How to clean the memory of the LG Smart TV TV

How to clean the LG Smart TV TV cache

In order to ensure the stable operation of the TV, the user needs to master the algorithm for performing several simple tasks aimed at optimizing the operating system of the device. Many have no concepts, how to clean the memory on the LG TV. In this regard, they are faced with difficulties in the most inappropriate points. Now we will consider in detail why the internal memory of TV is clogged, and we will also study the most effective ways to solve this problem.

The reasons for the emergence of memory overflow

The memory of the TV is quickly filled with the active use of the Internet browser (cachs the contents of all the pages visited), applications for streaming viewing video and listening to music (part of the data also remains in constant memory). Along with this, many games occupy 1.5-3 gigabytes. At the same time, the internal memory in many TVs is relatively few: from 2 to 16 gigabytes, some of which are occupied by the operating system itself and update files itself.

Applications cache with active use of SMART function in just 2-3 months takes about 6 gigabytes. It is regularly deleted by the manufacturer itself (indicated in the instructions).

How to avoid memory overflow?

You can take measures that will help prevent this difficulty without cleaning. One way to use the functionality of the TV is the installation of additional software, which will solve the problem of overloading memory and will allow you to watch and listen to any content without failures.

The use of Web portals on which files are stored by blocks also helps to avoid overflowing the cache.

Another way is to update Web OS. Perhaps in later versions such malfunctions will be eliminated, since the TV software for the TV is constantly improved by technology manufacturers.

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Cleaning instructions

Additional ways to clean the memory/cache of the TV and built.In browser:

Memory release on Samsung Smart TV

Samsung trademark television receivers that support Smart-TV technology continue to conquer the domestic household radio equipment market. Their rapidly growing popularity is due to many functional advantages, previously inaccessible to owners of ordinary TVs. Among them are connection to the Internet (wired or using Wi-Fi), search and viewing of the video content of interest without reference to specific television channels, the possibility of communication on social networks and much more. However, despite the apparent resemblance to the computer, the Smart TV is still significantly inferior to the latter. And first of all, this concerns the volume of built.In memory, which is clearly not enough to watch video content (films, video clips, streaming video, etc.) when using a built.In browser. Therefore, this material will be discussed how to clean the memory on the Samsung Smart TV TV.

Features of built.In memory

Lack of built-in memory of the Smart-TELETALS of any brand, including Samsung, is due to the fact that at first the selected video file is loaded into the internal storage of information and only then broadcasts to the screen. As you play, the memory is released, but if the process of cleaning it is slower than loading content, then its overflow is possible. In turn, this causes the appearance on the screen of the error message and the inability to continue watching. It is interesting that even the specialists of the Samsung Group group of companies, which is considered the leader of this market segment, has not yet been able to solve the existing problem at the constructive level.

Thus, the browser of any television receiver Samsung Smart-TV (for example, models UE46F6400AK, UE43M5500, etc.) has disabilities, which is due to insufficient internal memory, without which the download of video content is impossible. Its main features:

  • Self.Cleaning is carried out only if the content of content occurs more slowly than the speed of playback of the video on the screen;
  • The amount of memory cannot be increased due to the use of an external drive (hard drive, flash drive, etc.);
  • The overflow of memory is not tied to any specific applications, sites or Internet pages and can appear at any time.
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The consequences of lack of built.In memory

The accumulation of the data array in the built.In storage of information can ultimately lead to the overflow of the useful volume of the internal memory of the television receiver. In this case, viewing the content stops, and the corresponding message appears on the screen. In some cases, the application can spontaneously start overload. In addition, a message about a lack of memory can appear at any time completely unexpectedly for the user at:

  • TV connection to a computer;
  • Using USB flash drive;
  • Listening to audio files;
  • Watching films and pr.

In practice, the internal memory of the Samsung SmartTV TVs is filled in cases where the owner to view video content uses a built.In browser. After full filling its volume, the TV “freezes” and/or turns off the Internet. In this case, it becomes impossible to install widgets and/or applications, as well as view video content. The problem can only be eliminated by freeing the internal memory of the television receiver from excessive data.

The release of the built-in memory of Smart voltage Samsung

You can release the internal memory of the Samsung Smarttv TV receivers by performing such simple operations as removing unused applications and cleaning the Built-in browser cache cleaning. If these actions did not lead to a positive result, then the owner of the TV will have to contact the Samsung support service or at their own peril and risk to try to drop the TV settings to the level of factory.

Removing unused applications

Delete unused or unnecessary applications is one of the effective ways to free the internal memory of the television receiver. To do this, you need:

  • Enter the main page of Smarttv;
  • Open the application menu (Apps panel);
  • Go to the settings (icon in one of the upper corners);
  • In the window that opened, find unnecessary (extra) applications and click in series with the mouse for each of them, pressing the “Delete” key;
  • Confirm the actions and close the window.

A similar result can be obtained if you drop all Smart Hub settings. This will remove all uploaded applications and eliminate existing errors. At the same time, reloading and installing all factory applications in automatic mode will occur.

Smart Hub settings can be reset through the “Settings” menu, following the route “Support. Self.Diagnosis. Smart Hub reset “. It will need to be entered into the corresponding line protective PIN-code “0000” (by default). After the message “Reset completed” the message, you must go to the Apps panel, wait for notification of the initial setting and, following the prompts on the screen of the TV receiver, enter the menu. There you will need to choose the necessary application for use and press the “Ready” key “.

In the event that the reset of the Smart Hub parameters to the factory state did not lead to a positive result, you can carry out a similar procedure in relation to the entire TV. How to do this is shown in detail on

At the same time, on all SMART volumes of Samsung (series 4, 5, 6, 7, etc.) the settings are resetting the same. The only possible difference is a small difference in the names of the menu items.

Cleaning the Built.In browser cache

You can release the internal memory of the TV if you clean the cache of the built.In browser. Do this as follows:

  • Enter the main menu Smart-TV;
  • Launch a browser;
  • Open the “settings” menu;
  • In the section “Removing History”, the item “Cache” is found;
  • Button “Delete now” confirm the action.

How to clean the memory on LG TV

How to clean the memory on the LG Smart TV TV. Instructions for removing unnecessary applications. How to clean the cache of the TV and browser. Ways to prevent errors.

Many have no concepts, how to clean the memory on the LG TV. In this regard, they are faced with difficulties in the most inappropriate points. Now we will consider in detail why the internal memory of TV is clogged, and we will also study the most effective ways to solve this problem.

Why are memory overflow errors

A system notification of a lack of free memory appears on the TV screen when the user tries to open a browser. This means that you can watch ether or satellite canals even with a crowded memory. However, for streaming content of content, the appropriate resource is required. Sometimes an error indicating the need to clean the memory of the LG Smart TV TV. Appears at the time of starting the game or when playing music.

The appearance of this error is caused by the lack of free space on the built.In hard drive, and not problems in the work of the browser or a certain site. Practice shows that the text of the error may not appear at the time of launching the browser. For example, the user opened the site, launched a video, and only then a notification will appear on the screen that you need to clean the memory of the LG Smart TV TV.

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The most effective temporary solution to the problem is the usual update of the web page. However, a software failure will make itself felt again, perhaps after a couple of minutes. What exactly provides the appearance of an error when streaming to reproduce content? This is due to the lack of memory volume to save temporary files. Therefore, films, clips load longer than usual.

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To avoid the appearance of this error, use sites on which block saving files is carried out. This memory layout prevents the cache overflow. It is impossible to expand the internal memory of the TV. Therefore, users have to solve the problem in order to fully fully use the technique.

Of course, there are preventive measures to avoid the appearance of this software failure. Try to clean the browser and TV cache in a timely manner. Be sure to install the current updates of the Smart TV operating system. An obsolete firmware version can cause a decrease in the performance of the device.

How to clean a cache on LG TV

Timely cleaning of temporary files saved by the TV will significantly reduce the level of load on the RAM. Naturally, this will favorably affect the performance of the device as a whole. However, users will not have to manually delete the temporary files of each application. Try just cleaning the browser cache.

Users who do not know how to clean the cache on LG TV. Delete temporary files in all applications. Because of this, the settings that were exhibited are lost. All parameters take the meaning of “default”.

To clean the memory of the LG TV, do the following:

  • Go to the main menu of the operating system. To do this, click on the Smart button on the remote control.
  • Click on the “Change” button. Its location directly depends on the established version of the firmware.
  • Select the device that you use, and then click on the “Delete” button, which will appear in the dialog box that opened.

Now you know how to clean the LG TV cache. Unnecessary files will be deleted. Some users prefer to clean the browser cache through which streaming of content is carried out. To do this, you must adhere to the following instructions:

  • On the control panel you need to click on the Smart button to open this mode.
  • Run the browser, and then open the settings. The corresponding section is in the upper right corner.
  • Use the “Clean cache” command. Then again confirm the desire to delete temporary files.

When the cleaning is completed, the content will again begin to play correctly, and the text of the error will disappear from the TV screen. Be sure to restart TV immediately after the deinstal of temporary files.

Removing applications on LG TV

On the internal memory, not only temporary files, but also applications installed by the user. In this regard, try to prepare free space in advance. In order to clean the memory of the LG TV, you need to delete programs, applications, widgets and services that you do not use.

Software removal can be carried out in two ways. First you should put the cursor to the program that you plan to delete. After that, a context menu will appear on the screen from which you should select the “Delete” command. Again you should approve the deinstal. It is on this principle that video games, films, additional services and extensions are removed.

If you do not know how to clean the memory on the LG TV. But the option proposed above is not suitable for you, use an alternative way. Open the “My Applications” folder, and then transfer all unnecessary programs and files to the right angle of the screen. Move them until the process of deinstal begins. To complete the removal, just confirm the initially selected action.

How to eliminate the problem of filling memory

Having carefully studied the specifics of the problem, you can distinguish several key ways to eliminate it:

  • Start by updating the firmware. It is the outdated version of the operating system that can become a catalyst for the appearance of a software failure. It is possible that the new firmware version uses a completely different distribution of TV memory. Which will reveal the user new opportunities.
  • Install special software for streaming content of content. There are also special utilities that will clean the cache on the LG TV automatically. Such software also significantly reduces the speed of loading.
  • Reset the parameters to the default value. To do this, open the settings, and then switch to the “Extended settings” section. The “General Settings” tab will be the “Reset of settings to factory” command, use it.
  • Insert a flash drive into a USB connector. Some models activate the automatic preservation of the cache on this flash drive. However, this method does not help everyone.
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Questions and answers

How to avoid such a memory overflow on TV?

Everything is simple, periodically delete the cache, without waiting for any problems.

No way, the system automatically selects the volume of memory for temporary files to a specific widget.

Is it possible to find out right away whether Cash or common physical memory on the TV is not enough?

In the second case, hanging or restart will be in many programs. And in some case, even the system menu works with the delay.

And everything indicates everything to me, what to do and how to save the TV?

Probably malicious software has already “reached” the system folders and there are third.Party files there. First of all, copy all the valuable media files, and then perform the reclaim of TV.

How to clean memory on Smart TV lg

The occurrence of an error message indicates an overload of the memory of a smart TV in order to cope with the temporary problem, it is necessary to clean the cache of the LG Smart TV browser.

This process is performed in 2 ways:

  • Clean the cache of all applications: for this on the remote control, press Smart in order to open the main menu; In one of the upper corners, depending on the sewing of TVs, use the “Change” button; Choose one of the online services that is not used and in the opening window click “Delete”.
  • Only browser cleaning: by pressing the same “Smart” button, go to Smart TV mode; run the browser and open it in the upper right corner of its settings; select in the falling list “Clean the cache” and confirm the action.

After some time, the cleaning of the memory will completely end, and the image reproduction rate will be restored, and the memory will be freed from unnecessary content along with the message about the overflow.

If this does not happen, it is necessary to reboot the page or go to the restart of the TV. In addition, you can prevent the problem without cleaning through the reasonable use of the functionality of the TV and connecting to Windows using special applications that will not allow memory to overload and provide comfortable viewing and listening to any content.

At the same time, you can connect to the Internet at any time, through Wi-Fi due to the setting of the router. The problem is not solved in another way, even LG service experts cannot give a detailed answer to the question of how to clean the memory, since all the options that are applicable to the computer are excluded here, only the use of special applications that block the oversaturation of memory with information.

Of course, you can try to update the software in TV and hope that after the update the situation is resolved in the favorable direction, but this option does not always work for a long time.

Conclusion on the bulk of the TV memory is due to the use of online content or listening to music, it is quite easy to solve this problem, while there are several options-cleaning the browser or applications and the third option-this is the smart use of TV resources, so that there is no memory overload.

Unfortunately, at the level of constructive at the moment, this problem has not been solved by developers, but we can hope that new versions of equipment will still be spared from it, since progress is in constant development.

Smart TV TV memory has its disadvantages, but this does not block the main advantages, fortunately, there are many ways to eliminate this error: from resetting all factory settings to cleaning the cache and removing applications. It is better to try somewhat, without despairing at the first failure, because there are whole basic 9 ways to solve this problem, any of them will definitely work and show the right result, the more new and new firmware comes out, perhaps one of them will be perfect.

Of course, the developers were mistaken, allowing such a shortage, but, having made a little effort, you can get rid of it easily. The technique improves, new functions appear, be sure that any of the new versions will be perfect and without any drawbacks.

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