How to Clear Cache On Samsung J7

How to Clear Cache On Samsung J7

There are four reasons why the phone does not work smoothly or the way you expect from it:

1. The smartphone has a small built-in memory.

2. There is no slot for additional microSD memory.

3. The device is infected with a virus.

4. The user of the device is located in an area with a low signal level, which leads to the discharge of the battery, since the device is constantly in search of a signal / network.

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For the fourth option, we have already described the solution earlier. For those who have built-in and additional memory full of files and other data, you can advise them to free by transferring files to other devices or by backing up to any available cloud storage. In addition, automatically backing up media files and clearing cached data from installed applications would be the best option.

File manager applications can come in handy when it comes to organizing or storing files / data; especially downloaded files from email messages, social networking sites, blogs, and others. The most recommended file manager is ES File Explorer. This application works in tandem with many cloud services such as Google Drive, Box, SkyDrive and Dropbox to provide an efficient way to organize data.

One of the cheapest cloud storage options is iDrive, which offers 50GB of storage space for as little as 0.99 cents a year.

Each time you install the application on an Android device, a folder is created to store user settings, images, files and logs. For example, every time you watch a from Instagram, the data is cached (saved) on the device so that the next time you try to view the same content, the loads faster. But let’s ask, how many times are we going to watch the same?

We conclude that the contents of the cache can be cleared in order to win extra space. Also, users can set scheduled cache flushing. Efficient applications like 1 Tap Cleaner or Clean Master can be used to increase storage space.

Application 1 Tap Cleaner is a one-click solution for cleaning the cache / saved files using the widget. After installing the application, users will be able to see the use of caches of individual applications; in this way, content and log files can be cleaned accordingly. Using 1 Tap Cleaner, users will be able to remove applications without having to enter the Play Market.

The Clean Master application is a simple application that allows the user to clear cached files; in addition, it can clean files larger than 10 MB. Additionally, it has an option to close applications that are not used.

Backup automation

If an Android device stores a huge number of photos,s and music albums, users can schedule automated backups to the cloud service. At any given time, not all files will be needed on the device. If the use of cloud services is not an option, then users can transfer their files to computers to get additional space on their smartphone.