytes on your device. Removing it is a temporary solution to the problem, and over time it will reappear. However, in the case when you really need free space, and it is unacceptable to delete applications and photos, the following tips will help you.

1. Force reboot

2. Delete the cache in the settings

Some applications allow you to clear their cache from device settings, but not all. Go to the settings section The main, then in Storage and iCloud, and in the “Storage” tab, click To govern. A good example of an application that allows you to remove temporary data from settings is Safari. Delete the data that you think is taking up too much space.

3. Delete the cache in the applications themselves

Not all applications allow you to clear the cache from the settings, but you can try to find this function in the application itself. You can see in the settings how much the temporary files of the Tweetbot application take up, but you can get rid of them only in the settings of the application itself.

4. Reinstall apps eating the place

You will be surprised how much space is freed up if you uninstall Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, and many more, and then install them again from the App Store.

5. Start all over again

This is a really effective method to get rid of garbage for a long time. Just back up your device in iCloud or iTunes, and then reset your settings to remove the content. The reset menu is at the very end of the General settings section. You will have to go through the device activation procedure again and restore the data and settings from the backup. Before you make a reset, you should make sure that the backup is created and that the password for the Apple ID account is firmly in your memory.

6. Use apps to clean the place

Apple would not want you to use such applications, but they can be quite convenient. Try PhoneExpander or other applications that you can find in a Google search.

7. Use iOS features

Apple engineers worked hard to solve the memory problem by adding a few smart features and settings to iOS. Here is a list of what you can do in an attempt to increase the amount of free memory on your iPhone.

  • Turn off the photo stream
  • Disable saving original photos ands on iPhone
  • Clear user dictionary
  • Turn off enhanced quality for VoiceOver
  • Get rid of system languages ​​that you do not use
  • Turn off background updates for the maximum number of applications
  • Delete or rebuild email accounts
  • Do not store photo and attachments in the Messages application
  • Clear album with recently deleted photos
  • Shoots in FullHD instead of 4K
  • Disable and enable Siri again to clear function cache
  • Turn off unwanted apps in Spotlight
  • Sync your device with iTunes. This will delete the data on the operation of applications from the device and transfer them to the computer
  • Turn off iCloud sync for junk data