How to clean a laptop from HP dust yourself

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How often do you do cleaning at home? If you conduct a survey, then there will be an average indicator-somewhere a week. Some more often, someone is much less often, but in the total mass something like this.

Good, and now this question: how often do you clean your laptop? Tried to clean the laptop from dust at home on their own? But at this point, the overwhelming majority makes the surprised appearance: “Why, in fact, clean it? And so it works gorgeous! Well, he is warming up with me because the old one is already “.

I officially declare. Not a single laptop is warming up because it is old. Dried thermal paste, prohibitive loads, work in the desert, garbage. These are the causes of overheating, and sometimes fatal outcome. About how to cool the laptop, read in my review of cooling stands, and now we will talk about the last point. Household dust. For your laptop, it’s like an ordinary cold for you. Easy to pick up, it is easy enough to cure, but if you run, there will be very serious complications. And due to the fact that “garbage! It will pass by itself!”, So it happens most often. Only the laptop does not have complications-it will immediately die, or burn something local like a processor or an integrated video card, which is equal to buying a new computer.

Fast cleaning of the HP Pavilion DV6 laptop from dust, indispensable.

Let’s try to make an express cleaning laptop HP Pavillion DV6.

First we turn the laptop, turn off the power battery.

clean, laptop, dust, yourself

Then you need to unscrew 4 bolts with which the lid holds in the middle of the laptop.

After we unscrewed all the bolts, remove them to the side and carefully remove the lid.

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That’s what happened:

In order to get to the fan and the radiator that we should clean, we need to unscrew the bolts on which the keyboard is held.

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After the keyboard bolts are unscrewed, we turn the laptop and carefully disconnect the keyboard, starting from above, we make it up so that it leaves the grooves.Below it is joined by a train, disconnect it and remove the keyboard on the side.Attention, if the keyboard is disconnected for the first time, then it can be glued with bilateral tape, so you need to be very careful.

clean, laptop, dust, yourself

We removed the keyboard and see a fan under it.

There is also a heat pipe of the radiator, which may look like in the photo.

Everything is clogged with a thick layer of dust, because of which the air flow is very small and is not discharged.

In order not to disassemble the laptop, which will take more than an hour, try to just remove that dust.

To do this, you can use any thin object, for example, a needle, wire.

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In this case, we will use a regular medical needle.

In each hole on the radiator, we take a needle in turn and gradually remove the dust.

On the side wall of the laptop there are 11 ventilation holes, we stick out the needle into each turn and try to remove the dust.

We turn the laptop and repeat the procedure on the lower fan holes.

clean, laptop, dust, yourself

Now you need to blow holes to blow off dust from there.

It is advisable to blow out with compressed air using, for example, a compressor or vacuum cleaner.

In this case, at least just blow it with your mouth.

Then we turn the laptop again and try to clean the fan with a brush.

We blow out again so that the dust flew out, but it stays there.

If we do not have a vacuum cleaner, then in order to completely get rid of dust, we will use forceps and manually pull large clouds of dust.

Collect it back and check the work.

The laptop began to make no less noise and is not so heated.

However, such cleaning helps for a short while, it is necessary to completely clean the month after 3 or repeat this cleaning method.

How to determine that there is already a lot of dust?

Now let’s figure out how to understand that your laptop already needs to be cleaned, after that we will tell you how to get rid of overheating yourself:

  • You can also switch to the official website AIDA64 and download the Russian version of the program for free. Then install it and start it. On the left side of the program, we open the computer then the sensors, and on the right side of the window we look at the temperature of the hardware components PC.
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Typically, the value of the graphic adapter is considered to be up to 70 ° C, and the central processor is up to 60 ° C.

The program in question is suitable for any operating systems, including Windows XP, 7, 8, 10. If you are convinced of the need to independently clean the laptop from dust, go to the second part of the article.

Attention: There are no programs for cooling the laptop. Time to believe in fairy tales has already passed.

Necessary tools

Consider what we need to independently clean the laptop from dust:

First of all, this is a spray with compressed air. It is quite cheap and is sold in almost any appropriate store.

If there is no spray can, you can purchase a pear to purge the dust that costs a penny. Over, it will be possible to replace it even by a regular enema from a pharmacy. You can also clean a laptop and a vacuum cleaner, with an air supply function.

In the case of disassembling the case, you will need a curly screwdriver with a thin “sting”. The choice of this tool depends on the type of screws used in your case.

clean, laptop, dust, yourself

We also recommend that you purchase a special rag, although this is not critical. Any napkin is suitable.

Features of cleaning

The work of the laptop directly depends on how effective the cooling system is. The air that passes through it must also go out without all the way.

To do this, there are ventilation holes on the bottom of the device. But over time, dust has the ability to accumulate.

And how quickly this happens, depends, first of all, on the mechanism of the air cooling system.

So, the need to clean the HP laptop from dust occurs after about two years of operation.

Due to the clogging of the dust of the cooling system, a laptop can be very hot, since due to the layer of pollution the outflow of hot air is difficult, and as a result of overheating, one of the microcircuits, video chip and so on can fail.

In any case, the heating of the laptop leads to “hanging” and its spontaneous disconnection.

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So that all this does not lead to the death of the equipment, you should carefully monitor the cleanliness of the mechanism, since the repair can cost the amount of 4,000 to 6,000 even if it is an ASUS Vivobook U38n laptop. To the menu

How to prevent laptop pollution again

In order not to clean the insides of the laptop constantly, and the dust in the laptop accumulated as long as possible, use such advice:

  • Use the technique on a hard surface- the dust from the carpet or bed clogs the grill;
  • Do not eat, sitting at the computer, crumbs can get inside;
  • Spilled tea or coffee can kill the device completely;
  • Disconnect the laptop if the work is over;
  • Wipe the device regularly.

A laptop is a convenient portable device, and the correct care is the key to its reliability and safety. Was you to be useful to you? Write about your impressions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.

Point 23

Mechanically using a brush, remove all boiled dust.

When a laptop is required?

The main factor talking about the excessive contamination of the device is to increase the temperature in a short time of operation. For monitoring temperature indicators, it is recommended to install a utility type Hwmonitor, which, when starting, shows accurate information collected from all sensors.

In addition, it is recommended to maintain regularity. Acer, Samsung, HP laptops are better to clean about once a year. ASUS and SONY VAIO top models will last two years. However, you need to look at the operating conditions: for example, the presence of pets seriously accelerates the process of laptop pollution.

As a conclusion

Cleaning a laptop from dust can be affordable for literally everyone. However, this is not a complete disassembly of the system. Such cleaning is unlikely to help if water, wine or drinks with a large m alcohol, sugar were shed on a laptop. In this case, you should seek help from professionals. However, if everything begins to slow down, the laptop body is warming, fans are very noisy. It is necessary to clean the ventilation system and enjoy the perfect operation of the mobile device again.

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