How to choose the right external battery for a smartphone

Buyer guide. Choose an external battery for a smartphone or tablet

Once again, a phone was discharged for dinner-a couple of hours on social networks, downloading new podcasts with a volume of 400 MB using a 3G network, several photos. And the battery waved my pen. Unfortunately, for many people, this scenario becomes a reality daily. Sometimes, talking with friends, I hear a squeak, and then the conversation is interrupted. They call back from the second number and say the sacramental: “The phone is dead”. The presence of chargers in the car, at the workplace. Not a panacea. Someone used to carry charging and in restaurants chooses places closer to sockets. As my friend jokes, the phones have become wired again, but now we are tied to an electric outlet.

One of the partial solutions of this problem is the choice of an external charger, which can be carried with you in a bag, take on trips and hikes. The cost of such devices varies in a very wide range, the number of manufacturers is large, and often the eyes scatter from the variety of supply. This guide will be devoted to how to choose the right external charger, but before going to this issue, I will allow myself to dissuade you.

Rules for using an external battery: what the owner should know

Charging the gadget via PowerBank is very simple. This is even more convenient than a cord charging tied to a power grid. You do not need to turn off the power with every call. We connect the standard wire to the phone, and its second side to the external battery. Charging should go automatically. If this does not happen, you just need to press the ON/OFF button. Indicators on the device will tell you how much charge is left in the “Drill”. When the phone is fully charged, the external battery will turn off automatically. According to this indication, you can see how much charge it remains in the external battery PowerBank itself is also very simple. We include it in the charger from the phone with the same standard wire. The full charge of charging can be seen by the indicator. Completely charged, PowerBank will stop taking the load, while the indication will be visible. It will turn off at the same time how you turn off the charger from the outlet.

It has long been known that not every advertisement can be believed. And that means it is to understand which external battery is better for a given gadget only by collecting information about it on the network, based on users’ reviews. However, there are many underwater stones here. Some manufacturers themselves create fake laudatory reviews about their products.

Our editors analyzed a huge number of user reviews, and those on which we are based in our review today are exactly real. The shape of an external power source may be completely diverse that PowerBank, which is suitable for the phone, is unlikely to fit the laptop, which means our review should be divided into 3 sections: devices for mobile phones (smartphones), tablets and laptops. In the fourth section, external batteries with a solar battery will be presented.

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External battery for the phone: Review of models and reviews about them

For a phone or smartphone, you can purchase a PowerBank with a capacity of up to 5000 mA/h, although a large container will not hurt. Consider several models suitable for the parameters, along the way, familiarizing themselves with the reviews of users about them. Perhaps this will help our respected reader make the right choice.

Xiaomimi is a fairly famous manufacturer of such devices

This manufacturer has long earned a good reputation. Xiaomi Mi products are known for its quality, the buyer trusts this manufacturer. Consider one of its models. This is how Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 5000 looks like a pretty pretty device

Brand, model Capacity, MA/h Output current, and Battery Type Charging time, h
Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 5000 5000 2.1 Li-Polymer 3.5

Good indicators. For the phone is quite acceptable. Yes, and the cost of an external battery Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 5000 is small. Such a purchase of a hole in the family budget will not break. But what users say about this device.

Review of Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 5000. Read more for the Ozzovik: https: // otzovik.COM/ReView_5486629.HTML

choose, right, external, battery, smartphone

Not so well.Known, but no less high.Quality Hiper

A little more capacious PowerBank. Interestingly, the increased capacity does not affect the cost. The device is inexpensive and available to everyone. Consider its characteristics.

Brand, model Capacity, MA/h Output current, and Battery Type Charging time, h
Hiper EP6600 6600 2.1 Li-Polymer 3.3

Here it is, Hiper EP6600. Reviews about it are mostly positive amazing, but with a greater capacity this device is charged faster than the previous option. And how are things with reviews?

Review of Hiper EP6600. Read more for the Ozzovik: https: // otzovik.COM/ReView_3847353.HTML

The fact that he could not charge the tablet is not surprising, the capacity is not enough. But in general, a very good device.

Canyon. The characteristics are slightly improved

This PowerBank will charge the phone a little faster due to increased output current. In order not to be unfounded, we offer to familiarize yourself with the main parammers.

Brand, model Capacity, MA/h Output current, and Battery Type Charging time, h
CANYON CNS-TPBP5 5000 2.2 Li-Polymer 3

Power Bank: The principle of action and the device of an external energy drive

In appearance, it is sometimes even impossible to understand what it is. Ras Bank can have a different shape, but the internal device for all such accessories is almost the same. Inside the plastic or metal case is one or more batteries of a certain capacity. The case has a charging nest (usually Micro USB), and the output nest (nest)-USB outputs.

The charged device is connected to them. In addition to the number of ports, external batteries are characterized by capacitive characteristics, current force. The batteries themselves are also different, as well as on cell phones, but on this we will dwell in more detail a little later.

Ports and cables

Devices are connected to Powerbank through USB ports using complete cables and adapters. Look at your devices again and answer yourself two questions:

  • First, how many devices do you want to charge at the same time? The same amount of ports, ideally, should be on an external battery.
  • Secondly, what devices do you have? If you have an iPhone, there should be a Lightning connector on Powerbank if the old iPhone will require an adapter from Apple 30-Pin to USB. To connect other devices to an external battery, you may need cable-adapters with USB on MicroUSB, USB Type-C or DC-DC cable (for laptop).

Cables can be delivered with a Powerbank, but if necessary, of course, you can buy separately. In addition, there are external batteries with the attached sets of adapters, including on peculiar connectors such as the same Apple 30-Pin.

choose, right, external, battery, smartphone

Chip recommends: Powerbank with a set of adapters

Support for fast charging

Suppose you found an external battery with a suitable output current, but a complete fork still charges the smartphone faster. What’s the matter? Most likely, your smartphone supports some kind of accelerated charging technology like Quick Charge 3.0, Quick Charge 4.0 or an option with your own name from a particular manufacturer (for example, MchaRge from Meizu). Look for a powerbank that is friends with the technology of fast charging that is used in your smartphone.

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Whatever the capacious external battery you buy, his own energy supply will sooner or later will be exhausted. It’s nice when Powerbank quickly charges a smartphone, but even more pleasant if it himself quickly charges.

The rate of charging of the Powerbank is determined by its input current, voltage and the presence of a particular technology that provides more prompt replenishment of its own charge. Now there are external batteries that are completely charged in less than 30 minutes.

Please note: the own rate of charging of Powerbank does not affect the speed with which it charges the smartphone.

But the lack of understanding of technologies and gaps in knowledge of English can mislead the user. For example, you see a Pauerbank, which says something like 5 minutes charge. You might think that this miracle device charges a smartphone in 5 minutes, but in fact everything is different.

Suppose a capacity of a particular battery of 10,000 mAHCH and it is fully charged in 20 minutes. In this case, in 5 minutes it will make up about 2,500 mAhh. And this charge is really enough to charge a typical smartphone.

The problem is that the charging time of the smartphone is limited by its own maximum input of the current and the availability of support for a particular fast charging technology.

Simply put, the pathos phrase 5 minutes charge actually means: “This Powerbank is 5 minutes to get a charge necessary for further complete charging of a smartphone”. Do not catch marketing noodles and pump your technical literacy.

How to choose Power Bank: Conclusions

So, a good external battery is:

Model at least 6000 MAH for smartphones and 10,000 mAH for tablets.

Battery Life Explained: Are you killing your battery with bad charging habits?

Good portable chargers are produced by Canyon, Xiaomi, Samsung, Sony. Their products are optimal in the ratio of price-quality, so it can be safely purchased.

I need to help choose Power Bank? Call and we will select a suitable model for you.

The minimum price for a high.Quality battery

We will analyze a high.Quality battery of one well.Known manufacturer. Capacity. 10 400 MAH. Many consider this battery to be reference, and it is difficult to argue with them. Its approximate price consists of:

Total-30-40 or about 1200-2000 (at the current course). This figure may fluctuate, but the essence is different.

Ebay battery for 10,000 MAH for 600 is too good to be true. Not to mention 20 thousand MAH for the same money. And other nonsense, which Russian buyers willingly believe, flaunting “saving” right and left. Do not follow the cheapness, trust the products of famous brands, read reviews and, first of all, think. It’s the most important.

By the way, and what external battery do you use? Unsubscribe in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, we will collect interesting statistics. At the same time share your impressions, this can help those who put their eyes on a similar model.

The article was prepared by Ivan Korostelev as part of test accommodation on iPhones.Ru.

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By what criteria to choose a portable “battery”, what to pay attention to when ordering and buying? Short and capacious instruction for yourself, friend, girlfriend, grandfather and neighbor. If you have been given a link here, then they really want to help you;) Why do you need an external battery how often each of us came across a battery of our beloved at the most crucial moment.

What in the end

Power Bank has long turned into a smart gadget with electronics and a large number of protective blocks inside. It must be checked after the purchase or right in the store.

choose, right, external, battery, smartphone

Most of the described checks will take no more than 10 minutes, according to their results, you can completely refuse to buy. The main check for compliance with the container is best carried out in the first days after the purchase, so that in case of a bad result, take the gadget back or open the dispute on AliExpress.

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Here is a list of suitable batteries that can be taken without fear: ▸ Model for 20,000 mAh with a USB-C port-from 1510 ▸ compact battery for 10,000 mAh-from 1111 ▸ 20,000 mAh battery with a digital charge indicator-from 2224 ▸ external battery for 10,000 MAC with support for wireless charging. From 1609

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The indicator on which the external battery performance depends. The larger the container, the longer the powerbank will function without reloading. For a conventional phone, it is enough to charge 3000 mAh (milliammper-hour), if you need to charge powerful gadgets, several devices or a tablet, it is better to take a closer look at charging from 10 thousand mAh and above. Dear models retain the voltage longer and, accordingly, more qualitatively charging phones.


Most often, external batteries are presented in the plastic case. They are light, cost cheaper, they are not visible scratches. Metal models are more expensive, but more reliable. Some manufacturers also put protective covers in the kit.

Current strength

Current strength affects the time of charging. The more amperes, the faster your gadget will be charged. For a phone, the output current should be at least 1 A. For powerful and more voluminous devices-3-4 A. It is important to remember that if the output strength of the charging current is greater than that of the phone, then it will not charge faster. But on the mobile there may be an accelerated charging technology, and if it is on an external battery, it will work. The above is true for wireless external batteries.

The number of ports

There are only one USB port in the simplest batteries. In more modern models there are more of them. This allows you to charge several devices at the same time. But since the total output of the current is limited, the energy will be divided into two or more outputs. Also in some modern models there is the possibility of a charge of devices with different power at each output. In such cases, you can simultaneously effectively charge the smartphone and tablet. Additional cables that can charge a laptop or other devices may be included.

choose, right, external, battery, smartphone


The most common type of batteries is Li-Polymer (lithium-polymer). Thanks to gel.Like electrolytes with them, you can make batteries of any shape, and this will not affect their effectiveness. At the same time, this type works poorly in cold conditions. It is also important to ensure that the batteries controllers in the device are in good.

Powerbanks with Li-Ion battery (lithium-ion) are considered more powerful, as they hold a charge for a long time. If you want to use a portable external battery for a long period and constantly, then it is better to look at this type of battery. However, such models should not be idle: if you do not use the battery for a long time, then it will work less effectively.

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