How to clean huawei phone memory

How to clear memory on the phone Huawei Y7 2017

Huawei Y7 2017 owners often complain that the internal storage fills up quickly. The user does not have the ability to download a new app or take a video. But luckily, there are some easy ways to clear the memory on your Huawei Y7 2017 phone.

If the owner of Huawei Y7 2017 has not cleaned his smartphone for a long time, the first thing to do is to get rid of large files that have not been used for a long time. It can be a downloaded movie, music and other data. To delete, you need to open “Explorer”, highlight the folder or file, and then click “Delete”.

Types of memory on Android devices

All smartphones contain three types of memory:

Read-only Memory. Read-only space. This means that the content is not amenable to change or delete operations. Here lies the operating system. Android on Huawei and Honor. The block on changes is imposed so that incompetent users unknowingly do not violate important components or utilities. If one of the system files is deleted, the whole mechanism fails. Nothing can be overwritten in this place.

The second type is a place with so-called “random storage access”. All installed softwares and utilities go here. The section is responsible for the processes that take place in the device during the launch of downloaded applications. Access is granted to a user without developer rights.

The third type is the storage location. Here the parameters are set by the phone owner himself, because it is he who controls all the processes. It is possible to put contacts, photos, audio, video and other multimedia components here.

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How to turn off the screen lock on Huawei and Honor

What is the memory on the Android phone

Many users do not know, but the memory of any Android smartphone is divided into three large categories:

The third option is often not distinguished as something separate, attributing it to the built-in, but in fact this option is different and has completely different functions and parameters. All three types differ from each other not only in efficiency, but also in function, purpose.

So the RAM of the phone is responsible for its performance. It defines how many simultaneously running applications your device can handle. The amount of RAM also affects the price of the device, because its quantity determines the amount of processed information that the phone absorbs.

The built-in memory is where the actual and physical things are stored: all applications, files, photos and videos are in the built-in memory, but can also flow into the RAM. The large amount of this type of memory also determines the cost of the device, but is not so dependent on its performance. Roughly speaking, the built-in or internal memory is the actual safe of all phone information.

Expandable memory is counted as built-in memory, but it is the memory that solves the problem of limited built-in memory, which may not be enough on the device. If the user has purchased a phone with minimal built-in memory, he can buy an SD. card, which is expandable memory.

How to clean your Honor phone memory with programs

If the user hasn’t completely solved his problem with how to delete files, programs can help him do it. Applications for the Honor smartphone are convenient because:

  • They determine what needs to be deleted on their own;
  • They will do everything for the user;
  • The program will find the data that people might not even notice when manually cleaning the phone.

The list of the best utilities can be found at the end of the article, and the algorithm of each program is as follows:

  • Download the application from official sources, such as Google Play;
  • After that, open it, allow to make changes on the device;
  • Tap on the scan button;
  • Click on “Clear” after the program has found unnecessary data.
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The program is one of the most convenient tools, because the user may not understand the phone, but will be able to cope with the installation of the program.

How to free the memory on Android Huawei through a computer

If there is a lot of memory on the device that needs to be disassembled, you can use the computer as a cleaning tool. To do this, you need to:

  • Connect the device to your computer using the special cable that comes with the phone. The usual USB-cable will help to connect the device to your computer.
  • Then we wait for the synchronization process;
  • Go into the HI Suite program, available on the phone, and select the computer as the internal storage;

When finished, restart the smartphone and disconnect the cable.

How to know the memory usage statistics

Load statistics. an indicator that helps determine how clogged with digital “garbage” the device is. The phone has operational space and storage. Operating space is responsible for processes, storage is responsible for storing components. If the first space is clogged, the mobile device starts to slow down and stall. If there is no free space in the storage, some functions are disabled. To be aware of the state of the phone, and to check the load, use the algorithm:

  • open the settings parameter;
  • find the game console item (“Play Console”);
  • Select the application you want to run through the check;
  • Click “” or “”;
  • Check the statistics.

In addition, Google Cloud uploads a comprehensive report on memory usage.

Clear device memory

Also, Huawei and Honor smartphones have a way to clear the memory more precisely. To do this, we need to go to “Settings”, select the section “Memory” and click “Clear”. In the “Clear memory” menu that opens, you can use the recommended cleanup or a special cleanup, but be careful with this method, as you can delete the personal photos, videos, music, files, etc. you want.д.

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Deleting files from messengers

When using WhatsApp and other similar messengers, Huawei Y5 2017 owners often send photos to each other. After reviewing, they are not deleted, but are saved in the memory of the device. Therefore, they have to be deleted manually.

All multimedia received via WhatsApp is stored in the folder with the same name, which has directories named “Images” and “Video”. These directories need to be cleared either through the file manager on your smartphone, or through the “Explorer” of your computer.

If there is still not enough memory

The previously discussed ways allow you to fully free up space on the internal storage of the Huawei Y6 2018. However, even deleting a large number of files does not achieve optimal results if the owner purchased a version with minimal storage space.

There are a couple of ways out. First, a microSD card can be installed. It expands the internal storage by 32-256 gigabytes, depending on the configuration you choose. Secondly, there is the option of uploading personal data to the “cloud” like Google Drive or Yandex Disk. But here it is important to pay attention to the fact that only a limited amount of space is available for free. To expand the virtual drive you will need to subscribe.

Having chosen the appropriate variant, the owner can transfer the majority of files on MicroSD-card or upload the data to the “cloud. Unfortunately, the apps are not relocatable. But you can get rid of photos, videos, and music without too much trouble.

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