How to clean the cache on the Samsung Smart TV

How to clean the cache cache and cookie files on Samsung Smart TV

Regular cleaning of the application and data is always a good practice not only for Smart TV Samsung, but on each of your devices. We are used to deleting the cache and cookie files in the computer browser or clean them on our phones and tablets, but often we forget to do the same on our Smart TVs.

The advantages of regular cleaning of the apps of your device and viewing data include increasing speed and performance, as well as protection against malicious malicious programs that you could encounter while viewing.

At the same time, it may be time to evaluate which applications are installed on your Smart TV. You will be surprised by the number of applications that you really do not use. It’s time to remove them to save a precious place for storage.

In this post we will discuss how to delete your application data specially on the Samsung Smart TV.

How to clean the cache or Internet memory data on your HISENSE SMART TV

Provided: Phandroid.

  • Click the “Home” button on the remote control of the TV.
  • Then select the “Network” in the settings parameters.
  • Click the “Clean Internet Palace” button to clean the cache.

Any problems with applications on your HISENSE SMART TV should now disappear after cleaning Kesh. However, note that this process also drops applications to the default settings.

How to clean memory in Smart TV? What to do if Smart TV hangs?

In this article, I will tell you how to clean the memory on Samsung, LG and other models with Smart TV support. In the video, I will tell you how to clear the memory of the TV, what to do if the applications do not work and do not work, and what if your Smart hung. Consider the most popular solutions.

Let’s start with LG TV. The first and most simple thing to do is suitable for Samsung and LG TVs, it also works on other TVs with Smart TV function, this is to clean the memory. Just take and turn off the TV and router from the outlet. Turn off the outlet for 2 minutes, both TV and router. After 2 minutes we include a router and TV in a socket. The problem should leave, if not, repeat the actions again.

LG TV often has problems with forwarding, that is, when you, say, use FORKPLAYER and instead of Tvigle you do not have FORKPLAYER, but the Tvigle program itself, which means that the DNS does not work. Again, turn off the TV and router out of the outlet. If there are no problems. After entering Tvigle application, clamp the Exit button on the remote control (if you have a new remote control as mine, pinches the back button for 3 seconds), and leave the application, then open it again, everything should work. If this method did not help you.

You need to go to the DNS settings, put the checkmark automatically near the CNC, then return the DNS by default. To do this, go into the TV settings. On the remote control, you should have a gear button, if you have an old remote control, then just the inscription setting. All the TV settings appeared on the left, we go down using the arrows down and look for the network and go to the section. My TV is connected using Ethernet cable. This can be determined by the inscription “connected to the Internet”. You may have a Wi-Fi connection, the setting is no different. Depending on how your TV is connected, select wired or wireless connection, I select wired connections. I go to the section, and go down below, I am looking for a button to change and press the OK button on the remote control. Put a checkplace “automatically”, then remove it and prescribe it in the field again the address of the DNS server and then, you can use it backwardplayer. In principle, LG has less problems in this regard. That is, everything is simple for him, either turn off the outlet, or squeeze EXIT on the remote control (if you have a new remote control as mine, pinches the return button for 3 seconds)

Let’s move on to Samsung TVs. In the Samsung, in principle, everything is the same. Turn off the TV and a router for 2 minutes from the outlet. After 2 minutes we include a router and TV in a socket. The second problem you may face. Когда Вы нажимаете на приложения, и оно у вас зависает в каком-то моменте и дальше не грузится. As a rule, all freezes due to the Internet. Take the remote control and press the Exit button, if you have an intellectual remote control, press the back button and hold 3 seconds. The applications will close, the TV will clean the memory, forget about its problem and you can re.Go into the application, everything should work.

If you have LG and Samsung and not one of the ways helped you, then the extreme option is a reset to factory settings. Usually the first two methods help. I ask you to pay attention again if you turn off the outlet. Then you need to turn off not only the TV, but together the TV and the router for 2 minutes. This is the most popular way that often helps, cleanse the memory and solve all the problems that are associated with the smart when it is dependent and when the applications do not work.

Let’s summarize. The most popular 3 ways to solve the problem: turn off the router and TV from the outlet, squeeze Exit on the remote control (if you have a new remote control, pinch the back return button for 3 seconds). Well, an extreme case, this is of course a reset to factory settings. I usually help the first two ways.

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If you have questions, write them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев under the video. If you still have not installed FORKPLAYER on the LG and Samsung TV, I left the link in the description under the video with detailed instructions. And on this I have everything, see you in the next issues.

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How to clean the cache of the Samsung Smarttv TV?

In this video lesson, I will tell you in detail how to clean the cache of the Samsung TV. Cleans the cache Smart Hub Samsung easily and simply. I will tell you 2 ways to clean the cache of the Samsung TV. The instruction will also help if your TV is slowly working. I’ll tell you how to reset Smart Hub Samsung.

There is such a problem on Smart Samsung TVs when you watch a video via the Internet Browser, which is built into the Smart TV, after 10 minutes of watching films or TV shows, you can see the message “The browser was unexpectedly closed. Restore the last web page?You reboot the page, turn on the film again and after 10 minutes you have the same error. The whole problem in lack of memory on the TV. This method is used by people who for some reason did not manage to install FORKPLAYER. And they have to use a browser to watch films. Today, I will tell you two ways to clean the Samsung TV.

As a rule, most of the applications, such as: Megogo, IVI, OKKO are all paid, and therefore most of us watch films via the Internet browser for free. But if you watch movies through the browser, the film is loaded for some time, then it can knock out, because the cache is overloaded, because of this there are different malfunctions and errors. Also because of a crowded cache in the browser, the TV itself is slowly working. You often write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев that the TV began to work more slowly, this is the main problem of the slow work of the TV. Therefore, it makes no difference what your TV is for 10 thousand or 50 thousand, it will be on any TV. All manufacturers want you to buy a subscription and watch movies for a fee, not free through the browser.

In order to clean the cache, we go to Smart Hub, pressing the “Home” button on the remote control. Using the arrow to the right or left, we are looking for a browser, it is called Internet, using the input button, we go into the browser. The browser opened. We have a cursor on the screen in the form of an arrow. We control the cursor with the help of arrow on the remote control, such an imitation of the mouse. Using the arrow, we go up to the upper right corner of the screen to the “three horizontal lines” icon, we will have the inscription “Internet menu”. Using the input button on the remote control, we go to the menu. An additional menu appeared, using the arrow down, we go down to the “Settings” item and click the input button on the remote control. We moved to the browser settings. Then, with an arrow to the left on the remote control, go to the left menu. Using the arrow, we go to the item “Privacy and Protection” and click the input button on the remote control. We went to the “Privacy and Protection” section. Now, using the arrow, we go down to the item “Delete View data”. In this section, all viewing data, cookies and cache files are removed. We go down to the “Delete View data” button and press the input button on the remote control. The browser will warn whether we really want to delete all the data and files cookies. With the help of the arrows to the left, go to the delete button and press the input button on the remote control. The notification “Data data” deleted “appeared on the screen”. We deleted all the data of views, cleaned the cache and cookie files. Now you can enjoy watching your favorite films in the browser. I recommend periodically clean the cache so that errors do not appear.

Consider the second method by which you can clean the cache. Click the “Home” button on the remote control and go to the Smart Hub menu. Then, using the arrow, we go to the “Settings” item, using the input button, we go into them. The “Cetaches” menu opened. We go using the arrow down to the “Support” section and click the input button on the remote control, then select the “Self.Dentic” item from the list and press the input button on the remote control. There are two points in the list: drop Smart Hub and reset (reset button, this is the reset of settings to factory). But reset, I do not recommend doing until you figure out what TV you have. Gray or official. If the TV is official, make a reset, there will be no problems. If the TV is gray, and you will reset, then the TV will be blocked (not the TV itself, but it will not work Smart Hub (this is all applications until you change the region and do not remove the blocking) on ​​the channel, left the link in description under the video, suddenly you are faced with such a problem. After reset, you will need to re.Configure the TV. When you drop everything, the cache is cleaned, and the TV will work faster. These are two simple ways to clean the cache on the Samsung TV.

At the end of the video, I wanted to say that a new FORKPLAYER installation method has appeared on the Samsung TV, many users are not put. If you have no FORKPLAYER installed on, try the new method, I will leave the link under this video. If you have questions, write them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев under the video. See you in the following issues.

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How to clear the memory

The overload of the built.In memory of a smart TV can also be eliminated if you clean the browser cache. In order to perform this action, you will need to open the main Smart TV menu, then go to the browser and select the settings function. In the list provided, the position “Cleaning cache” is selected. The user will only need to confirm the implementation of this action. Then it is advisable to wait a few minutes so that the process is completely completed.

After removing the memory of the browser, the device should begin to function correctly and it will be possible to continue watching your favorite programs or movies.

Why is there a mistake to fill memory

The internal memory of the TV is used in two cases:

  • Storage of systemic information for the proper operation of the device, as well as for installing various applications;
  • Storage of cache. Information in memory temporarily. These files appear when the installed applications are launched, the reproduction of audio and video files.

Memory overflow error can jump out in different situations. These include:

Sometimes such an error may appear at the time of watching the website through the TV. In this case, the content displayed on the screen freezes and the loading icon (sand clock or rotating circle) will appear). After a while, the content will begin to play again, but for a while. After a couple of minutes everything will hang again. Very often, users begin to suspect an Internet connection in a weak signal, but sometimes the problem is everything in the same lack of memory.

Especially often the cache is clogged when viewing websites and playing files from the Internet. The distributing Internet services are usually very downloaded, so the connection and download speed is uneven, and sometimes it can fall to zero. To ensure playing the video and audio in good quality, the operational system pre.Updates the necessary data into the internal memory of the TV, and then displays the picture and sound to the television screen. In the case when the memory is clogged, the quality will decrease, and sag the load.

Also, when the internal memory is clogged with installed applications, its lack of it occurs, which is why it becomes impossible to install new programs and launch the established. In this case, you just need to remove part of the applications.

If the main problem is the cache overwhelmed with information garbage, then it will have to be cleaned with third.Party programs or OS.

How to clean the memory on the TV Samsung Smart TV

Experienced users start by updating software. Watching a video from the Internet does not have to be carried out through a browser. There are many applications that make it possible. These programs reduce the speed of putting the system into operation and quickly clean the disk space from the remaining data. And also, to clean the memory on Samsung Smart TV, experts recommend resetting current settings.

The forums say that to clean Samsung, you must simultaneously press several functional keys (Info, Menu, Mute and Power). The order matters. The second chain is “dumb”, one, eight, two and “strength”. These manipulations activate the TV in service mode. Act as follows:

A simpler way is to contact the Samsung technical support service. The support employee will remotely edit the firmware, drop fresh settings and will not calm down until the problem is resolved. All you need to do is to allow remote access.

Cleaning the cache

If many applications are not installed on your TV, but mostly a browser, you can solve this problem by cleaning your memory of your Samsung Smart Televisor. This procedure should be performed regularly, since the cache is filled when opening the application.

However, do not do this too often. The presence of a cache accelerates the process of launching a browser.

To clean it, go to the main menu where you have access to all sections, including “settings”. In them you must find the “Clean Cache” section, here you must press the mouse button. After confirming that you want to remove it, you will have to wait a few minutes until the process is completed. If rebooting and freezing of the system have stopped, you can say whether this tool helped you based on how the cache works.

Samsung Как очистить память телевизора или инженерное меню

Reset to factory settings

This procedure will drop all user settings and return the memory to its original state. If you do not want to do it yourself, you can open remote access through Teamviever. He will do whatever you need online, you just need to have an Internet connection and approved intellectual control transfer.

But if the owner decides to independently clean the cache on the intellectual TV Samsung, he will need a remote control.

The procedure looks as follows, do not proceed to reset the settings until you read it in detail!

  • Turn off the TV.
  • Press the buttons “Information”, “Menu”, “Disable the sound”, “Food” in the same order.
  • Press the Mute, 1, 8, 2, Power buttons in the indicated manner.
  • The service mode opens. Here select the settings, press the reset and confirm the removal. To move between the positions, use the arrow keys.

There is a small advice that can help in some cases: if the flash drive is connected to the TV, you can save the browser cache on it. However, this does not always work, you need to check your specific model.

Removing applications

Another simple but effective way to clean memory is to remove unnecessary or unused applications. To do this, go to the main page of Smart TV, open the application menu, go to the settings using the icon in one of the upper corners, find applications that, in your opinion, you do not need, click the “Delete” button and confirm.

Signs when it’s time to clean the cache

Using Smart TV allows the owner to enjoy watching fascinating TV shows. However, this is not exhausted by this. The Internet access is available here, which allows you to make the following:

  • View movies and TV shows online.
  • To communicate in social networks.
  • Listen to music.
  • Consider photos.
  • Visit a variety of sites on the Internet.
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In all these cases, when actions are performed using a browser, the cache is filling in.

Smart TV is practically full computers. For work, he needs system resources, one of the most important among which is memory. If the system begins to lack it, it cannot function normally. The problem is detected when problems with video reproduction or audio content begin to appear.

In this case, there are reports of a lack of memory on the screen. In this situation, it is necessary to clean the cache of memory. Problems can occur only in the process of viewing sites. With a crowded cache, watching television programs occurs in normal mode.

If you view the streaming video through the browser, then the amount of available memory will be quickly reduced. At the same time, at a certain moment, the show will begin to slow down. Most often, the cache is overflow in the following cases:

  • When trying to watch the video through the browser, playing does not begin. In this case, overflow is the main reason, but not the only.
  • A web brown-breaker may not be launched. During its initialization, a message appears about a lack of memory.
  • Rebooting the problem page occurs. The browser can do this for various reasons, including due to lack of memory.

A characteristic feature is the braking of the show, similar to the one that can occur with a weak Internet.

Why are memory overflow errors

If it occurs, then the work of the browser and other programs will slow down and may stop temporarily.

It is necessary when the appropriate signs appear: slowing down the work of various applications or the appearance of messages about the overflow of the cache.

In order to use a browser to view the Internet or work with video content, you must first download the page on the device. View starts after the completion of this process.

Although here applications work in the same way as it happens on ordinary computers, nevertheless, the programs are oriented primarily on a high.Quality video show. They often do not include the full functionality of such applications.

The initial download of the page viewed will help if the user again wants to contact the page. In this case, she will already be ready to view. This method has a significant drawback. There is often not enough space for storing such information.

How to Access Secret “Service Menu” for All Samsung TVs

In this case, a convenient way out would be to delete data from the cache. As a result, the desired place will be released, and the browser will be able to continue to work in normal mode. Filling the cache is as follows:

  • When the free space runs out, the program can suddenly stop its work. When it is re.Launch, she will not remember the previous load and begin to load the page from the very beginning.
  • Когда заполнение кэша происходит медленно, в действие вступают встроенные алгоритмы очистки. Thus, the release of memory is performed in automatic mode, without preventing the preservation of the next page.
  • The cache is located in the internal memory. It cannot be increased by adding memory by connecting external media.
  • Когда владелец Smart TV не использует браузер, а применяет телевизор только для просмотра телепрограмм, то кэш заполняться не будет, и проблема переполнения не возникнет.

If the cache is full, its cleaning becomes necessary. Sometimes rebooting helps for a short time, but this can only be a temporary solution. The user needs to know how to clean the cache on TV.

The TV will bend it if you wipe the screen incorrectly. 4 advice on the care of the device

Smart TV must necessarily be connected to the Internet directly via a Wi-Fi wireless network. When connecting, problems may arise: too many devices can be connected to the router, from this the speed of the network will decrease. Or it is located too far from the TV.

clean, cache, samsung, smart

The solution to the problem is a new router. Either just the second for use as an additional access point, or more advanced for connecting a larger number of devices.

Check the speed of the Internet at the TV and other devices on SpeedTest.Net. If TV has it much lower, the device has problems with the connection. For reference: The minimum speed for using the simplest capabilities of Smart TV is not lower than 1 Mbps, for watching videos, for example, in YouTube quality 720r. At least 2 Mbps, for 1080r. 4 Mbps and above.

Outdated software lags. It needs to be updated

Updates regularly go on Smart TV, as well as on smartphones, computers, tablets. As a rule, the devices independently check the availability of new versions of the system and offers the user to update them, but at the same time on some models this option may be disconnected.

Just in case, you should regularly check the availability of updates on your own and install them. Old versions of operating systems are worse supported by manufacturers and therefore can work less stable.

clean, cache, samsung, smart

The TV may not have sound due to the lack of support for Dolby Digital

The TV can work with restrictions depending on the characteristics and software. Channels like Discovery HD, Amedia A1HD and Amedia HIT HD require support for Dolby Digital technology to transmit sound. If it is not, the device will show the picture without sound.

Asano 22LF1020T 21 users faced such a problem.5 “(2019). Sony confirms that this is possible. In some cases, the TV can display a sound, performing an internal conversion to PCM STEREO. Will be able to like this by a budget TV or not. Lottery. If not, the problem is no longer solved. When buying, you need to ensure that all the necessary technologies are supported.

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