How to Clean Upgrade Software On Samsung

How to Clean Upgrade Software On Samsung

Your Samsung smartphone on Android is constantly updating applications and programs spontaneously and you do not know how to turn it off in the settings? In this article you will find information. how to disable automatic application updates on Samsung and similar smartphones and tablets on the Android operating system.

let’s get a look how on android Samsung turn off the automatic update of applications. If you do not want to turn on the Internet on your smartphone because the programs immediately start updating and eat money, then connect to the Internet via wi-fi. If you do not have the ability to connect to a Wi Fi network, then you can use wi-fi from another phone where there is an unlimited tariff.

So that prohibit spontaneous updating of programs and applications on Samsung do the following:
1) On the smartphone, the Internet must be turned on or connected via Wi-Fi.
2) Open in applications “Pley Market”.
3) Open the menu in the Pley Market in the form of three bars or something similar, just to get to the menu you can move the screen from left to right, that is, pull the screen.
4) Find the item “Settings”. If you can’t see it, shake the list, perhaps it is below.
5) Select item “Auto update apps”. In the window that appears, select “Never”. Or you can choose “Wi-Fi only”When you connect to the Internet via wi-fi, the applications will automatically start updating.