How to Clean Iphone X Charging Connector

IPhone 2G Headphone Jack

Here is such a topic, we have a blog post about the headphone jack in the Apple iPhone, here it is “What kind of headphones are suitable for the iPhone”, in which angry comments begin to appear. The fact is that this post has long been outdated, as it was written during the very first iPhone (sometimes it is called iPhone 2G). In this first iPhone model, the headphone jack was not a standard Audio mini-Jack 3.5 mm., But some kind of specific one, so for connecting ordinary 3.5 mm. headphone adapter required. Or you had to take ears that specifically support the iPhone, for example, Monster Cable Beats by Dr. Dre Solo. With subsequent models of iPhones, everything is different.

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Headphone Jack on iPhone 3G. iPhone 6S

Starting with the iPhone 3G model (the second model) and higher, the phones began to be equipped with a standard 3.5 mm Audio mini-Jack headphone jack, which to this day allows users of such models to connect any headphones and listen to downloaded music or podcasts. In principle, the solution is right, because standard EarPods are not suitable for everyone and not everyone likes.

In addition to the headphones, sometimes we connect huge speakers to the iPhone, using the same headphone jack and arrange a home disco and everything fits, tested on the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6. True, you have to connect the charger, as the battery runs down faster.

Is there a headphone jack in iPhone 7 and above

Apple decides to get rid of the familiar headphone jack (3.5 mm.). And he realizes his idea, starting with the model. iPhone 7. Owners of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus now use the Lightning connector to connect wired headphones (this connector was previously used only for charging and connecting to a computer).

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What kind of headphones included iPhone 7

Headphones included iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. EarPods with Lightning Plug

How to Clean Iphone X Charging Connector

There are no new AirPods wireless headphones in the kit, you need to buy separately. The iPhone 7 comes with EarPods as standard, but the plug is no longer mini-Jack, but Lightning. The fact is that Apple developers consider the mini-Jack socket to be outdated and take up a lot of space in the phone, so they made a Lightning charging connector that supports both headphones.

Headphone adapter included with iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Lightning to Jack 3,5mm.

In addition to headphones with new interest, the iPhone 7 comes with a Lightning. mini-Jack 3.5 mm adapter. Therefore, the owner of the iPhone 7 can use this adapter to connect any 3.5-earphones or other audio gadgets. Separately, such an adapter costs 9.

But the standard equipment of the iPhone 7 does not allow you to simultaneously listen to music in wired headphones and charge the battery, because the connector is now one for everything. Therefore, in such a situation, wireless headphones (AirPods for 159 or third-party developers), docking stations, all kinds of adapters or adapter cases can come to the rescue.

Let’s hope that getting rid of the mini-Jack connector, developers can finally think about it and fill the voids with a more capacious battery, which to this day is not very pleasing even for iPhone 7 users. Not a month, but at least 3 days would have kept the charge in mode active use.


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Robert, Lightning. Jack 3.5 adapter and EarPods Lightning headphones are compatible with any iPhone with iOS 10 and higher. Therefore, if the iPhone 5 has stopped working its headphone jack, then it does not matter.
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