How to Clear Internal Memory on Android

This article is a more in-depth continuation of the one in which we described common ways to clear memory. If you are wondering how to clear the internal memory on Android manually or using third-party applications, we will help with finding a solution.

To see how much free internal memory the system can have, go to the “Settings” in the “Memory” or “Storage“. It is important to note that each phone model reserves a different amount of memory for the system.

Please note that on devices with their own proprietary firmware installed (for example, Xiaomi, Meizu), the memory will be initially occupied even more. The same applies to RAM: for the normal functioning of such smartphones, a minimum of 3 GB is required.

How to completely clear the internal memory of Android

If you do not have SuperSU rights, then it’s certainly not possible to completely clear the smartphone or tablet. The lack of this feature seriously limits your actions. After reading our article on how to get Ruth rights, you can completely remove all garbage from the device. But if you do not want to lose the official guarantee, then it will be possible to fulfill approximately half of the following.

To free up system memory, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the menu item “Settings”;
  2. Find the section “Applications”;
  3. Go to item Third-Party Applications;
  4. Click on the ellipsis in the upper right corner;
  5. Sort the list by size.

Uninstall an application or its updates

After you have completed the above steps, after a few seconds you will see the most voluminous applications stored on the Android device. If among the list there are those programs that you do not use, you just need to delete them.

But if you are determined to remove system applications that do not bring you any benefit, we recommend that you read our article on this topic. For example, they installed a third-party excellent alarm clock, the built-in one is no longer needed, but he doesn’t want to retire using the standard method. Also, do not forget that the desire to free up more space can lead to the fact that you delete the files necessary for the operating system, and this increases the risk of a “brick”.

Application stop

Another effective way is to force the application to stop. But again, you need to use this function carefully, it can only be done if the application is not a system application.

Effectively clear internal memory on your phone and tablet

The cleaning process is almost universal and is not particularly different for smartphones and tablets. It is important to take into account the version of Android and the brand of your device.

If you cleaned everything, deleted unnecessary applications and you still have little memory, the choice is small.Need to get root user rights. If possible, some applications should be transferred to a memory card.

Frequently Asked Questions / Answers

As you can see, there are methods to free up the internal memory on the phone, but if it was initially small, and you also loaded various materials there, such methods will not help much. Alternatively, you can use cloud servers for reliable storage, but the best solution is buying a phone with a volume of at least 32 GB for average use.

When using a mobile device, sooner or later the question arises: how to clear the memory on android. This problem can occur when you want to install the application, download something from the Internet, receive files via bluetooth, or your phone or tablet just displays a message: the internal memory of the phone is full. We will tell you what to do. Cleaning your phone from debris has a positive effect on the speed of the entire device and applications.

We will analyze step by step how to clean the internal memory of the android smartphone or tablet. Where it is possible and makes sense, we will use several methods so that you can choose the most convenient one.

Before you clear the internal memory of the device on android, you need prevent further littering internal memory. To do this, specify the save to the memory card in the settings:

  1. The cameras
  2. Voice recorder
  3. Browser downloader, which do you use
  4. Applications, with the help of which you create or edit documents, pictures,s, music files
  5. Messengers, where you share files, if possible
  6. Bootloaders, with which you download music,s or pictures
  7. GPS maps and navigators.

If in applications you need to specify the path where to save the files, create the appropriate folder on the memory card and indicate its location. After these steps, new files of problems such as the internal memory of the android is full will not be called.

Now you need to find and delete unnecessary ones or transfer the necessary files that you saved earlier from the android’s internal memory to the appropriate folders on the memory card, creating them if necessary. To prevent android crashes, only move files that you know. Transfer allows you to free up space on your device from large files.

This can be done on the Android device itself, but for convenience and speed, you can connect it to the computer with a USB cable. We will analyze both ways of managing files on android, choose the one that suits you.

Cleaning the internal memory of an Android device includes deleting or transferring files from folders:

  • Bluetooth
  • DCIM
  • Download
  • Media
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Video
  • Sounds

Check the folders created by your applications for media files (instant messengers, downloaders, GPS maps, media editors, etc.).

The task is quite simple, but takes some time.

Be extremely careful: if you doubt the purpose of any files, it is better not to touch them, since this can affect the performance of the android device.

Next, you will learn how to move files on android. After that, return to the list of folders that you want to check.

What is a file manager, why is it needed and what allows you to do it? To transfer files on android, you need a file manager. We recommend using a functional and convenient dispatcher. ES Explorer. You can find out about its capabilities and download ES Explorer for free in the article at the link above. Its main advantage. The ability to select and set the action for several folders or files at once.

To do this, highlight them with a long press (to select several files or folders, select one with a long press, then select the others), click on the button at the bottom right “Still”, then function “Move to”, select “sdcard ” and specify the destination folder. We recommend creating a separate folder by clicking the button. “Create a folder”.

First connect the android to the computer. When connecting a phone or tablet to a computer using a USB cable to control the contents of the internal memory of an Android device, drivers and specially installed programs on a PC are usually required. With such a connection, the probability of transmitting the virus from a PC to an android (or vice versa) and the need for a cable can make this task time-consuming and even dangerous.

Using a free service Airdroid You can connect the android to the computer remotely, and being in the same Wi-Fi network. At the same time, remote control of the android device gives access to files stored in the internal memory. You do not need a USB cable, drivers or special programs on a PC. You only need Internet access on both devices, and control on the computer occurs through any browser. Over, at this time, you can freely continue to use your phone or tablet at a distance much greater than the cable length.

The ease and speed of connection settings, as well as the opportunities and amenities that appear thanks to this service, make it mandatory for every owner of an android device to use. If you are interested in this type of connection, as well as incredible opportunities for remote control of an android device, read the article: Remote control of an android device.

After you moved the necessary files to the memory card, you were able to partially clear the internal memory of the android. But that is not all, and if you want to free up even more space and forget about the error: the internal memory of the android is full, read the article to the end.

How to transfer applications to a memory card to clear the internal memory of the android. Rather difficult task, since such an operation has some limitations. For its full implementation it is necessary to obtain administrator (root) rights by installing the necessary software, but at the same time you lose the guarantee on your android device, and you can turn it into a brick for some wrong actions. If you already have root access, install the application Link2sd, with it, you can transfer applications to the memory card, even some pre-installed ones, but this can affect the correct operation of these applications and the system as a whole.

Launch Android Assistant, go to the tab “Tools” and select the item “App2sd”.
The tab opens a list of applications that can be transferred to a memory card. After choosing applications, it throws you into “Application Details”, click here “To SD card”.

You can clear the internal memory of the android if you delete unnecessary applications. For convenience, we recommend the tool in Android Assistant. Batch Uninstall. It allows you to select several applications to delete at the same time and will show in which memory it is installed.

Unlike the previous tasks, where with the correct settings and the described actions you don’t have to repeat them someday, you will need to use your knowledge in how to clean the android from garbage quite often. The good news is that when you install the necessary software, this process is very simple and fast.

You need to understand that garbage appears constantly: this is a cache from open pages on the Internet, running applications or their remains after deletion, etc., therefore, if you periodically clean the android from garbage, this not only allows you to clear the internal memory of the android, but also positively affects the speed of applications and devices.

To solve the problem: how to clear the internal memory of android from garbage, we suggest using the application Clean master. This is not only a very convenient, simple and functional tool for cleaning the internal memory, but also the best cleaner for android.

How to Clear Internal Memory on Android

Launch the Clean Master application, select “Rubbish” and “Clear”. After that, the application offers to do even more advanced cleaning and warns that this section may contain the necessary data, so carefully select the files to delete.

Now you know how to clean the android phone of debris, how to transfer applications to a memory card (if possible) and how to move files on an android when the internal memory of an android is full. In addition to the memory card, there is another way. File storage on the Internet.

Storing files on the Internet, thanks to various cloud storages, allows not only to clear the internal memory and free up the memory card, but also to access your files from any device with the Internet through a browser or special applications, you only need to enter your login and password. If you are interested in this topic, we have analyzed it in detail using the most advanced cloud storage as an example. Google Drive article: Docs online or Google Drive.

So, in this article, you learned how to clear the internal memory of your android phone when the internal memory is full. We solved this problem by analyzing the questions: how to transfer files on an android (pictures,s, music, documents), how to transfer applications to a memory card, how to clean your device of garbage and learned about storing files on the Internet. Cloud storage.

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