How to choose a power bank for your phone

To charge your smartphone without plugging: what should be a normal powerbank?

Powerbank has become as indispensable element of modernity as a good camera in a cell phone or a laptop that can run on battery power all day. The only problem. to charge them often enough, and not always is possible to wait half an hour sitting at the outlet. Fortunately, on the market a lot of different portable batteries. The only thing left to do is to find out how to choose a normal one, that works long hours, charges quickly and does not weigh as much as a cast-iron bridge.

In general, the device of such a charger is quite primitive. Regardless of shape and size inside hides one or more rechargeable batteries, a controller that provides charge / discharge, pulse transformer and a bunch of connectors for connecting the load (smartphone, camera or laptop). As usual the devil is in the details.

Batteries are all about the same. either soft non-core lithium batteries, or standard 18650 cells. On the device itself, it has almost no effect. the ratio of capacity to size is about the same everywhere, and you should not expect miracles here. If someone had a breakthrough technology and. believe me. it would be the next day shoved in cell phones, not powerbanks. The question of quality “cans” inside the portable charger is the conscience of the manufacturer, so the Chinese noonime can not deliver the promised current or volume for obvious reasons.


The classic scheme of the Chinese powerbank: a battery of minimum capacity, the cheapest possible board, two bags of sand for weight.

The main difference between “good” and “not so good” power banks. the electronics unit, which provides both charging the internal batteries themselves, and the work of the device with various equipment that you will feed them. It can be as primitive as possible (that is, will only convert the voltage and monitor the status of the built-in battery), and technically complex device that regulates dozens of parameters. Not only does a good portable charger provide for the conversion of 3.7 volts into 5 or 12, but also monitors the temperature inside the case, monitors the even wear of the cells and their individual parameters, and most importantly, solves the problem of fast charging protocols.

Well, now that USB Type-C is here, the mess is definitely over. Or not.

A million “fast-charging” options are no different than the piles of different connectors in cellphones of the decade before last. It’s all due to market economy and unwillingness of some companies to pay patent fees. It is more profitable to invent something of your own and earn more on unique accessories, than to adapt to someone else, to spend money on changing production chains, to break compatibility with already existing products In general, there are many reasons, but the result is one. not all devices are charged equally fast, if you use a non-factory power supply. At least, that’s how it used to be.

How to choose an external battery for your smartphone

Mophie Powerstation XXL USB-C

Medium Specifications:

  • Battery capacity of 19500 mAh
  • laptop charging
  • simultaneous charging of two devices
  • USB connector
  • fast charging
  • 390 grams

The American company Mophie produces some of the best chargers, and the new Powerstation XXL will not harm its reputation. It provides charging power up to 30 watts and supports USB PD technology, which can charge not only phones and tablets, but also larger devices such as laptops and cameras. All you need to do. Is a push button on the case to change the mode of operation.

Powerstation XXL USB-C has a decent capacity, which is enough to charge most modern phones three or more times a day.

Of course, with extra capacity comes extra size, and you can’t put this thing in a small pants Included with the pie bank get a pair of chargers, USB-A and USB-C, to charge two devices at the same time

Pros: nice textured finish, there is a charge indicator, two-year warranty.

Disadvantages: No carrying case included, high price.


Medium Specifications:

  • 18000 mAh battery (66.60W⋅h)
  • laptop charging
  • two USB connectors
  • adapter to micro USB
  • fast charging
  • Weight 420 grams

What power bank is better to buy for those who can not accept the “smell of Chinese plastic”, appreciates solid build and rich packaging.

In the box besides the Povrbank itself there are 8 more adapters for laptops, a USB cable. micro USB and car cigarette lighter. Agree, with this in mind, the price of the device is fully justified.

On the front side of the voribank is a backlit screen, it can be seen the battery charge in percentage and the load in W.

TopON TOP-T72 allows you to charge up to three devices simultaneously and is compatible with most modern brands of laptops and tablets.

Pros: protected against short circuits, overloads, overheating, power surge and overdischarge.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Pro 20000

Average Characteristics:

  • 20000 mAh battery (74W⋅h)
  • laptop charging
  • maximum current 3A
  • Two USB connectors
  • fast charging
  • weight 440g

Of course, the rating of power bank 2019 could not do without the model from the world famous Chinese company, famous for an impeccable combination of cost and quality of its products.

Mi Power Bank 3 Pro, capable of charging not only smartphones, but also laptops and gaming consoles. One of the best power banks from “Xiaomi”. It supports fast charging of two devices simultaneously and has a USB Type-C port on top of the two “simple” USB ports. And the plywood bank itself can also be charged in fast QC 3.0.

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Keep in mind that although the base capacity is listed as 20,000 mAh, the actual capacity (which the device can give your phone) is less. 14000 mA⋅h.

Pros: sturdy metal casing, overheat, overload and short circuit protection, there is an indicator that shows the level of charge.

Power Bank: features of choice

Smartphones and tablets, being devices of limited size and unlimited functionality, do not have large batteries. That is why external battery packs have become so popular these days. Power bank. is a power storage device in English. In Russian we have a simple word “verbank” or “powerbank.

The Power Bank is a mobile charger with a USB output for universal use. A USB adaptor for your device is sufficient to use the drive. A valuable feature of povibank is portability. it holds a charge for a long time, so you can “feed” your smartphone or tablet without access to mains power.

Structurally, an external storage device is a unit with several batteries connected in a chain, and outputs to transfer the charge. The device is charged from the mains and recovers the charge. via USB.

External batteries are equipped with two types of storage cells:

Li-ion batteries with cylindrical shape 18650 are most often used. Their output voltage is 3,6-3,7 V. Most often, their declared capacity is 2500 mAh, and the estimated number of charge-discharge cycles. from 500 to 1000. One such battery weighs approximately 45 grams. Advantages of these batteries: low self-discharge, light weight, no “memory effect” and energy density. The main drawback is that they break when overcharged or heated up (but this can be avoided by thickening the positive contact).

Lithium polymer batteries are more technologically advanced. The electrolyte in them is a polymer containing lithium-conducting filler with a gel consistency. The batteries look like thin plate-like packs (usually rectangular, ~1mm thick). Lithium polymer batteries have small mass, high energy density and no memory effect. Among the disadvantages. the need to install a regulating board and protection circuitry against overheating. Because of that such a VVERBANK is expensive.

Number of USB ports. Preferably there should be two. 1A and 2A, respectively. This is because smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices have different input current parameters. ports are combinations of 1A and 2A, used for simultaneous charging of several devices.

Voltage compatibility. Most devices require 5V DC.

Dimensions. Pay attention to them, if the drive requires particular mobility. For example, the bank for the phone should be flat, easily fitting into a If you buy a battery for feeding your camera or netbook, its size will be neglected in favor of performance and capacity.

Power Type. Most devices come with a USB port that charges from both computers and power sources (through an adapter). There are autonomous models that get their energy from solar panels or a dynamo. The latter, of course, will not give the phone a full charge, but “wind up” for one or two important calls is quite realistic. The effectiveness of solar panels is also questionable, as it is difficult to place panels of sufficient area on the povibank to accumulate the necessary energy.

Case, design and material. Here it all depends on personal preferences. Try to choose a model that is appropriate for the mode of operation. For example, if you climb mountains in search of impressive angles for photos, you need a sturdy model in a metal housing.

Important information! Current requirements are not critical. If you charge your smartphone through a 2A port, it will charge faster and probably won’t have any problems. However, a laptop, camera or powerful tablet from 1A port will either take too long to charge, or will not get a charge at all.

The market is overflowing with offers to buy lithium-ion poverbanks, and all manufacturers claim high figures, attractive to buyers.

However, many people are disappointed in their purchases when they realize that the actual capacity of the device turned out to be lower. In order not to stumble on such a deception, you should be guided by one simple rule. a high-capacity storage device must be heavy. Despite the rapid development of technology, humanity has not yet invented a way to create small batteries with a large capacity.

For example, a poverbank with a 50,000 mAh Li-Ion battery that weighs 300-400 grams is an obvious fraud. The battery pack alone is not physically capable of weighing less than 800-900 grams. And also in the device are built in the case, wiring, processor.

Important! To avoid cheating when buying a lithium-ion powerbank, you should rely on this ratio: 5000 mAh of capacity is ~100 grams of weight.

It’s worth noting right away that this assessment could be false if the manufacturer is trying to hide the deception. For example, put a small cell and fill up the missing weight with sand. Do not be afraid. it happens only with unscrupulous and little-known manufacturers from China. Avoid them easily. ask sellers about the authority of a particular brand and the “honest” capacity.

It is worth remembering that the efficiency of most banks is not equal to 100%. That is, a full 15000 mAh power bank will not fully charge a 5000 mAh phone battery three times. Firstly, it is associated with self-discharge. Secondly, the efficiency is reduced in the process of converting the output voltage from 3.7V to 5V.

The capacity of the storage device should be greater than the battery of the device being charged. For example, for a 4000 mAh phone it is advisable to have a 5000 mAh power bank to be able to charge it to its full capacity.

The amperage affects the charging speed. For phones and smartphones, 1-2A is preferred, and for tablets, up to 4A.

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No self-discharge can be avoided. On average, a powerbank discharges 5% in two weeks. If you have not used the device for a long time, put it on recharge before use, to resume electrolytic reactions.

Loss of capacity is natural. Even reliable batteries from reputable manufacturers lose 15-20% of their real capacity during intensive annual use. And cheap devices from little-known brands. up to 35-40%.

How to choose a power bank for your smartphone?

Let’s analyze how to choose a good power bank for your phone. Models differ in capacity, type of battery installed, its quality, design, materials and dimensions of the body, the number of connectors and their characteristics. Only purpose is the same. charging other devices.

How many times you can charge your phone?

Deciding what is the best power bank to choose, you should be aware that the manufacturer’s indicated capacity does not always correspond to the actual one, especially when it comes to little-known manufacturers. In addition, charging your smartphone or other equipment is necessarily accompanied by losses, so do not count on an external battery with a capacity of 10 000 mAh 3 times will charge a phone with a battery of 3000 mAh. At best it will be 2.5 charges. Many people make this mistake when deciding which power bank to choose from aliexpress, and as a result are disappointed with their acquisition.

It must be considered that there is a slight, but self-discharge of the battery, and with the operation of the battery its capacity will gradually degrade. The battery voltage in the external battery is 3.7 V, and this can vary either more or less depending on the amount of charge remaining.

At this time, the standard voltage of chargers reaches 5 V. In this regard, the design of the external battery has a special mechanism that converts the voltage to the required 5 V. It has a certain efficiency, which varies greatly depending on the model power bank. The similar mechanism is present in the smartphone, but in it on the contrary it reduces the voltage. As a consequence, at each stage a part of the energy is lost, so deciding how to choose an external battery for a smartphone, you need to select it with a power reserve of 20-30%.

The question of how to choose the right power bank, does not do without determining the optimal parameters of the current. It is usually measured in mA. According to it you can judge how fast it will charge the connected device. The fastest way for the smartphone will be charged from a port with a current of 2A, but for this purpose it should support the technology of fast charging.

Unfortunately, the higher the capacity of the external battery, the larger and heavier is its case. You need to find a balanced solution so you don’t have to carry around a heavy and inconvenient gizmo.

Figuring out how to choose the right external battery, you should consider its functionality.

  • The number of outputs and the current capacity of each of them;
  • The presence of adapters in the kit. Most modern electronics have universal interfaces, but some people continue to stubbornly use old phones. You’ll need an adapter to connect them and it would be a huge advantage if they are already in the package;
  • Charge indicator. Useful addition thanks to which you will always know how much energy is left in the power bank;
  • Solar panels. Some models are equipped with solar cells. We would recommend not paying attention to them, they are more of a marketing ploy, they have little effect.

We hope our article will help you understand what external battery to choose for your phone.

Extra features

Additional features include wireless charging and low-current capabilities. The first mode is suitable for fans of wireless power replenishment, and the second is useful for charging gadgets with small battery capacity: headphones, fitness bracelets, etc. д. For example, the mode of small currents on Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 10000 mAh is triggered by double-clicking the highlighted key.

How to choose a Power Bank: conclusions

So, not a bad external battery is:

Model at least 6000 mAh for smartphones and 10000 mAh for tablets.

Good portable chargers produce Canyon, Xiaomi, Samsung, Sony. Their products are optimal in price-quality ratio, so you can safely buy it.

Need help choosing a Power Bank? Call us and we will choose a suitable model for you.

Minimal price for a quality battery

Let’s look at a quality battery from a well-known manufacturer. Capacity. 10 400 mAh. Many people consider this battery to be the reference, and it’s hard to argue with them. Its approximate price consists of:

Total. 30-40 or about 1200-2000 (at current exchange rate). This figure may fluctuate, but the point is different.

The battery from eBay at 10 000 mAh for 600 is too good to be true. Not to mention the 20 thousand mAh for the same money. and other nonsense which Russian buyers willingly believe, bragging about “economy” left and right. Do not be fooled by the cheapness, trust the products of famous brands, read the reviews and, above all, think. This is the most important.

By the way, what kind of external battery do you use? Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, let’s get some interesting statistics. Share your impressions at the same time, it may help those who have their eye on a similar model.

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By what criteria to choose a portable “battery”, what to pay attention to when ordering and buying? Short and succinct instructions for yourself, friend, girlfriend, grandfather and neighbor. If you were given a link here, it means that they really want to help you 😉 Why do you need an external battery? How often have we all been faced with a dead battery at the most important moment on our phone?

What’s the result

Power Bank has long been turned into a smart gadget with electronics and a lot of protection blocks inside. It should definitely be checked after purchase or right in the store.

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Most of the described checks do not take more than 10 minutes, and their results can be abandoned at all. The main test for capacity is better to conduct in the first days after purchase, so that in case of a bad result to return the gadget back or open a dispute on AliExpress.

Here’s a list of good batteries you can get without fear: ▸ 20000 mAh model with USB-C port. from 1510 ▸ 10000 mAh compact battery. from 1111 ▸ 20000 mAh battery with digital charge indicator. from 2224 ▸ 10000 mAh external battery with wireless charging support. from 1609


The best 20,000 mAh Power Bank in 2022

9th place. AccesStyle Winter 20PD

The best external battery for the phone at 20000 mAh is equipped with a screen that shows the remaining amount of charge. True, the real capacity will be lower. 12,600 mAh, which has an associated loss. You can charge two different devices at the same time, for example a phone and headphones by connecting them to the USB-ports with a power of 2.1 А/10.5W.

The power bank itself can be charged via both MicroUSB and Type-C. But the process is long. for about 10 hours. According to the manufacturer’s assurance the device does not lose its capacity during 500 charge/discharge cycles.

Location 8. Hiper MS20000

The best 20,000 portable battery pack packs a beautiful, tactile, and durable aluminum case. Another positive difference is the presence of four USB-ports, which allows you to simultaneously connect a smartphone, wireless headphones, smart watches and a laptop.

In addition to these, there are two interfaces available for charging the external battery itself. MicroUSB and USB-C. Outgoing and incoming power within 12 watts (2.4A/5V). Claimed the possibility of pass-through charging, when you can simultaneously charge the power bank and devices connected to it. Recoverable capacity. 12,600, which is enough to charge a phone with a high-capacity battery several times.

7 place. Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 20000

Xiaomi offers a universal power bank to recharge phones, tablets, laptops and other devices you need. Great for photographers, delivery people and those who need a standalone power source. The external battery has a pair of USB-A ports and one USB-C port. Capable of charging up to three devices simultaneously with up to 18W of power. The battery itself charges via USB-C and supports accelerated 24W charging.

6 place. Xiaomi Redmi Power Bank 20000

The best power bank at 20000 mAh equipped with a smart USB-controller that is compatible with any modern smartphone. Capacity is enough to fully charge the top flagship 5 times. This makes it a desirable purchase for all travelers who have to be away from civilization for a long time. There is a fast charging capacity of 18W, a pair of USB-A ports. Xiaomi Redmi Power Bank charges via MicroUSB or Type-C port. It also supports fast charging. Smart technology makes the charging process as fast and efficient as possible.

5 place. Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Pro 20000 mAh. universal external battery

Rating of good power banks 2020-2021 opens Mi Power Bank 3 Pro, which will be the best choice in terms of price / quality ratio. The device is suitable for charging not only phones but also laptops and gaming consoles. It is capable of fast charging two gadgets at the same time, and in addition to the pair of USB ports there is Type-C. Xiaomi 20000 mAh Powerbank itself also supports fast charging QC 3.0. Although the manufacturer specifies a capacity of 20,000 mAh, but the device can give a smartphone no more than 15000 mAh.

4th place. AccesStyle Arsenic II 20PQD

Choosing the best 20,000 mAh power bank in terms of price/quality ratio you can stop at AccesStyle Arsenic II 20PQD with an informative screen and support for fast charging. Plastic case is painted in black and weighs 412 grams at a thickness of 29 mm. Powerbank shares power through a pair of USB ports and charges itself through USB-C or MicroUSB.

Power Delivery technology increases the speed of charging up to 25W. This makes the 20,000 mah external battery a great choice for travelers and those who can’t get to a socket for a long time to charge their gadgets. Manufacturer claims service life of not less than 50 charge/discharge cycles. From fast charging device is charged from 0 to 100% in 6-7 hours, and when using the usual process will take longer. for about 10-12 hours. Remaining amount of charge is shown on the display.

3 place. Deppa NRG Turbo Compact 20,000 mAh

Compact size has not prevented high battery capacity of 20,000 mAh. Long enough capacity for multiple charge cycles on your phone or tablet. The model is equipped with 2 USB-ports, one of which is Type-C, which allows you to connect a variety of devices. Powerbank is protected from short circuits, high voltage and other troubles. LED display, located on the body, shows the remaining level of charge.

2 place. HIPER RPX20000

The best portable battery for 20000 offers the company HIPER. RPX20000 comes in a black matte finish plastic case with a rubberized surface that prevents it from slipping out of your hand. 20,000mAh capacity is enough to charge a modern smartphone several times and the output voltage can reach 12, 9 and 5V. =

3 USB ports are concentrated on the case, allowing you to connect and charge several different devices at the same time. Two USB and 1 Type-C connectors are available. The key feature is support for Power Delivery technology, Quick Charge 3.0 for the fastest charging. Thanks to the built-in indicator you will not miss the moment when you need to charge the power bank itself.

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