How To Choose A Uv Lamp For Turtles

The turtle is a cold-blooded animal, therefore her condition and vitality completely dependent on temperature changes. In the wild, the tortoise can use the sun to maintain its health, so the owners of this beautiful animal need to take care of a decent light substitute. Light for the turtle is simply necessary and the best option would be to purchase an ultraviolet lamp.

It is worth noting that a conventional incandescent lamp is not suitable for reptiles, especially for red-eared turtles, and ultraviolet is the most suitable option. It provides animals not only with heat, but also makes it possible to develop in an appropriate way.

What is the use of an ultraviolet lamp for turtles?

Reptiles in the house can not be kept without a special box – a terrarium. A special spot for the turtle may be from glass or clear plastic. Since the turtle cannot exist without water, the terrarium is specially divided into several parts – land (a small island) and a pool.

The land should contain at least 32 degrees and not more than 40, as this can greatly damage the health of the pet. But the water can be cooler. You should not make a huge reservoir – the level should be so much that the turtle, if accidentally turned over, can easily return to its previous position.

Usually ready-made terrariums sold with built-in two lamps, but they can’t provide enough light and heat for the turtle, therefore, most likely, it will be necessary to equip the box with lighting.

As mentioned earlier, lamps are divided into several types:

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It is worth talking about why two factory lamps for turtles are not enough. Terrarium developers install two lamps of the same type, and most often, they are incandescent lamps, since this option is more affordable. Incandescent bulbs are not A good alternative to the sun for reptiles. Some owners prefer to put one incandescent lamp and another UV. Whether this will be better for the reptile or not is a moot point, as until now the owners of turtles have not come to a common opinion. However, some tips already exist for inexperienced owners of these beautiful creatures.

Tips for looking after the Red-eared Turtle

The first thing you should pay attention to is how well and efficiently the bulb gives warmth to reptiles. In this case, the most profitable solution would be to purchase an ordinary small incandescent lamp, since she can provide high temperature in the terrarium. Its type depends on the personal preferences and qualities of boxing. Most often, this source is located above the place where the land will be located.

The second factor, which is also considered important, is a sufficient amount of ultraviolet radiation for the red-eared turtle. The turtles need UV for proper development and existence. Rays help reptiles produce vitamin D3, which helps the body maintain certain processes.

An ordinary lamp cannot give the necessary amount of UV, so special UV lamps for turtles are adapted to give reptiles the daily norm of vitamin. It is worth making sure that the red-eared turtle received ultraviolet especially in the winter season, as this is the moment when the sun is far away and cannot additionally feed the animal with vitamins.

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Lighting is a must in the terrarium. Eight to twelve hours of daylight is enough to ensure normal viability of a reptile, after which all lamps for a red-eared turtle can be turned off.

What type of UV lamp to choose

The standard length is 50 centimeters. Despite the fact that the power of the light bulb is not low, this is unlikely to be enough to provide the turtle with enough vitamins. It is necessary to pay attention to the power of each UV lamp separately. Light from 14 to 70 watts will be best absorbed.

What type of UV lighting should not be acquired by red-eared turtles:

  • Healing lamp.
  • The type of lighting used to check money.
  • Quartz.
  • Lighting that is used for medical purposes.
  • UV lamps for drying nails.
  • Lighting used for plants or fish.

How to choose the right lighting

There are several characteristics that a caring reptile owner should pay attention to. The first is UVB. This designation may not be familiar to many, but it is very important when choosing good lighting in a terrarium. It shows what percentage of medium UV waves can be produced by a light bulb. Exactly this indicator determines whether the red-eared turtle will receive the required amount of calcium or not.

The second is UVA. This indicator indicates precisely the long waves of ultraviolet radiation and they are also extremely necessary for reptiles. Characteristics should be selected strictly individually, taking into account the size of the terrarium and its contents. The most standard reptile box will contain approximately 4–5 liters. Based on this size, you can make some mandatory indicators of the power of the bulb:

  • UVB should not be less than 5% and above 10%. In this spectrum, the turtle will receive all the necessary nutrients. Indicators of short waves below 2% can be dangerous and are not recommended for use in terrariums. If the owner has a pregnant turtle, then UVB may have 12%.
  • UVA should not be less than 30%. If you use lower indicators, it can harm reptiles, therefore it is worth taking this as responsibly as possible.
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Choosing an ultraviolet lamp for a turtle is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Remembering some of the subtleties is not difficult, but it can preserve and ensure the healthy life of your beloved reptile.

How To Choose A Uv Lamp For Turtles

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