How To Choose A Smartphone With A Good Battery

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One of the main criteria for choosing a smartphone is choosing a battery. An effective phone battery must have a large capacity in order to keep the device active for as long as possible. We already wrote about inexpensive smartphones with a good battery and a price of up to 15,000 and up to 10,000 rubles. Now it’s time to talk about more expensive models that are as energy-efficient and functional as possible. This rating of smartphones is just that, it will reveal the three best models of 2018, which without any problems will charge for more than one day, even with active use. And choosing a phone from this TOP 3, you certainly won’t say that the new device is quickly discharging.

Rating of the best smartphones with a good battery of 2018

1. Xiaomi Mi Note 2

Reveals TOP 3 smartphones model Xiaomi Mi Note 2, which best holds autonomy for today. It is able to withstand 92 working hours without problems, which is clearly a record figure for its characteristics. The processor of the smartphone Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is powerful, the functionality is more than sufficient, the camera is simply beautiful. This phone has everything that a modern person needs and with it you definitely don’t need to look for charging in the late afternoon. The price is also quite appropriate, Xiaomi Mi Note 2 costs up to 30,000 rubles.

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is the best smartphone with a good battery of 2018.

  • powerful processor;
  • professional cameras;
  • very good battery;
  • functional;
  • design.
How To Choose A Smartphone With A Good Battery

  • does not support memory cards;
  • cameras do poorly in poor lighting conditions.

2. Motorola Moto Z Play

If you are looking for a really effective smartphone with a good battery, then the second place in the ranking will reveal the essence of such devices. Motorola Moto Z Play holds up to 100 hours of autonomy, but this is not the limit of the capabilities of this device. An additional battery, which is easily mounted on the case and expands the boundaries of the model, is just a godsend for long trips. At the same time, the Motorola Moto Z Play has a beautiful AMOLED display, support for 4G networks, high-quality sound, impressive photo and shooting. The price of the phone is also not very high, even lower than the leading model of this TOP 3.

A smartphone with a good Motorola Moto Z Play battery.

  • beautiful battery and the ability to connect a second;
  • 4G;
  • good sound;
  • wonderful cameras.

The third model of ranking smartphones with efficient batteries is the BlackBerry KeyOne. Autonomy here is slightly worse than the first leaders, but it can hold for 81 hours. Everything, of course, depends on the brightness settings and usage activity. But the most important thing is that this is a push-button smartphone and not everyone likes this solution. For working moments, the BlackBerry KeyOne model may be ideal, but for a gaming solution. who knows. Therefore, before buying this particular smartphone, be sure to hold it in your hands, this model is definitely not for online shopping.

A smartphone with a good BlackBerry KeyOne battery.

  • mechanical QWERTY keyboard;
  • efficient battery.
  • price above 30,000 rubles;
  • screen aspect ratio 3: 2;
  • one SIM card.

Perhaps other ratings of our portal will become closer. In this TOP 3, good smartphones and good batteries are selected. Therefore, when searching for the best features, look specifically towards the specifications, not the batteries. A bad battery can always be recharged with an external one, do not forget about such an opportunity to improve every good smartphone with a not very good battery.

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